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Curriculum Software, Grading/Tracking Software, Multimedia Software, Multimedia Authoring Tools, and Projectors and Presentation Technologies

Curriculum Software

Language Arts

New Dynamic English
This four-level course in spoken English for beginning to advanced students features new structure, lessons, and technology. Listening, speaking, reading, and language structure are taught using video lessons combined with speech recognition exercises and numerous language focus exercises. The speech lessons are designed to improve oral fluency, but also reinforce grammar and vocabulary. Students can be evaluated using 24 mini-tests. Interactive exercises also can be used as a test preparation tool for college entrance exams and standardized tests such as T'EFL and T'EIC. A comprehensive instructor's guide is available for teachers. Each level of New Dynamic English provides 30-50 hours of study and features an online glossary and study guide. The program includes detailed record keeping and automatically adjusts the content based on learner performance. Contact: DynEd International, Burlingame, CA; (800) 765-4375;

Spanish Whiz
Braser Soft has just released version 3.1 of their popular Windows program, Spanish Whiz, a program designed to help users learn Spanish quickly. Along with a new, easier to use interface, both the main program and the Sound CD (which includes more than 4,500 sound files to help improve pronunciation and listening skills) now include on-screen translations. The Help files include a complete discussion of Spanish grammar, while the main program is divided into three levels: help for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. The emphasis is on presenting and testing fundamentals. Self-quizzing, dictionaries, and an option to build one's own word list round out the features. Contact: BraserSoft,

Tell Me More Language Software
Tell Me More Pro is speech recognition software that allows students in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, and English to interact with native speakers and evaluates their performance. Spoken and written expression, comprehension, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar are all addressed. Features include more than 140 interactive dialogues with native speakers, and more than 8,000 exercises, videos, cartoons, and crossword puzzles. The software's tracking system monitors the material covered and allows instructors to evaluate the performance of the student. Students can communicate with instructors with one click of the mouse. Contact:


ActivStats is a complete multimedia presentation of the material commonly found in an Introductory Statistics course. ActivStats uses a full range of multimedia to motivate, explain, visualize, and apply introductory statistics concepts, including video, simulation, animation, narration, text, interactive experiments, Web access, and Data Desk. ActivStats student version is for review or study along with any standard statistics text. The student version is available for course adoption from Addison Wesley Longman. Teacher support materials include in-class demonstrations that instructors can add to any page of the lesson book. Data Desk from the same company is a full-function, graphical interface statistics package that is easy to learn. Students apply each method immediately to real data, helping to reinforce the understanding they have gained from the visualizations and expositions. Data Desk also offers an additional laboratory for simulation experiments. Contact: Data Description, Ithaca, NY; (800) 573-5121;

Maple 7
New Maple 7 delivers a range of new symbolic and numerical tools for solving and analyzing differential equations, including exact solutions to PDE systems and to many new classes of linear and non-linear ODEs. It offers improved speed and precision for numerical solutions of ODEs, new routines for BVPs and an implementation of the Shampine-Corless algorithm for IVPs. Engineering problems can now be fully managed and solved with appropriate dimensions in any modern unit system and even some historical systems. A convenient dialog box converts quantities between unit systems automatically. Maple 7 brings increased efficiency to its numerical linear algebra routines including support for banded, packed, and sparse matrices through industry-standard libraries like LAPACK, Atlas, and Vendor BLAS. Incorporation of NAG routines has sped up numerical integration and polynomial root finding. For students, Maple 7 now allows computation to be restricted to real numbers. For the advanced mathematician, there is new functionality for specialized areas of research including orthogonal series, rational normal forms, linear functional systems, and linear operators. Maple 7's Sockets package gives applications standards-based, real-time access to Internet data or data produced by Maple 7 sessions running on remote machines. XML tools allow users to publish results developed as XML data files or XHTML Web pages. MathML 2.0 support allows users to view Maple 7 expressions and documents within compliant browsers and software packages. Finally, converting Maple 7 programs to C code and embedding compiled C routines into Maple applications has been greatly simplified.

