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CT Solutions

Bretford's UCS880Multimedia Instructional Workstation

Bretford has introduced the new UCS880 multimedia rack-mount instructional workstation. The UCS880 includes a universal 19-inch rack system so that any rack-mounted equipment, old or new, can be placed in the interior cabinet. Four large work-surface grommet holes and a large cord management bin ensure easy integration of all electronics, and the work surface can be adjusted (at the time of assembly) from 26 to 33 inches, to fit the needs of the individual instructor. Bretford constructs the workstation's steel base and accessories using 30 percent (on average) post-consumer recycled steel, along with an environmentally friendly powder-paint finish that reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs). List price: $1,236.

MPC Computers' MPC MailFrameAutomated E-Mail Archiving

MPC Computers has launched its new MPC MailFrame e-mail archiving appliance, which automates the process of capturing, storing, and retrieving e-mail messages. The MailFrame connects to any open-standards-based messaging server and makes "photocopies" of the mail messages for storage into any standards-based storage device. Via a standard browser, end users can then search and retrieve archived messages, even if their messages have been previously deleted or lost from their mailboxes. Pricing starts at $7,999 for 500 users, and user capacity can be upgraded to 1,000 users, 2,500 users, and beyond without any hardware changes to the appliance.

Help for At-Risk Students

Datatel has announced Colleague Student Retention Alert, a combination of software and professional services designed to help higher ed institutions retain at-risk students, help them succeed academically, and preserve tuition dollars. The solution enables a university to rapidly recognize a student's problem areas (such as poor attendance, family problems, plummeting GPA, or alarming behavior), and then initiate the suitable type and level of intervention as early as possible. As part of the professional services package, a Datatel consultant works collaboratively with the institution, determining the business workflows and processes needed to meet specific retention goals. Contact vendor for pricing.

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