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Campus Technology August/September 2015

Campus Technology Magazine — August/September 2015

Tales From the Front Lines of Adaptive Learning

Implementing adaptive learning technology in college courses can be an uphill struggle but well worth it, according to pioneering faculty members.

10 Ways to Change a Higher Ed IT Culture
The information technology services department at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse transformed its culture via a simple, step-by-step process.
Developing a $10 Digital Textbook
Purdue University is reducing textbook costs with a digital publishing platform that can deliver interactive content to any device.
Data Security in Higher Ed: A Moving Target
How do you keep your campus data secure in an ever-changing landscape of behaviors and risks?
Bringing Location-Based Learning to Life
The University of San Diego built a Web-based collaboration tool that connects classroom concepts with real-world locations and discoveries.
Getting Smart About Business Intelligence
Wright State University revamped its approach to data and built a self-service BI tool that puts powerful drill-down capabilities in the hands of users across the university.
Connecting Learners With a Digital Ecosystem
Jackson State University's cyberlearning project combines ubiquitous iPads for students with faculty training, a revamped curriculum and digital textbook development.
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August/September 2015 | vol. 28 no. 10