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Campus Technology Preshow Exclusive InfoComm 2010

Don’t miss these 15 booths showcasing the latest in A/V at this month’s expo in Las Vegas, NV.

Clean and Green Projectors

Casio’s new line of Green Slim projectors is powered by a new, greener light source: The company has created a mercury-free laser and LED hybrid lamp system, bright enough for projection in a well-lit room without the use of a traditional high-pressure mercury lamp.

The high-brightness projection (2,000 lumens and higher) is achieved by using blue light emitted by a blue laser, green light converted from blue laser light with a phosphor, and light emitted by a high-lumen red LED through a DLP chip. The Green Slim line features a diverse array of models, from one that can accommodate WXGA resolution at a 16:10 aspect ratio, to a wireless-enabled model that can project without a PC (via a USB drive). The projectors measure 11.7 x 1.7 x 8.3 inches and weigh just 5 pounds., booth C58704

Video Capture and Management

Vision2 from AMX is a fully integrated video-capture, management, and broadcast system that delivers video across TCP/IP networks and supports IGMP multicast.

The system integrates with intranet or internet connections to provide users with access to high-quality video content throughout a campus network, directly from their PCs. Content such as lectures can be recorded and stored on a central server for future viewing; administrators can add titles and video-image thumbnails with descriptive text to help users search for content. Vision2 can capture and distribute live lectures to additional classrooms or campuses, or directly to students’ PCs; it also can broadcast live TV or prerecorded videos across campus to displays in lobbies, cafeterias, dorm rooms, and student centers. Users can schedule content via the drag-and-drop scheduling interface to create a programming guide with program dates, times, and descriptions., booth C4417

Ultra-Narrow LCD Display

The new X462UN from NEC Display Solutions is a 46-inch ultra-narrow LCD display that enables near-seamless video walls up to 100 displays in size. Its new edge-compensation tool automatically accommodates and adjusts for image inconsistencies within the display, creating uniformity and minimizing dark spots that may interfere with content.

The built-in Enhanced Digital Signage Technology Suite offers more than 30 integrated features, minimizing the use of third-party applications and lowering the total cost of ownership. RS-232 and Ethernet connectivity enables remote monitoring and control capabilities., booth N903

Short-Throw Mounts With Speakers

Two new universal short-throw projector wall mounts from Premier Mounts, the UNI-STA+Audio and UNI-EXT+Audio, provide flexible mounting options for short-throw projectors from any vendor. Features include two integrated 25-watt two-way speakers with a 5-inch woofer and directional tweeters; a 50-watt power amplifier; and multiple inputs, including a separate line-level mic input. The mounts’ dynamic sound range distributes audio evenly throughout a classroom. A GearBox feature in the projector base plate securely stows away A/V and IT components, providing a clean appearance and enhanced security., booth C6024

Digital Signage Content Creation

The latest release of X2O Media’s digital signage platform, Xpresenter 3.0, is an end-to-end platform for creating, managing, and distributing broadcast-quality digital signage content on networks of all sizes. Version 3.0 includes an overhaul of the Xpresenter Template Maker authoring application, which has been bolstered to integrate content management, allowing users to create and schedule digital signage content from a familiar PowerPoint interface. The system includes a “smart object” library for the quick and simple creation of content utilizing videos, images, PowerPoint slides, RSS feeds, live information feeds, and more. Version 3.0 also includes support for 3D objects and animations such as rotating video surfaces, 3D tickers, and other dynamic graphical elements. Other enhancements to the platform include a more powerful digital asset management system, ad campaign management tools, and advanced rule-based scheduling tools., booth N1961

Energy Star Amplifiers

Extron’s MPA 401 and XTRA Series high-performance amplifiers comprise a complete family of mono, stereo, and multichannel power amplifiers for a wide range of applications, from classrooms and boardrooms to multipurpose rooms, auditoriums, and open spaces. Drawing less than 1 watt of power in standby mode and offering low power consumption while idle and under load, the devices meet the new Energy Star Version 2.0 Audio/Video specification. The MPA 401 outputs 40 watts rms for 70-volt distributed speaker systems, while the XTRA Series delivers from 200 watts up to 800 watts rms. The amplifiers feature compact, space-efficient enclosures designed for installation in racks and lecterns, and do not require fans for cooling., booth N701

High Brightness for Large Venues

Epson’s PowerLite Pro Z8050WNL is the company’s brightest projector, with 7,000 lumens color light output and 7,000 lumens white light output. The 3LCD projector features WXGA resolution, a 5,000:1 contrast ratio, liquid cooling system, durable optical chips, and a dual-lamp design.

