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Unisys Unveils New Mainframe-Class Servers

Unisys has recently announced the addition of several new systems to its ClearPath line of mainframe-class servers. Among the new offerings are the high-end ClearPath Dorado 700 Series, as well as the mid-range ClearPath Dorado 4000 and ClearPath Libra 4000 Series.

The Dorado 700 Series, which runs the Unisys OS 2200 and supports up to 32 processors, and has been designed for use in large-scale operations. The Dorado 4000 and Libra 4000 are built on quad-core Intel Xeon 7350 x64 processors and provide backward compatibility for applications written on earlier ClearPath systems. Like the Dorado 700, the Dorado 4000 series runs the OS 2200 environment, while the Libra 4000 Series runs the MCP system.

Configurations of the Dorado 700 Series start at $4.5 million. Prices for the Dorado 4000 and Libra 4000 Series start at $498,000 and $750,000, respectively.

The company has also released updated application development software. Products include the Unisys Agile Business Suite 2.0 and Business Information Server (BIS) 46R1. The platforms are intended to provide simplified installation, enhanced development environments, and increased security capabilities.

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