Also note that Waterloo Maple has recently released three new PowerTools titles, Calculus I, Calculus II, and Physics Education. Maple PowerTools are free application packages and academic course materials for Maple software located on the Maple Application Center, an online source of technical solutions ( PowerTools are developed by experts in the field to help users configure Maple for industry, research, and teaching. Contact: Waterloo Maple, West Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, (800) 267-6583;

The MathXpert series of programs is designed to help students learn mathematics problem solving skills, from Algebra through Calculus. MathXpert software is a true "expert system" that develops a step-by-step symbolic solution to problems within the range of the covered topics. Problem solutions can be developed in a number of ways, from a hands-off automatic process to a highly interactive process, in which users select the portion of the problem to be worked on, then select the appropriate operation from a pre-set menu of operations. In either case, the program presents the description of the selected operation, as well as the reformulated equation after the operation is applied. Hints and single automated steps assist students in making progress if they do not understand what step to take next. MathXpert's series of programs includes a special network version for the classroom environment, called MathXpert Plus, which allows teachers to customize and tailor the solutions for a specific set of problems to be solved by the students. The teacher may restrict the number of hints or automated single steps available to the student. The teacher may even totally disable the automated solutions options for the students. MathXpert Online is a free service offered to high school and college students that provides an automated solution to problems selected, edited, or typed in by the student. Contact: Recognix, Inc., Santa Clara, CA; (800) 361-1001;

MATLAB 12 Student Version
MATLAB integrates computation, graphics, and programming in a flexible, open environment. Known for its highly optimized matrix and vector calculations, MATLAB offers students an intuitive language for expressing problems and their solutions both mathematically and visually. Typical uses include numerical computation and algorithm development, symbolic computation, modeling, simulation, prototyping, data analysis, and engineering graphics. MATLAB Student Version includes a full-featured version of MATLAB, Simulink software for modeling, and key functions of the Symbolic Math Toolbox. Contact: Math Works, Natick, MA: (508) 647-7000;

MINITAB 13 is a graphical analysis software package. The Student Edition includes software by Minitab Inc. and an accompanying textbook for introductory statistics, business statistics, and statistical methods courses. The new release offers several new features. Project Manager provides an easy way to keep track of analysis by organizing all the elements of the project in a familiar, tree-like structure. The new ReportPad creates professional reports from within MINITAB. StatGuide provides practical explanations of statistical output. Autofill lets users fill in a series of values by simply dragging the mouse. For experimenters, Release 13 offers new, complete Mixture Designs, Optimal Designs (D-Optimal and distance-based), and Taguchi (Robust) Designs. Contact: Minitab Inc., State College, PA; (800) 448-3555;

SPSS Graduate Pack 10.0
The SPSS Graduate Pack 10. 0 for Windows is the full version of SPSS one might find in a lab on campus. The Graduate Pack for Windows includes SPSS Base, SPSS Regression, and SPSS Advanced Statistics. It includes the book SPSS Base 10.0 Applications Guide, a resource to help students approach data, identify and remedy problems, and interpret the results. It focuses on output, on understanding what statistics mean, and on how the different statistics relate to each other. Contact: SPSS, Inc., Chicago, IL; (800) 543-2185;

StudyWorks! Online
StudyWorks! Online is a tool that can be used to help students grasp complex mathematical and scientific concepts. Multimedia presentations and diagrams reinforce concepts, guided exercises teach problem solving, and hundreds of practice problems test mastery. The program's worksheet capabilities enable students to write equations, perform calculations, and create graphs using real math notation. At StudyWorks Online at the MathSoft Web site, students can participate in virtual study groups and receive personalized help from MathSoft experts. Contact: MathSoft Inc., Cambridge, MA; (617) 444-8000;


Finale 2001
This software allows composers and arrangers to create, play, and print music. The Instrument Set-Up Wizard enables users to instantly set up any score, from the fullest orchestration to the simplest jazz chart. New automation features are combined with font and style enhancements. Twelve new plug-ins provide the user with up to 42 shortcuts. Finale 2001 allows the user to enter notes while playing a solo acoustic instrument; mix text and music to create worksheets and exams; export music examples to word processors; practice ear training; do homework; and print in color on pages up to 9 feet in size. Contact: Coda Music Technology, Eden Prairie, MN; (612) 937-9611;

