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Campus Technology November 2014

Campus Technology Magazine — November 2014

What's Next for E-Textbooks?

Technology is moving the digital textbook from print look-a-like to next-generation learning platform.

Building a Better Academic Planning Tool
University of Arizona ditched its course catalog in favor of an interactive system for navigating the degree path.
Could Oculus Rift Redeem Virtual Reality in Higher Ed?
Oculus VR just might push virtual reality into the mainstream — particularly in higher ed.
When YouTube Isn't Enough to Manage Your Campus Video Content
How two groups of New York schools manage and share video.
How To Bridge the IT Communication Gap
Learning to communicate with tech-challenged users can bolster IT's strategic role across the university.
Solving the Math Readiness Problem
Blended learning and adaptive software are helping students prepare for college-level mathematics.
Leading a University into the Digital Future
The University of Oklahoma's One University Digital Initiative is a technology strategy for a broad, sweeping campaign to ensure the university will take its place in the digital realm.
DNA on Demand in the Cloud
Penn State researcher Howard Salis created a simple tool for a complex process — DNA sequencing — and turned it into a highly scalable, on-demand system that serves scientists all over the world.
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November 2014 | vol. 28 no. 3