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E-libraries, Library Products, and Digital Content Managers


EBSCO Online
Ebsco Online is a Web-based service providing access to a vast electronic journal collection. Users can access articles in their entirety from more than 4,000 electronic journals, U.S. and international newspapers, reference books, and other sources, searching the tables of contents, abstracts, or full text. Library administrators can identify, acquire, access and manage electronic journals efficiently from Ebsco's Web site. Contact: EBSCO, Birmingham, AL; (205) 991-6600;

e-global library
e-global Library offers a multi-tiered approach to guiding students through the research process. Currently e-global offers 65 research guides across the curriculum and the plan is to add up to 70 more per year. The guides are topic-specific listings of the best and most authoritative sources online, whether that be in books, articles, or Web sites. Many of these sources are available in full-text versions through e-global library. A separate Internet Resources section of the site gives students broader options for topic-specific online content. E-global library also includes links to a wealth of resources available through the federal government, including more than 300 sites representing more than 135,000 online, full-text government documents and databases appropriate for student needs. Also available through the e-global library site are several optional features, including research databases that students can search by title, author, subject, or keyword. The reference desk feature promises a response from a qualified librarian within 24 hours, and most requests are answered in only a couple of hours or less. Other e-global options include non-academic support such as special sections on career development and financial aid. Institutions that partner with e-global library can choose the options that best fit their needs. Contact: e-global library, Denver, CO; (888) 235-6637;

Harcourt e-Learning Online Library
Harcourt e-Learning Online Library features multiple databases containing entries from journals, magazines, newspapers, public policy reports, and other sources; thousands of articles covering the social sciences, arts, and humanities; annotated Web links as well as links to such helpful sources as almanacs, currency converters, dictionaries, and statistics; and more than 1,000 nonfiction electronic academic books. The Harcourt program emphasizes depth of content rather than one-on-one service. Its Ask a Librarian feature helps users with short, factual questions, but isn't available for in-depth guidance. Contact: Harcourt e-Learning Online Library, Monterey, CA; (888) 833-1902;

netLibrary targets an audience of libraries and academics, emphasizing the delivery of online scholarly and reference content as well as textbooks through its MetaText electronic textbook initiative. netLibrary's collection includes more than 3,500 classic works of fiction, speeches, government reports, and other electronic texts. The company has recently brought the American Heritage Dictionary online as well, and is partnering with publishers to offer an ever-expanding collection of titles. Contact: netLibrary, Boulder, CO; Questia Questia, a subscription-based service for undergraduate students, catalogs thousands of online books, articles, and encyclopedias. Users can search, bookmark, highlight, and jot margin notes while reading one of its thousands of titles. Questia, which contains an online notepad for composing papers, also offers a citation feature that allows users to automatically create footnotes and bibliographies. Designed to augment a college library collection, Questia's model may appeal to distance learning students who are willing to pay for more convenient access to scholarly material. Contact: Questia Media, Houston, TX; (888) 950-2580,

XanEdu ReSearch Engine
XanEdu ReSearch Engine, an online treasure trove of newspapers, periodicals, magazines, journals, and dissertations (no books), is subscription-based. Along with a broad range of academic subject areas, subscribers gain access to XanEdu's online extras: Leisure Interests Channel, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Best of the Web. Users navigate through over 12,000 topic trees to find information. Contact: XanEdu (Bell and Howell), Ann Arbor, MI, (800) 521-0600,

Library Products

e-Branch Library
The e-Branch Library from 3M Corporation is a public information kiosk that brings library services to patrons who cannot get to the library. At the kiosk, patrons can access the library's database/information online catalog, community information, government information, employment opportunities, and information from other sources. The kiosk can be situated in malls, stores, or community centers and provides 24-hour service. The enclosure and equipment include a 600 MHz computer with Intel Pentium processor and SVGA 17" touch-screen monitor, a 500-sheet laser copier, telephone, fax, and flatbed scanner. The kiosk accepts coins and reads magnetic stripes. Contact: 3M Corporation, (800) 328-0067;

