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Syllabus2004 in Brief

Syllabus2004 convened in downtown San Francisco July 18-22 for a full program of keynotes, breakout sessions, exhibits, a full-day visit to the UC-Berkeley campus, and more…


>> Five keynotes provided attendees with a range of high-level insights and strategies. J'el Smith, Carnegie Mellon University’s CIO (below, left), explains why and how cognitive science should be applied to online course design. University of Wisconsin-Madison CIO Annie Stunden (below) takes attendees along as she wanders through a “technology universe.” Other keynotes included Clifford Lynch (UC-Berkeley and CNI), Jeff Schiller (MIT), and Kristine Hafner (University of California).


<< A full-day excursion to the UC-Berkeley campus allowed attendees to examine the work of Berkeley’s IT experts and explore the historic campus.


An audience response system in a large lecture hall on the UC-Berkeley campus provided on-the-spot input to a plenary panel on Open Source CMS, with Charles Kerns (Stanford University), Phil Long (MIT), Mara Hancock (UC-Berkeley), Brad Wheeler (Indiana University), and Kathy Christoph, moderated by Victor Edmonds (UC-Berkeley). >>


<< Kristine Hafner, the University of California’s associate VP for information resources and communication welcomes attendees to the Berkeley campus with a keynote session about the role IT plays in the budget and growth challenges confronting the UC system.


At a special Executive Summit session, Bill Riffee (University of Florida) moderates a panel on Campus IT Investment and ROI, with Brad Wheeler (Indiana University), Ruth Sabean (UCLA), and Rich Pickett (University of San Diego). >>







>> In its second year, an invitation-only Executive Summit offered campus technology leadership a forum to meet and discuss top issues.


<< Phil Long (MIT) and Brad Wheeler (Indiana University) participate in an Executive Summit workgroup on ePortfolios.


Kathy Christoph (University of Wisconsin) shares her thoughts in an open discussion session at the Executive Summit. >>


>> Leading companies participated with exhibits, sponsorships, and technology presentations.


Gary Baldwin (UC-Berkeley) introduces CITRIS, the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society—one among several visionary breakout sessions offered to attendees visiting the Berkeley campus. >>


<< J. David Betts (Univ. of Arizona), Graham Glynn (Penn State), and Stuart J. Glogoff (Univ. of Arizona) during a panel discussion of personal information technologies.


>> Attendees selected from breakout sessions offered in five tracks.
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