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Campus Technology January 2014

Campus Technology Magazine — January 2014

Breaking the MOOC Model

Udacity threw a wrench in the MOOC model by abandoning higher ed. What's next?

What's Hot, What's Not 2014
Five IT thought leaders take the temperature of the biggest tech trends in higher education.
How to Earn a Graduate Degree on a Smartphone
Students at USC can stream lectures and interact with their peers, all on a mobile device.
A Collaborative Approach to IT Support
Social learning tools tap the expertise of individual users, cutting back on help desk requests.
5 Ways Online Advising Can Improve on Face-to-Face
Online tech gives students instant access to advisers and tools to help them succeed.
Helping Students Tune in on Any Device
CUNY faculty members are using student response software to keep students engaged.

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January 2014 | vol. 27 no. 5

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