Library Guardian
LibraryGuardian uses smart card technology to recognize each patron individually and apply the appropriate filtering rules established by the patron or, in the case of minors, a parent or guardian. LibraryGuardian allows each library to tailor fit Internet filtering to its community and, within that community, to specific patrons. Librarians are provided with the tools to make fine-tuning adjustments as needed and to allow or deny any Internet site in a matter of seconds. LibraryGuardian also manages the amount of time a patron can access the Internet and "log them off" if library policy so dictates. Patrons' smart cards can also be used to manage the full range of patron services, including those for which the library may charge-printing, copying, even purchasing made through the Internet. LibraryGuardian is server-based and located on the Internet so that the only necessary hardware is the smart card reader attached to each Internet terminal. There is no software on the individual computers except what is needed to recognize the card reader and to point the computer to the LibraryGuardian servers. No updates or large control lists need be downloaded on a daily basis and no expensive network server need be purchased. The Internet Server system allows for rules registered at one library to be equally available to all branches. LibraryGuardian requires both a physical card and a secret password for operation for greater security. Contact: Vernon Library Supplies, Norcross, VA; (800) 878-0253;

EndNote v.4
EndNote is a tool that can be used to search online databases, organize references, and create one-step bibliographies. It includes more than 100 connection files to access and search online databases and is integrated into Microsoft Word and WordPerfect, allowing users to insert citations and create bibliographies in one step. Theses, journal article submissions, and academic papers can be created in more than 300 predefined styles. Availabile for both Macintosh and Windows, with cross-platform database compatibility, EndNote also stores up to 32,000 references, including abstracts and notes, which can be searched by author, keyword, or other field. Contact: ISI ResearchSoft, Berkeley, CA; (800) 554-3049;

LSSI provides library management solutions. Employing experienced library professionals, LSSI staff becomes part of the library operations under the direction of the library administrator. Services include acquisition of materials; cataloging and processing; systems analysis, design, and installation; operation of automated systems; reference, research, and information assistance, circulation, public service, and collection maintenance; and complete facilities operations. Contact: Library Systems & Services, LLC, Germantown, MD; (800) 638-8725;

Polaris Integrated Library System
This nonmodular, completely integrated Windows NT system is a library automation solution that can grow as your library grows. The system offers complete access to integrated cataloging, serials, acquisitions, circulation, patron/student services, and system administration functionality. The system utilizes a Web-based public access client and a Windows-based technical service client. Contact: Gaylord Information Systems, Liverpool, NY; (800) 272-3414;

Reference Manager v.9
Reference Manager combines the features of bibliographic formatting software with information retrieval engines and databases. Designed for Windows, Reference Manager offers a spell checker, keyword synonyms to manage imported terms, and wizards to help users create bibliographic styles easily. Reference Manager lets the user perform key operations across multiple open databases. The Network edition provides multi-user read and write access, making it appropriate for workgroups. Users have direct access to nearly 700 different databases as well the ability to search Internet-based catalogs simultaneously with the help of a retrieval template. Query strategies can be saved for future recalls and use. Records can be entered manually, imported from a text file, or copied from another existing database. The "Cite While You Write" feature saves time and ensures proper formatting of citations. Contact: ISI ResearchSoft, Berkeley, CA; (800) 554-3049;

Sirs Mandarin Reference Databases
Sirs Knowledge Source (SKS) is an online interface for four Sirs reference databases. Updated daily, SKS provides valuable information on social issues, science, history, government, the arts, and the humanities. Full-text articles and Internet resources are selected from thousands of domestic and international publications and organizations. Results provide access to source information, summaries, and descriptors derived from Library of Congress subject headings. SKS offers personalized search history, tagging, e-mailing, and save session functions. Help, research strategy worksheets, citation guidelines, and an interactive dictionary and thesaurus complete this reference package.

Sirs Researcher is a general reference database containing thousands of full-text articles exploring social, scientific, health, historic, business, economic, political, and global issues. Articles and graphics are selected from 1,500 domestic and international publications. Articles are indexed according to Library of Congress subject headings and can be printed, saved or e-mailed. Additional content databases include excerpts from The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2001, Maps of the World, and a Directory of Publications. Sirs Government Reporter provides current and historic government documents; landmark and recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions; information about federal departments, agencies, elected leaders, and more. The main database delivers thousands of full-text documents and graphics concerning a wide variety of topics: health, science, economics, environment, politics, foreign affairs, business and industry. Additional content includes: U.S. Supreme Court Decisions, Historic Documents, National Archives Documents as well as Directories of Congressional Members, Federal Agencies, U.S. Justices and U.S. Presidents.

