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CT at the Show

A meeting of minds over shared issues.

Educause Western Regional

Experts on hand

The Spring 2005 Educause Western Regional event, held in San Francisco, offered the comprehensive range of topics and expertise you'd expect to find at the much larger annual meeting, but had the advantages of a smaller, more intimate event. Among many highly focused track presentations,Educause ( VP Mark Luker's session detailed the latest thinking and initiatives in the area of information security governance,asking,"The Buck Stops Where?"

A balancing act

In a plenary session examining the balance between security and privacy post 9/11, Cornell University (NY) Director of IT Policy and Computer Law and Policy Tracy Mitrano shared the podium with Educause Director of Policy and Networking Programs Steven Worona. To what extent will technology be used to monitor personal information and activities? Higher education has some thinking to do. Worona points out, "We are no longer limited [by the technology] in what we can do; the limitation comes from what we decide to do."

Common challenges

After her highly animated discussion session on data warehousing and data-driven decision-making, San Diego State University's Vice President for Academic Technology Mary Jo Gorney-Moreno told Campus Technology, "One of the things that was really wonderful to learn is that we all have the same questions and issues ... Neither those of us who are working between legacy systems and ERPs, nor those who are three years into an ERP implementation have found a way to use the data for decisions."

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