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vmSight Launches Connector ID For Thin Client VDI Deployments

vmSight has announced the availability of its Connector ID platform for thin clients used in virtual desktop environments. The solution is intended to help IT administrators manage virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments, as well as provide detailed virtual desktop user tracking.

According to the announcement, Connector ID--in a fashion similar to caller ID--identifies both the individual, and device making a request for information (or "call") on a network. The capability is intended to help simplify security and compliance procedures, as well as provide detailed user information to network administrators. The platform embeds directly into the thin client OS image, and is invisible to end-users.

"Many of our customers deploy thin clients as part of their VDI rollout," said Jonathan Alexander, President and co-founder of vmSight, in a prepared statement. "With the user and device tracking from thin client Connector ID Keys, administrators are able to monitor VDI performance end-to-end and to also increase the security and compliance benefits of VDI."

Connector ID is a part of vmSight's Virtual Network Intelligence suite, providing policy management, alerting, and reporting for virtual desktop environments.

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