SIRS Renaissance "Current Perspectives on the Arts & Humanities" is a reference database providing current, dynamic information on Architecture & Design, Culture, Literature, Multimedia, Music, Performing Arts, Philosophy and Religion, and Visual Arts. Full-text articles are selected from over 700 domestic and international publications. Many articles are accompanied by full-color graphics, including art reproductions, photographs, and illustrations. Additional content databases include Award Recipients, Recommended References, Lifetime Readings, Spotlight of the Month and Glossary of the Arts.

SIRS NetSelect is an online database of Internet resources providing access to quality Web sites on almost any subject. SIRS editors evaluate sites originating from around the globe for credibility and relevance to researchers' needs. SIRS NetSelect is continually updated to include new sites and dynamically changing data. Summaries provide a concise overview of site content and authority. Contact: Sirs Mandarin, Boca Raton, FL; (800) 232-7477;

Sirs Mandarin Library Automation Tools
The Mandarin M3 OPAC library automation tool is designed to be simple to learn and easy to use. Patrons can choose their own level from standard and enhanced graphical user interfaces. M3 also supports USMARC field 856 (electronic location and access), enabling users to link to cataloged Web sites, directly from the OPAC. M3 automatically indexes every USMARC field, ensuring that every field in the entire collection is searchable. In addition, libraries can create their own databases for faculty, students, and patrons, including curriculum-related or community information. Features include Shelf Browse, Search History, and Bookbag. The Shelf Browse feature allows patrons to review materials shelved on either side of a call number, just as if they were standing in front of a bookshelf and browsing. A comprehensive Search History allows users to review previous searches in a single keystroke. The M3 Bookbag feature allows users to collect individual bibliographic records from a series of searches and leave the library with a complete bibliography. The Bulletin Board lets library staff create an electronic meeting place where library, community news and scanned images can be recorded. Contact: Sirs Mandarin, Boca Raton, FL; (800) 232-7477;

YouSeeMore is an online portal that functions as one location from which library patrons can find the information they need. It is customizable and includes the public access catalog, news and weather, hot titles and bestsellers lists, ready reference, and the library's calendar of events. Additional enhancements can include: expanded catalog searching; book, music, and video recommendations; patron personalization, library materials reviews, and display of book jackets and tables of contents. Contact: The Library Corporation, ; (800) 325.7759;

Winnebago's library technology and information access product combines new features with integrated Internet resources. Spectrum provides services to an unlimited number of patrons, greater security, a patron photo feature, an edit message feature, and custom indexes. The product integrates with Winnebago's Multimedia Collection and Web Manager. Contact: Sagebrush Corp., Burnsville, MN; (800) 533-5430;

Voyager and ENCompass
Voyager is an integrated information management system that is fully compliant with library standards. The system uses UNIX and NT server platforms and Intel-based client platforms. Voyager includes client/server software for Web-based public access, cataloging and authority control, acquisitions and serials control, circulation and course reserve, reporting, and system administration. ENCompass is designed to work in tandem with Voyager, and integrates both print and digital resources. Contact: Endeavor Information Systems, Inc., Des Plaines, IL; (800) 762-6300;

Digital Content Managers

Artesia Teams 4.1
Artesia's Teams is used on college campuses for digital library projects as well as for distance learning. Artesia partners with companies that do the actual digitization of a school's content, and its Teams product assembles rich media raw materials in a digital repository and offers tools to load, store, index, search, aggregate, and distribute the content. Artesia provides consulting services for institutions looking for a content management solution-helping to define and refine the problems to be solved as well as the appropriate solutions. The IT staff is provided with a toolkit, complete documentation, and training to implement the solution as well as to enable continued customization-referred to as "future-proofing" the enterprise. Contact: Artesia, Rockville, MD, 301.548.4000;

CyLex I-dox
i-DOXSM from CyLexSM is a complete document /content management service delivered via the Internet. Powered by Documentum, the i-DOX service provides indexing features, state-of-the-art library services, versioning, and full text search capabilities. The Documentum 4i engine is designed to handle many kinds of data, including financial data, engineering drawings, word processing documents, and database files. CyLex security features include 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure safe delivery of content over the Internet. Iimportant documents and electronic files are stored in a secure data vault at EMC or NTT/Verio and accessible to authorized users 24 x 7 from anywhere in the world. Contact CyLex, Boca Raton, FL; (800) TO-CYLEX;

IBM Content Manager
Content Manager is an umbrella solution including, among other products, the DB2 Digital Library for digitized library materials, CommonStore for Lotus Domino to offload documents and e-mail to an external archive system, and VideoCharger to deliver distance learning through multimedia data streams to multiple users. Content Manager interfaces with Lotus Learning Space, WebCT, and Blackboard course management tools, among others, and a variety of solution components work across the campus environment in human resources, admissions and registration, billing, and records.

