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2007 Salary Survey


2007 Salary SurveyWHEN IT COMES TO COMPENSATING higher ed technology pros, how are campuses measuring up vis-à-vis salaries, benefits, and job security? How do those in tech-related positions perceive the fairness of their compensation and benefits against peers in their region, age group, gender, institutional tier, and more?

About Our Sample. In this exclusive survey, we polled our readers across North American (largely US) campuses, all in posts where they are either directly responsible for technology purchase and implementation, or else drive or influence the purchase and deployment of technology on campus. One thousand and forty (1,040) members of our readership took part in the survey and comprised our study sample from every state in the union, with a small percentage (.5) of North American respondents outside of the US. Thirty percent of those surveyed represent private 4-year institutions; 36 percent hail from 4-year publics; 18 percent from 2-year publics; 8 percent from 2-year privates; 5 percent from vocational/technical schools; a little over 1 percent from the for-profits; and 9 percent replied with “other.” Respondents came from the largest publics (4 percent enroll 50,000 and over) to the smallest privates (4 percent in the under 500-student category), and everything in between. Most of those surveyed (58 percent) oversee from 1-19 staffers, 56 percent are male, 44 percent are female, and while the preponderance of all respondents are 35-64 years old, the largest percentage (almost 20 percent) are 50-54. [Editor’s note: Due to rounding error, percentages in some charts may add up to slightly more or less than 100 percent.]

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