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Campus Technology April/May 2016

Campus Technology Magazine — April/May 2016

Designing Learning Spaces for Innovation

How do you go about creating a space to support collaboration, problem-solving and innovation?

7 Tips for Better Digital Signage Content
These key considerations will help get your digital message across more effectively.
Go Big or Go Small: The Future of AV Displays
Soon, students could be interacting with content on immersive head-mounted displays.
The Who and What of Classroom AV Design
Understanding project stakeholders and processes is key to better management of AV installations.
4 Rules for Writing a Better RFP
Issuing a request for proposal that gets the response you need starts with refining your RFP process.
Your Course Accessibility Checklist
It's possible to embed accessibility into the course creation process, without too much time or effort.
How to Go Textbook Free
How the University of Maryland University College became the largest institution in the country to go "commando" on textbooks.
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April/May 2016 | vol. 29 no. 5