Practica Musica 4
This software is a complete music theory/ear training tutor for both Macintosh and Windows computers. The package includes the coordinated textbook Exploring Theory with Practica Musica and a wide variety of customizable activities, including everything from simple pitch reading or rhythm tapping to chord progressions, polyphonic dictation, and transposition exercises. Practica Musica 4 offers self-paced learning of music theory and ear training appropriate for inexperienced listeners to experienced musicians. Users can choose activities, edit existing ones, create new ones, or download others. Writing tools allow students to create their own music, hear it, save it, and print it. Contact: Ars Nova, Kirkland, WA; (800) 445-4866;

Time Sketch Editor
This software program has been designed to facilitate listening and aurally analyzing CD music under CD-ROM and computer control. The program can be used to create unique "teacher-developed" listening lessons with any audio CD. This program is appropriate for fundamentals courses, appreciation courses, or music history courses at any teaching level. The annotated listening format can be applied to a number of classes and activities, plus the music performance curriculum. Contact: Electronic Courseware Systems, Inc., Champaign, IL; (800) 832-4965;


A.D.A.M. online anatomy
A.D.A.M. online anatomy is a comprehensive database of detailed anatomical images that allows users to point, click, and identify more than 20,000 anatomical structures within fully dissectible male and female bodies in anterior, lateral, medial, and posterior views. The user is able to dissect the body layer by layer or use a scroll bar to navigate deeper. This unique "dissection" application offers an interactive approach to discovering the human body. Contact: A.D.A.M. Software, Atlanta, GA; (770) 980-0888;

The Anatomy Project
This introductory CD-ROM set of The Anatomy Project offers 20 multimedia, interactive CD-ROMs teaching and demonstrating the whole of topographical, functional, and clinical human anatomy. Basic Human Anatomy contains seven chapters on the anatomical position, nomenclature of movement, epithelial and connective tissues, muscle and nervous tissues, muscles, aponeuroses, tendons, and ligaments, the blood vascular system, and the nervous system. It features professional broadcast-quality production, approximately 50 minutes of movie tutorials, an interactive atlas, a searchable glossary, summaries of text with digital video review, interactive questions with remediation for wrong answers, software help, and seven selectable user levels: undergraduate, nursing, physical therapy, radiography, dental, medical, and postgraduate. The program presents specially commissioned prosections, still and real-time medical imaging, histology, and live action with expert voice-over narration using classical Nomina Anatomica pronunciations. Contact: Parthenon Publishing, Pearl River, NY; (800) 735-4744;

The Animated Brain
This interactive CD-ROM on brain anatomy and biopsychology can be used for individual study, class presentations, or lab exercises. It contains 90 narrated illustrations, 85 animations, 60 anatomical labeling exercises, and 200 multiple choice questions with automatic scoring, interactive models, and video clips of behavior. A master index, cross-referenced glossary, and a hypertext book with bookmarks are included for easy reference. Contact: Brainviews, Ltd., Akron, OH; (330) 836-7215;

Chemistry 3.0 for General Chemistry
Version 3.0 of the Comprehensive Chemistry CD-ROM for Windows combines the new Interactive General Chemistry by Stanley Smith et al., with Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Laboratory on one CD-ROM. Comprehensive Chemistry CD-ROM supplements lecture, laboratory, and text for first-year general and organic chemistry courses. Also available is the Falcon Management System for purchase and use with the network version of Comprehensive Chemistry for record keeping and tracking student completion of assigned lessons. Contact: Falcon Software, Inc., Wellesley, MA; (781) 235-1767;

The Chemistry Place
The Chemistry Place, from Pearson Educational Publishing, is a Web resource for college and high school chemistry students and instructors. Focusing on introductory chemistry, the content was developed by a team of scientists and educators. The Web site offers audio material, animations, graphics, hypertext links, text, and video, and features learning activities, research news, a connection to Scientific American, and teaching resources. For fun, the site includes a weekly riddle, a "best of the Web" section, and a section relating chemistry to everyday life. Contact: Peregrine Publishers or Pearson, Needham, MA; (800) 456-0179;

