When someone is waiting for a package, they expect you to have all the details. What’s the status? Where is the package now? Who signed for it? When will they receive it?

There’s a reason for this anxiety. Often, packages contain critical time-sensitive items, including contracts ready to be signed, parts to keep an assembly line from shutting down or perishable medical samples for research. Lost or misplaced assets can bring business to a halt.

When you can respond to any inquiry with speed and confidence, you can increase efficiency, satisfaction and accountability.

Having packages recognized as "received" is only part of the job. Getting it to its final destination and the proper recipient in a timely fashion is paramount.

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  • Get Packages out of the Mailroom and into the Right Hands

    77% of college students made an online purchase in the last 30 days (SheerID). The more parcels your receive each day, the more lost, misplaced or stolen parcels you'll experience each year. Download Now

  • Haverford College Adopts Automated Shipping and Tracking for Campus Parcels and Mail

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  • Ship, Track, and Deliver with Precision

    College and university mail centers may ship and process hundreds, or even thousands of deliveries in a single day. Paper-based and manual processes simply can’t keep pace. Errors and delays caused by misplaced or misdirected packages prompt complaints. But that’s just part of your challenge. Download Now

  • University of Hertfordshire Improves Customer Services and Efficiency with Automated Tracking

    For years, the University of Hertfordshire had been reliant on a manual process to help manage the delivery of packages, but an internal review found the solution was no longer meeting the requirements of the University. Download Now

  • The New Parcel Management

    Expectations have changed. Every detail counts as your school competes for quality enrollment and parent contributions. Parcels can be ordered in seconds to arrive on campus within hours. Then, you’re expected to get them delivered near instantly upon arrival. Download Now

  • SendSuite® Tracking and OneSort™ Pro Enables Speedy Delivery Service to UConn Students

    The University of Connecticut has 30,000-plus students, more than 13,500 reside on-campus. That’s why finding a solution to a backlog in parcel delivery to students became a top priority when the problem was escalated to the University President. Download Now

  • Managing College Campus Mail Center Challenges

    We recently sat down with Nick Staffieri of The MSC Group, a 30-year shipping and receiving operations veteran, to discuss the challenges facing campus mail centers today, understand their impact on students and the school, and learn how best to manage them. Download Now

  • Manchester University Drives Mailroom Efficiencies and Automates Package Delivery Research: Community College Pays Off

    Like many others in the UK, the University of Manchester relied on a porter, who manages the post and keys for a hall of residence using pen and paper, to deliver student packages. As storage space became limited, Manchester turned to Pitney Bowes to help manage the growing volumes of inbound student mail. Download Now

  • Drowning in a Sea of Boxes: How College Mail Centers Can Automate Package Tracking

    All-inclusive shipping offerings like Amazon Prime have fueled parcel mail volume. Add in all the care packages sent from home and mail centers struggle to keep up. And all those packages combined with antiquated receiving, notification and pickup procedures can lead to disgruntled students and parents. Download Now

  • Easing the Inbound and Outbound Package Strain on College Mail Centers

    Students today are more educated on shipping overall. They now ship regularly themselves, want the best rates and services from the carriers and want to be able to track those shipments as they come in. Download Now

  • Ship Smarter with SendSuite Live Georgia Tech Clough Commons

    Managing an outbound shipping operation is a big expense, regardless of your operation’s size. And with carrier costing rising more and more each year, it is imperative you make the most of your dollars. Pitney Bowes SendSuite Live offers a better way for you to simplify, streamline, and save on global shipping. Download Now

  • The Shipping Conundrum for Campus Mail Centers

    Your typical campus mail center is something of a glorified basement. They aren’t usually given dedicated buildings or wings to occupy; there’s a limited amount of space where the school’s mailing and shipping professionals have to make do with what they have. And, in a busy campus environment, that can be a serious productivity problem. Download Now

  • Simplify Your Inbound Package Management

    Shipping is complex, but it doesn't have to be. For most businesses, there is a lot that goes into getting packages from point A to point B. Simplify your inbound package management with automated tracking technology from Pitney Bowes. Download Now