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STARTING DOWN AN ONLINE PATH. At Kaplan University (IA), incoming students can now maximize their own career paths using MyPath, the university's program that leverages student success diagnostics and assessment tools with an internet-based career planning system from Kuder. The key: doing this right from the start. "By utilizing these assessments before students begin their academic programs, we can help them personalize their education, zero in on their career goals, and have a stellar academic experience," explains Wade Britt, Kaplan's executive director of academic operations. Read more here.

CT Industrry

BRYANT STUDENTS AND FACULTY now can access hundreds of educational videos on demand, from anywhere on campus.

VIDEO ON DEMAND MEANS VIDEO IN DEMAND. Bryant University's (RI) selection of VBrick Sytems has paid off: Students and faculty are taking ample advantage of their new, on-demand access to hundreds of educational videos. Earlier, the school "lacked an efficient way of making the videos easily available, and feared [its] investment would be underutilized," says Daniel Greene, a media production specialist at Bryant. "Now, [users] can just log in to one location from anywhere on campus and get access to several hundred videos at once."

CT Green SHOW ME THE GREEN. With green content getting hotter, institutions are seeking outlets to distribute such information widely. Always ready to innovate, Arizona State University collaborated with Modavox to webcast the school's Sustainability Summit this fall. "We are delighted that we could partner with Modavox to webcast this discussion to an international audience," says Virgil Renzulli, ASU's VP for public affairs. Read more here.

WHERE ANGELS DON'T FEAR TO TREAD. The University of Alabama in Huntsville has adopted the Angel Learning Management Suite to make content and collaboration tools available 24/7 to the institution's 7,000 students. "We're not going to change how today's students think," comments Bobbi Jo Rissmann, an instructional technology administrator at UA. "We have to reach them using the tools that are meaningful to them." Read more here.

A GROWN-UP SAKAI. Remember when institutions questioned the sustainability of the Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment? That's not the case anymore, given the success and apparent stability of the open source community effort. Notably, two major institutions recently moved forward in their work with Sakai. The University of Hawaii system has adopted Sakai as its official learning and collaboration service, effective this fall, and Columbia University (NY) has recently upgraded to a new version of Sakai as part of a pilot program in several schools and departments. Read more here.

INDUSTRY AND EDUCATION MEET IN THE GARAGE. Watch for the Brooklyn Media Garage, soon to pop up as part of New York state's plan to accelerate and expand mediarelated work in the New York City area. Polytechnic University of NYU has received $2 million from the state's capital budget to establish NYC's first on-campus Entertainment and Media Research Center. The university will back the center's efforts by applying its expertise in computer graphics, media distribution, and related digital media technologies.


Archie SprengelSOUTHEAST'S ASSISTANT VP FOR IT. Archie Sprengel is leading IT at Southeast Missouri State University this fall as the institution's new assistant vice president for information technology. Previously director of operations and systems support at the university, Sprengel is successor to John Weber. Sprengel will update Southeast's information technology strategic plan and integrate technology into the academic and administrative functions of the institution.

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