Electric Biology: Ecosystems
Designed as a companion and supplement to upper-division ecology and lower-division environmental science courses, "Ecosystems" is organized into five major topic sections: Ecosystem Concept, Energy Flow, Chemical Cycles, Human Impacts, and Guest Essays. The software provides a comprehensive map and index as well as a convenient glossary, multiple page notebook, and complete text search capabilities. Contact: CyberLearn, Aptos, CA; (800) 499-3322;

Online Physics Tutorial
This program is designed to provide an interactive and concept-based tutorial for introductory college physics. Useful as a demonstration and visualization tool, the product also serves as a quiz and review tool with the audio turned off. The product includes over 200 hours of study material, self-quizzes, interactive movies and animations, and pull down calculator, glossary, note pad, and periodic table. Topics include general principles of physics, vectors, gravitation, electromagnetic theory, special relativity, and much more. Contact: MCH Multimedia, Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada; (514) 939-7418;

UNDERSTAND! Biochemistry
This CD-ROM facilitates active learning in biochemistry by showing actual processes. Topics covered include basic cell chemistry through enzymology, bi'energetics, metabolism, macromolecular structure, genetics, and molecular biology techniques. Materials are organized in 60 minicourses, which span an entire 2-semester course. More than 120 animations, 900 original illustrations, and 25 3D macromolecular models are included. Web links guide students to useful Web sites, and hypertext links enhance navigation. Contact: The Mona Group, Sunderland, MA; (800) 269-7119;

Grading/Tracking Software

Scantron's comprehensive survey system allows users to deploy electronic surveys and collect data across a range of mediums. Users build and deploy surveys with eListen Builder software in conjunction with third-party systems. Separate eListen modules handle data collection and analysis. Web hosting services allow organizations to run Internet-based surveys at The eListen platform supports an array of industry standards including HTML, FTP, Active X, MAPI, and RDBMS. Contact: Scantron, Tustin, CA; (800) 722-6876;

GradeQuick is an electronic version of the traditional paper gradebook. It integrates with almost any grading system at any level and allows users to customize the main screen to display everything in one place. Instructors can calculate scores and averages, customize reports, track and manage attendance, create a seating chart with photos, and display statistics, percentiles, and subtotals on the gradebook spreadsheet. Contact: Jackson Software, Glenc'e, IL; (800) 850-1777;

Multimedia Software

Artesia Technologies' TEAMS 4.1
TEAMS is an open, digital asset management framework that provides superior enterprise-wide access and flexibility to capture, store, manage, and re-express information into new products. Convenient to use to author, archive, and amplify information, TEAMS can capture all types of digital asset formats, allowing for greater flexibility. TEAMS serves as the digital media hub that integrates with and powers other asset-intensive applications like Web content management, digital rights management, customer relationship management, syndication, e-learning, and more. Contact: Artesia Technologies, Rockville, MD; (301) 548-4000;

Buz Multimedia Producer
The Iomega Buz Multimedia Producer is a combination of an Ultra SCSI controller and real-time professional quality video capture card that connects users' PC or Macintosh computers to an SCSI device such as a Jaz drive, Zip drive, or scanner. The Buz Multimedia Producer lets users capture high-quality video from VCRs, camcorders, DVDs and laserdiscs. It can also be used to add text, transitions, special effects, or music to home movies. The Buz package contains: the Multimedia Producer Box, a desktop box used for easy connection to the adapter card and providing in/out connections for S-Video, composite video, and stereo audio; the Adapter card, which combines a video capture card to input and digitize video/audio and an Ultra SCSI host adapter for connecting mass storage devices and scanners; and an Audio/Video cable which connects audio and video from your input and output devices. Also included is necessary software for either a PC or a Macintosh computer. Contact: Iomega, Roy, Utah; (800) MY-STUFF;

