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News 03-13-2001

The EARLY-BIRD REGISTRATION DISCOUNT for the Syllabus spring2001 conference in Cincinnati has been extended until 3/21. Click here to save 10% on conference registration fees:

Featured Panel to Discuss Campus Communications

The Syllabus spring2001 conference will host a Featured Panel presentation in which experts in IT planning and campus communications will explore many of the technologies presented in Howard Strauss's opening keynote address, Web Portals in the Year 2015. The panel will focus especially on the technologies that will be most important to higher education over the next 5-10 years. What technologies will institutions need to implement in order to remain competitive in the coming years? What are the trends to be aware of that could impact the planning process? What might some of the surprises be? The panelists will examine these and other questions in relation to the conference themes and tracks. The moderator will incorporate audience Q&A.

Support for Tech Documentation, Journals, and Newsletters

Texterity, a provider of e-book and e-publishing services, recently announced TextCafe version 1.2. The new version adds significant features to the service that accepts PDF, Quark, and Word files and converts them to structured XML, HTML, and open e-book formats. TextCafe already provides automated volume conversion for trade books that need to be moved into structured XML format. The updated version now allows cus tomers to convert more complex materials, including journal articles, technical documentation, and newsletters. TextCafe 1.2 key features include detection of multi-column material, which can be reflowed in reading order; tagging and automatic linking of footnotes and endnotes; support for extraction and reinsertion of PDF annotated tables, graphs, and line drawing as images; creation of two Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); and tracking of original page numbering with anchors. Available later this month, TextCafe version 1.2 pricing is based on document type and conversion volume. For more information, visit

Net2000 Communications Ethernet Switching

Net2000 Communications, a provider of integrated broadband voice, data, Internet, and interactive video communications services, announced recently the addition of a new state-of- the-art Ethernet switching service for customers who collocate at Net2000's selected central office facilities. The new Ethernet switching solution is designed to provide Internet Service Providers, Application Service Providers, content providers, corporate enterprises, and any other collocation customers with simplicity and scalability to deploy Internet- based applications. Net2000 currently offers Ethernet switching to customers who collocate at Net2000 central office facilities in Washington, D.C., New York City and expects to deploy this service in its other markets. For more information, visit

Online Student Services Conference

The California Virtual Campus Online Student Services Conference: Building a Virtual Campus will be held April 19-20, 2001, at Napa Valley College, in Napa, California. Sponsored by the California Virtual Statewide/Rural Regional Center at Cerro Coso College, the conference will provide opportunities for educators, student services professionals, and administrators to share ideas, models, and best practices of online student services. Online registration is available at For more information on attending or exhibiting, contact Heather Ostash, CVC4 Conference Coordinator, at [email protected], or Paul Meyers, CVC4 Project Director, at [email protected].

Clinical and Technical Information for Cardiac Physicians

ComView Corporation, a provider of cardiac imaging management systems, recently announced a cooperative agreement with Clinsights, the developer of, a Web-based community that provides objective, scientifically based information and data on new medical technologies, procedural strategies, and medical products for interventional cardiologists, endovascular physicians, and allied clinical professionals. The cooperative effort provides TCTMD users with access to ComView's ViewStar PC DICOM viewing software and ComView users access to's educational content. The interface between ComView Corporation and Clinsights will be exhibited at the upcoming American College of Cardiology meeting (March 17-21, Orlando, FL). ComView will distribute free copies of its latest Viewstar PC software program, embedded with new functionality and links to information provided by and ComView's current partners. For more information, visit or

think3 Wins NDES 2001 "Best of Show" Award

Mechanical design software company think3 recently announced that it has won a National Design Engineering Show (NDES) 2001 "Best of Show" Award from CADALYST magazine for the latest release of its flagship 3D design software, thinkdesign 6.0. New features include a speech-enabled graphical user interface; advanced 3D functionality such as global shape modeling, smart objects, and fully associative curve, surface, and solid modeling; and additional data translators such as bi-directional CATIA and Parasolids.For more information regarding think3 educational programs, visit

