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Latest Releases, Services, and New Product Versions

PLC-XF1000 by SanyoHigh-Brightness Projector

Sanyo has released the PLC-XF1000, a two-lamp large-venue projector featuring the company's QuaDrive optical engine, 12,000 lumens of brightness, and a 4,000:1 contrast ratio. Unlike conventional 3LCD systems, the QuaDrive includes an additional color-control device that allows the projector to automatically control the amount of yellow light in an image, producing higher luminosity with improved color accuracy and clarity. The device's proprietary Active Maintenance Filter system enables filter cartridge replacement intervals of approximately 11,000 hours; a single cartridge contains a filter roll equivalent to 10 individual filters. Ten optional lenses range from short- to long-focus choices. MSRP: $24,995.

LifeSize 220 Series by LifeSize CommunicationsAffordable HD Telepresence

The new LifeSize 220 Series of telepresence products from LifeSize Communications supports 1080p30 high-resolution video, as well as 720p60 video for motion handling. Standard features include dual-display support, integrated content sharing, and LifeSize Adaptive Motion Control (which dynamically adapts to changing network conditions to deliver high-quality visual motion control and clarity), enabling distributed teams to collaborate in real time as if they're physically in the same room. Pricing starts at $6,999 for the LifeSize Express 220 with Camera 200 and MicPod. The LifeSize Team 220 can connect up to four sites simultaneously (MSRP: $11,999), while the LifeSize Room 220 features an eight-way embedded multipoint control unit (MSRP: $16,999).

Enterprise CMS

Jenzabar has launched e-Racer, a course management system designed to support active participation, collaboration, and information exchange, and to serve as a platform for students and faculty to post, share, and showcase information. The system permits faculty to easily create, customize, and manage their courses, and handles administrative tasks such as submitting grades directly from a course gradebook to the Jenzabar student information system. e-Racer is built on the framework of Jenzabar's Internet Campus Solution portal, providing a single point of access to self-service learning for students, faculty, and administration. Contact vendor for pricing.

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