ClipMagic 2.01 is an information manager for Windows operating systems that allows users to capture text and images from any application or the Internet and to store information for easy retrieval. The application has rules and filters that allow users to automatically categorize incoming video clips. Files can be searched for and retrieved on the basis of multiple types of data, including keywords in the text, the size of individual text or images, the program they were copied from, or their location on the Internet. ClipMagic includes its own internal Web browser, a full-featured editor, and improved memory management. Contact: MJT Net Ltd., New Hartley, UK; 44 (0) 976-691-276;

Convera Screening Room
Convera Screening Room provides advanced end-to-end technology for capturing, analyzing, screening, searching, and retrieving all types of video and related closed-caption text and metadata. It captures and analyzes video; identifies crucial events like scene changes, cuts, and fades; and creates a story board of thumbnail images for quick and easy access to significant scenes. Contact: Convera, Vienna, VA; (800) 788-7758;

Dazzle Multimedia's Digital Video Creator II
Digital Video Creator II lets users capture, edit, and share video. Users can enhance video with professional transitions, scrolling titles, music, and voice-over narration. They can also create streaming video and share edited movies with others via tape, CD-R, DVD-R, presentations, e-mail, or posting to a personal Web page. Users can record from any video source to full-motion MPEG-2 files and edit them with easy drag-and-drop technology. By connecting the PC to a VCR, users can transfer edited movies back to tape. Contact: Dazzle Multimedia, Fremont, CA; (888) 436-4348;

Discreet Reactor
Discreet designs flexible systems and software for digital image creation, manipulation and editing. Our products enable digital artists to create compelling imagery and transform the art and science of visual entertainment. Reactor is Discreet's complete dynamics extension to its 3ds max 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software. Reactor allows users to design advanced soft-body and rigid-body dynamics, free-form deformations, cloth, fluids, and rope simulations within one highly interactive system. Dynamics Simulations provide for physically accurate animations driven by natural forces such as wind, gravity, and the density of an object. Contact: Discreet, Santa Monica, CA; (310) 396-1167;

Digigami X-stream
Digigami X-stream is a collection of data export plug-ins for Adobe Premiere. With X-stream, users can create a variety of streaming video files for use on the Web or on an intranet. X-stream includes an MPEG-1 plug-in, a QuickTime/Fast-Start plug-in, and X-GIF for converting any movie clip to a GIF89a animation. Contact: Digigami, San Diego, CA; (619) 231-2600;

Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro 5.0
Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro 5.0 for Windows 95/98/NT saves users valuable time by automatically translating, optimizing, and processing multiple graphic files, including video and animation, for desktop publishing, multimedia, and the Web. New features include an easy-to-use drag and drop Hot Folder processing function, ability to embed watermarks in products, and capability to publish Web catalogs with thumbnails, HTML, and JPEG files. Contact: Equilibrium, San Rafael, CA; (415) 453-4427;

Inscriber CG/FeaturePak 3.4
Featurepak is a powerful title-creation productivity tool for leading video production systems running under Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. Designed to help users make professional video titles quickly and easily, FeaturePak offers broadcast-quality titling capabilities at an affordable desktop price. Tools include text rotation, texture mapping, alpha-aware paint, and 5-layer editing. The tool allows users to achieve the following effects: soft-edge shadows, rotated text, texture mapping of text foreground, edging, and shadows, on-the-fly sizing, spline-based drawing tools with automatic beveling, logo import and manipulation, an alpha-aware logo compose facility, rolls and multi-line crawls, and extensive typographic control. Contact: Inscriber Technology Corp., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; (519) 570-9111;

MacRascol 5.1
MacRascol 5.1 image management software is fully compatible with Macintosh OS 7 and 8. Features and improvements include a variety of new drag-and-drop functions to help users create, manage, and output 35mm slide presentations as well as ultra-high-resolution chromes and negatives for photo retouching and enlargements. The Macintosh Binary Lasergraphics Language generator software and site license allow users to transport files to other computers. Contact: Lasergraphics, Irvine, CA; (800) 727-2655;

Media Cataloger 2.0
Interactive Media Corp.'s Media Cataloger allows for efficient organization of Web and multimedia files into visual catalogs with thumbnail images and a keyword database. Catalogs are extremely small and can be searched rapidly by a variety of criteria. Features include catalogs of up to 32,000 objects and the capability to maintain three open windows providing simultaneous access to thumbnails, keywords, and file information. Contact: Interactive Media Corp., Los Altos, CA; (650) 948-0745;