SpinFire Release Moves CAD Designs to the Web

Actify recently announced the launch of SpinFire Publisher and Viewer 2.0, its flagship solution for publishing mechanical designs in Web-based applications. The programs work in tandem to accelerate the process of delivering design content to the Web. SpinFire brings 3D and 2D designs into one integrated presentation tool with a set of measurement and collaboration features. The intuitive interface makes it simple to use and implement by both CAD users and non-CAD users outside of engineering, such as marketing, sales, support, and service personnel. These departments do not have to learn or install a CAD system or train employees on the software in order to view and publish product designs. The free SpinFire Viewer is downloadable from the Actify Web site at

GeneMatcher for Education

Paracel, a business unit of Celera Genomics, has launched its new GeneMatcher for Education (GME) program, a cost-effective supercomputing opportunity for academic researchers. Using the GeneMatcher, scientists can apply computationally intensive algorithms to the recently completed human genome to significantly accelerate their large-scale research projects. The GME program offers a pre-owned GeneMatcher-Plus--a fully configured nine-board unit comprising a total of 6,912 processors, a suite of sensitive search algorithms, and the Paracel user interfaces, BioView Toolkit and BioView Workbench. GME provides academic researchers with a suite of advanced algorithms for analysis along with the computing power of the GeneMatcher. Researchers can apply GeneMatcher's nearly 7,000 processors to computationally intensive algorithms that typically cannot be run on conventional hardware. Customers also have the option of loading their own data sets onto the GME system. For more information, visit

MathXpert Online

Recognix recently made available on its Web site ( a free service to help high school and college students master the intricacies of mathematics. MathXpert is a learning tool which shows students how to solve an algebra, trigonometry, or calculus mathematics problem. Students may practice with MathXpert problems, which are included with the program, or they may enter their own problems. The program was developed by Professor Michael Beeson of San Jose State University (a graduate of Cal Tech and Stanford Universities) after fifteen years of research. From a set of approximately 800 operations, the logic engine of the MathXpert programs is able to select the sequence of mathematical operations that need to be applied to arrive at a solution. MathXpert is available as a free online service to students, as a single user application program to be installed on the user's computer, and as a network application to be installed on a school network. For more information, visit

Integrated Telepathology-Network Medicine Suite, an application service provider (ASP) of comprehensive health care portal solutions, recently announced the debut of its integrated MedMicroscopy/MedReach network medicine solution. The application combines the functionality of distance-enabled pathology with full, electronic, multimedia medical record capability. The MultiMedia technology suite enables pathologists to consult and collaborate over distance with multiple colleagues, utilizing live remote microscopy and interactive, live video teleconferencing, while maintaining a permanent, secure digital record of the consultation. For more information, visit and

Wireless Web Site Building Application

Epoch Integration Inc., a consulting and development company, today announced the launch of PageMeBack, a free Web-based service that allows individuals and businesses to publish Internet content for users with wireless e-mail devices. Located at, PageMeBack is built on Epoch Integration's Ellipse platform, a Java- and XML-based architecture that enables transaction processing from, and content delivery to, any device that supports e-mail. By visiting the site, anyone can build a PageMeBack Web site that can be accessed by millions of wireless e-mail device users. No HTML coding or programming of any kind is required, and users do not have to worry about setting up any hosting.

Virus Alert from Trend Micro

Trend Micro is warning computer users of a potentially fast-spreading Trojan virus known as "NAKEDWIFE." This destructive Trojan is a mass-mailing worm that uses Outlook to e-mail itself as an attachment and deletes a variety of files in the Windows and system directories. Protection is being posted to Trend Micro's Web site as pattern file No. 859. Concerned computer users can use Trend Micro's free online virus scanner, HouseCall at to detect this threat.

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