Content Manager is a digital container for content, and partner companies sell indexing tools. Rather than try to fit into a one-size-fits-all data model, Content Manager users aim to create a user-defined data model that suits the institution and its particular assets. Content Manager includes a variety of finding aids for searching digital content. Parametric search allows users to search via defining tags or labels: impressionist paintings. A full text search allows users to search via a text description: painting of a pond with water lilies. An image search allows users to identify color, position, or composition. In the classroom, a faculty member can present a digital slideshow, expanding the materials on the fly as class discussion brings up new questions. In seconds, an instructor can search for and pull up an image or document to illustrate a concept not in the original lecture materials. Contact: IBM,

LSC QFS (Quick File System) br> QFS is a Solaris-based data management/file system software program that provides high data access speeds and fast file recovery while incorporating enhanced storage management capabilities. QFS's features include enhanced volume management, demonstrated scalability and increased input/output (I/O) bandwith. In addition, QFS overlays the SAN model for allowing multiple servers, and their respective users, to access and share data in a common pool of disk storage. The integrated volume management features of QFS accelerate system performance by enabling files to be spread across multiple disks. This disk striping capability increases performance by providing multiple input/output access points. QFS also stores metadata (information about files, such as location and ownership) on a separate disk from the related text, graphics or other file data. This metadata separation reduces the drive's required physical movements, which in turn lowers the overall time required to store or retrieve file data. QFS also processes direct I/O and allows variable disk allocation units (DAUs) enabling near raw disk performance while retaining the manageability of a file system. Contact LSC, Eagan, Minnesota; (800) 831-9482;

Madge.web provides global rich content management and distribution services through a portfolio of integrated network infrastructure and application offerings. Using its worldwide, facilities-based platform (the Overnet) to bypass the public Internet, Madge.web provides these services to deploy rich content for international business customers. Madge.web provides content creation support services such as video, audio, images and interactive media, encoding services, managed private networks, secure data exchange; and digital asset management services, managing a customer's library of rich digital content products through data storage and archiving, content cataloging and searching, user-access applications, and digital rights tracking and protection. Contact:, New York, NY; (212) 709-1000;

Telecenter IP
Telecenter IP and Telecenter IP Digital Video Server from Rauland-Borg allow both analog and digital media to be integrated seamlessly on the same system. Telecenter IP is a browser-based media management, retrieval, and information delivery system for cataloging, storing, locating, and controlling multimedia resources. Adding the Telecenter IP Digital Video Server allows users to instantly search, schedule, and control movies, video clips, pre-recorded programming and more, side-by-side with presentations, DVDs and VHS tapes. Digital video files are stored in MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 formats. Contact: Rauland-Borg Corporation, Skokie, IL; (847) 679-0900;

DocuShare is a Web-based knowledge management tool that supports collaboration by putting multimedia items on a central server for multi-user access. This solution benefits not only collaborative scholarly research, but also the sharing of administrative data such as registration or financial aid information.

The Digital Curriculum Online Reserves is a one-stop-shop approach using DocuShare to make reserve materials more available, combining digitization, indexing, and document conversion -to PDF form, for instance. Materials can be scanned, indexed, and posted to a site in a matter of minutes, where users can download and print copies as necessary. Students, for instance, can download reserve course materials rather than having to go to the library, sign them out, and read them at a particular location.

Education Document Network is a Web-based document management tool designed to increase ease of input, management, and output of educational materials. Faculty users can create collections of supplementary educational materials to put in a digital repository for distributed access to students. On the administrative side, the human resources department can put a digital employee or faculty handbook on a site for individual download-making changes as they occur rather than reprinting the entire document each time a change occurs. Contact: Xerox Corp.,

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