StudioSketch studio in a box allows users to do live video sketching on a screen's white background or over video images (such as the play drawings shown during televised football games). Useful for highlighting presentation slides as well as live action, the product features a logically-arranged menu of icons for sketching and drawing with modes, shapes, and colors. Contact: B'eckeler Instruments, (800) 552-2265;

Multimedia Authoring Tools

ButtonFly graphic productivity tool helps users make buttons, banners, and logos. Once the button is created, the product quickly reproduces it with just one mouse click. ButtonFly automatically generates a whole set of buttons or images with pre-defined titles or languages. Contact: GOTO Software, Jacksonville, FL; (514) 499-1414;

MagicMedia v. 1.52
MagicMedia is a high speed, easy to use thumbnail explorer to organize, maintain, play, and edit media files, featuring enhanced movie and audio capabilities. Users can create thumb playlists from multiple folders for Slide Shows, Movie Series, and Audio Arrangements. MagicMedia also allows users to rip AudioCDs to disk, arrange files to burn custom CDs, convert audio files to wav or mp3, and extract, display, and save movie frames. Using MagicMedia, designers can assign Thumbnails for easier visual identification of audio files. Contact: PeakStars Programming Arts,

Metacreations' Bryce 5
Bryce 5 software allows users to design, render, and animate natural 3D worlds and abstract 3D sculptures for use in Web pages, QuickTime VR movies, and RealMovie animations. Because it comes loaded with libraries of presets, it can be used by beginners as well as advanced users. Users begin by building a scene with wireframe primitives or meshes, and then assign realistic textures. An animation preview feature quickly generates thumbnail previews and allow users to navigate through an animation using a story-board style interface. Contact: Corel Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; (800) 772-9735;

Quest 6.0
Quest enhances the creation of interactive training and education applications, using a reusable and extensible object-oriented architecture. Quest features FastTracks, libraries of pre-built screen layouts, buttons, and interactions. The overall architecture of the Quest 6.0 is divided into two main areas-the Title Design Level, where users lay out course structure, and the Frame Edit level, where they add content. The latest release of the product makes movement between these two levels even easier and more direct than previously available, allowing authors to move seamlessly and quickly back and forth between levels. Contact: Mentergy; Atlanta, GA; (770) 612-9129;

Superscape 3D Webmaster
3D Webmaster from Superscape is a software tool for designing interactive 3D for the Web. It conforms to many industry standards and is therefore compatible with other software products. 3D Webmaster's ready-made templates make Web page creation easy. Its drag-and-drop warehouse of 800 pieces of Virtual Clip Art, 500 ready-to-use textures, and 600 behavioral commands allows users to select objects and import them to a Web page or store self-created objects for re-use. The product features full HTML integration with a powerful Java interface to give developers two-way communication between the Web page and a Java Applet or JavaScript. Contact: Superscape, Santa Clara, CA; (408) 969-0500;

Tandberg Educational Partner Tools
This easy-to-use authoring software offers a simple interface to help teachers and developers create multimedia learning materials. Each Partner Tool is available in two versions: the Designer and the Browser. With the Designer, teachers can choose the best medium to communicate their message. With the Browser, students can work through the multimedia experience in a linear sequence or using random access, but cannot change the content. Contact: Tandberg Educational Inc., Brewster, NY; (800) 367-1137;

Toolbook 8.1
ToolBook Instructor and ToolBook Assistant allow users to create dynamic, scaleable e-Learning content. Using simple drag-and-drop learning objects, new and experienced users alike can develop, edit, and distribute interactive content, giving organizations the flexibility and power they need to meet time-sensitive demands with up-to-date learning material. Content developed in ToolBook can be deployed on the Internet or an intranet, a local area network (LAN), or on a CD-ROM Contact: Asymetrix Learning Systems Inc., Bellevue, WA; (800) 448-6543;

