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CT Cover: September

Campus Technology Digital Edition - September 2011


Immersive Learning >> Is There a Second Life for Virtual Worlds?

Some say the virtual real estate bubble has burst, but next-gen technologies and niche applications may breathe new life into virtual environments. by Rama Ramaswami

Cover Story:

IT Trends >> For-Profit Schools: They Get IT

Traditional colleges may think they have nothing to learn from for-profi ts, but when it comes to advanced use of technology, look no further. by John K Waters

Governance >> Extreme Makeover: IT Edition

With a new IT governance model that puts faculty front and center, the University of Michigan hopes to reclaim its reputation as a next-generation institution. by David Raths

In This Issue
  • Login / Is IT Digging Its Own Grave?
  • CT Online
  • In Box
  • Campus + Industry
  • Index
  • Trendspotter / Can Tech Bolster the Academy?
  • CT2011 Conference / Caution: Dangerous Curves Ahead. by John K Waters
  • Webinars / The Talking Head Is Dead. by Vanessa Hua

SEPTEMBER 2011 | Volume 25, No. 1 | 44 Pages