Projectors and Presentation Technologies

Barco Reality 6400
The BARCOREALITY 6400 combines exceptional resolution and high brightness with advanced signal processing. Micro Lens Array Poly-Silicon S-XGA panels and a new high brightness metal-halide arc lamp make this unit an appropriate tool for conference rooms, auditoriums, CAD/CAM imaging, virtual reality centers, and other venues. The Barco 6400 features 3400 ANSI lumens and three active matrix 1.8" S-XGA poly-silicon LCD panels with a resolution of 1280 x 1024. A patented pixel map processor guarantees legible characters and high quality image reproduction. Contact: Barco Projection Systems, Kennesaw, GA; (770) 218-3200;

Canon LV 7325 Projector
This nine pound projector features 1500 ANSI lumens, Native XGA resolution, powered zoom and focus, digital keystone correction, and PC-free presenting using the PCMCIA card. Compatible with PCs or Macs, the projector can be used in wired or wireless situations. Contact: Canon USA, Lake Success, NY; (516) 328-5960;

Digital Projection Lightning Series
Digital Projection offers its Lightning series of ultra high bright image projectors. Each unit is engineered with advanced cooling and filtration systems as well as rugged mechanical construction to support high performance, large-venue imaging. The 22gv provides XGA resolution and 10,000 ANSI lumens of imaging power. Contact: Digital Projection Inc., Kennesaw, GA; (770) 420-1350;

Eiki Notebook Two Projectors
The Eiki LC-XNB2U projector weighs less than 9 pounds and has a footprint about the size of a legal notepad. With 1,200 ANSI Lumens, 90% uniformity, and 250:1 contrast ratio, the model is EIKI's highest end notebook portable. The LC-XNB2U also features 3 panel LCD imaging, true XGA resolution, and SXGA, XGA, SVGA, and VGA compatibility. This model includes power zoom and focus and digital keystone correction. A PCMCIA slot, 8 Mb Smart Media flash memory card, PCMCIA adapter, and MCI Slideshow software on CD-ROM round out the features. Contact: EIKI International, Lake Forest, CA; (800) 322-3454;

Epson PowerLite 50c
The Epson PowerLite 50c Multimedia Projector features 1,000 ANSI lumens of brightness and true SVGA performance, as well as a 400:1 contrast ratio for high quality black-white contrast. Also part of the package is a digital zoom. Contact: Epson, Torrance, CA; (800) 463-7766;

Fujitsu LCD Projectors
Fujitsu's LPF-7200 provides extremely high brightness at 2,800 ANSI lumens, digital keystone correction and manual lens shift. The LPF-7200 shows clear, undistorted images even at UXGA/SXGA/SVGA/VGA modes. Any part of the screen can be maximized by 2 to 25 times. The package also includes a stereo speaker and mouse control. Contact: Fujitsu, Fairfield, NJ; (888) 888-3424;

JVC LX-D102OU Projector
This 13.8-pound model from JVC delivers 1,300 ANSI lumens and offers true XGA performance (1024 x 768). The model is designed for laptop presentation requirements and to perform well in brightly-lit conference rooms. Contact: JVC, Parsipanny, NJ;

Megapower ML 228
This projector delivers 800 x 600 resolution and 700 lumens. Compatible with PCs and Macs, the model has a horizontal scan rate of 15-60 kHz, and a vertical scan rate of 50-85 kHz. Typical contrast ratio is 200:1. Contact: Megapower Technologies, Carlsbad, CA; (800) MEGA-321;

Mitsubishi X300 Projector
The X300 is part of Mitsubishi's Professional Choice series of projectors. With 2,000 ANSI lumens, a contrast ratio of 300:1, and true XGA performance, this is an appropriate model for campus use. Special features include built-in video line doubler technology for fine, sharp, moving images and the capability to display moving images from two different sources (PC and video) simultaneously. Contact: Mitsubishi, Cypress, CA; (714) 220-2500;

NEC Micro-Portable LT156 Projector
This micro-portable projector projects brightly with 1200ANSI lumens and true XGA resolution. The projector features accurate display of non-native resolutions, keystone correction, and a chalk board feature that allows users to "draw" on the screen. A built-in PC card viewer saves slides on a compact flash memory card. Contact: NEC, Itasca, IL; (800) 632-4636;

Peerless Flat/Tilting LCD Wall Mount
This LCD mount holds the screen close to the wall while allowing it to tilt up to twenty degrees. Several models are available, all UL listed. Contact: Peerless Industries, Melrose, IL; (708) 865-8870;

Proxima Desktop Projector 6850
The 6850 model from Proxima features a bright 2,000 ANSI lumens, true XGA (1024 x 768) resolution, and Fit-to-View display of VGA (640 x 480) through SXGA (1280 x 1024) that supports full screen images from PCs and Macintosh computers. The model includes digital keystone correction, ports for up to two computers and a USB mouse, picture-in-picture feature, and whisper-quiet operation (less than 40 dB). Both motorized and digital zoom are included as well. Contact: Proxima Corp., San Diego, CA; (800) 447-7692;

Sanyo XU-35
The Sanyo XU-35 Ultra-portable projector features a typical 2,000 ANSI lumens, true XGA, and a contrast ratio of 350:1. This model weighs less than nine pounds. It offers power zoom and focus, whisper quiet operation, and optional Presentation Viewer for presentations without a computer present. Contact: Sanyo, Inc., Chatsworth, CA; (818) 998-7322;

Sharp PG-C20XU Projector
This Sharp Notebook projector weighs just 5.7 pounds but delivers 1,000 ANSI lumens. The unit features autosync for automatic image correction, power remote, and digital keystone correction. Contact: Sharp Electronics, Mahwah, NJ; (201) 529-8731;

3M 1700 Series Projectors
The 1711 is designed for ease of use. A 10 x 10-foot staging area provides plenty of room to develop ideas. Extra long power cord provides flexibility, and an open singlet projection head makes this model easy to focus, clean, and maintain. The model features 2200 ANSI lumens and a double-lamp life of 130 hours average. Contact: 3M Corp., Austin, TX; (800) 328-1371;

ViewSonic PJ806 Projector
This projector weighs 13.2 pounds and produces 1850 ANSI lumens using a combination of three LCD panels. Features include picture-in-picture capability, digital keystone correction, the ability to freeze or magnify images, advanced compression to run at the maximum resolution of 1,024 x 768, and a wireless remote (including a built-in mouse and laser pointer). Contact: ViewSonic, Walnut, CA; (909) 869-7976;

Ken-a-Vision Video Flex Microscope Camera
The Ken-a-Vision Video Flex is a video microscope with a C-mount lens and a 25-inch arm. It allows the user to see microscopic images and objects up close or zoomed out to infinity using the Video Flex head. Contact: Ken-a-Vision, Inc., Kansas City, MO; (816) 358-5072;

WolfVision Visualizer
WolfVision's portable models feature a unique folding system and ease-of-use. The units include special surfaces for transparencies, design that prevents blinding of the audience or speaker, and optimization for video projection and video conferencing. Additional features include a 24x zoom, serial control input RS232, slide drawer, and infrared remote control. Contact: WolfVision, San Carlos, CA; (650) 802-0786;


Mimio Digital Whiteboard
Mimio's Digital Whiteboard technology transforms standard whiteboards into collaborative tools. Once Mimio is attached to the whiteboard, everything users write or draw is captured electronically into the computer, making it easy to deliver lecture notes online, stream video conferences, email colleagues, or post course announcements. Contact: Virtual Ink, Boston, MA; (617) 623-8387;

StarBoard Electronic Whiteboard
Users can integrate Hitachi's StarBoard electronic whiteboard into presentations in several ways. It's usable as a conventional Dry-Erase Whiteboard, if used without connecting the StarBoard to a computer. Users can also make it an electronic Dry-Erase whiteboard by connecting the StarBoard to a computer and using the Dual-Mode Pen and Electronic Eraser. Used this way, StarBoard saves all dry-erase notes and prints them on demand. By connecting the StarBoard and an LCD projector (not included) to a computer, users can also have full access to all of their computer programs, plus Hitachi Software's special ShareWizard presentation applications. Contact: Hitachi Software, San Francisco, CA; (888) 615-9600;

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