Six optional lenses, including a rear-projection option, allow installers to customize a solution to fit a variety of mid- to large-venue environments. The projector’s design enables easy access to lamps and filters, and a recommended 10,000-hour filter cleaning schedule makes maintenance easier and less frequent., booth C5458

Uninterruptible Power Supply

The SU-1000Li from SurgeX is a 1000 VA line-interactive UPS designed to shield computer and A/V equipment from damage during a brownout, blackout, surge, or power failure. The device features the company’s Advanced Series Mode surge elimination technology (which stops power surges up to 6,000 volts without producing side effects such as ground contamination) as well as common mode and normal mode Impedance Tolerant EMI/RFI Filtering technology. Automatic voltage regulation provides a stable AC source without the constant use of internal batteries. A web-based interface enables users to manage power settings, customize diagnostics, monitor multiple computers, and schedule shutdowns and restarts. With the SentryPlus power management and diagnostic software, users also can set up notifications of user-defined events via pager, e-mail, audible alarm, network broadcast, and SNMP trap., booth C6058

Two-Way Universal Controller

RTI’s ST-7 two-way-enabled universal controller features a 7-inch widescreen LED touchscreen display, trackball, WiFi web browsing, customizable backlight coloring, and 13 configurable hard buttons. An integrated microphone and stereo speakers are designed to support intercom over IP. Utilizing ZigBee RF technology (802.15.4 wireless mesh networking), the ST-7 is capable of two-way communication with a variety of electronic devices, including thermostats, lighting control, security, audio/video distribution systems, and media servers. Multiple docking options enable wireless,
in-wall, or tabletop configurations., booth C6036

3D-Ready DLP Projectors

In January, Sharp entered the emerging 3D presentation market with the introduction of six 3D-ready DLP projectors: the PG-D40W3D (featuring 4,000 lumens and WXGA native resolution) and the XGA-resolution PG-D45X3D, PG-D3510X, PG-D3010X, PG-D2710X, and PG-D2500X.

The projectors incorporate Texas Instruments’ DLP Link technology, which synchronizes 3D data with 3D active-shutter glasses (not included) to create the 3D image displayed on screen, without the need for special emitters. When not being used for 3D projection, the projector models are fully compatible with traditional 2D content., booth C43384

Dual-Lamp Projectors With Edge Blending

The new XD8100U XGA and widescreen WD8200U WXGA models from Mitsubishi are dual-lamp installation DLP projectors that offer 7,000 lumens and 6,500 lumens (respectively) of brightness. Depending on energy-saving needs, the projectors can be operated in either single or dual lamp mode. New proprietary edge-blending and color matching technology allows up to three images from three separate projectors to create one virtually seamless, consistent, uniform, and accurate image. Each projector comes with a high-
brightness color wheel, with an option to purchase an interchangeable six-segment color wheel that emphasizes color richness and depth. Both models offer geometric warping, so images can be created on curved screens in either front- or rear-projection mode., booth C5602

Interactive Whiteboard System

Luidia’s eBeam Engage is an interactive whiteboard system that, when paired with a projector and PC (Windows or Mac), transforms any flat surface into a multimedia environment. Integrated speakers enable instructors to incorporate podcasts and other audio into a presentation; a built-in wireless keyboard allows users to enter text for web searches, annotation, and more, all from the front of the room. Microphones and recording capabilities are also built into the unit. Other features include: a scroll knob for rolling through interactive whiteboard content; a calibration button; volume controls; a lightweight stylus; USB ports; and line-in/out jacks for peripheral devices. The eBeam Engage software features a home page that works like a cell phone screen, with customizable shortcuts that provide quick access to applications, websites, and commonly used tools., booth N518

Wireless Touchpanels

The TSU series of wireless touchpanels from Philips Pronto consists of two wand-style control panels (TSU9300 and TSU9400) and two tablet-style panels (TSU9600 and TSU9800) for controlling a variety of A/V systems. The devices feature a flush-mounted display, customizable user interface, and combination of infrared and WiFi wireless control. For extended control of equipment hidden in cabinets or in other rooms, Pronto’s RFX9400 and RFX9600 extenders can be used wirelessly or wired via Ethernet. The extenders have four addressable IR ports that can control the same type of devices in a rack independently (by the same extender). Integrated ProntoEditProfessional 2.4 software features UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)/DNLA (Digital Network Living Alliance) compatibility, streamlining the control of any product from manufacturers adhering to the UPnP standard., booth C4457

Web-Based Digital Signage Platform

Announce, the new digital signage software platform from Visix, is a web-based application providing media asset management, template creation tools, and timeline sequence editing. Features include: user-friendly interface developed in Microsoft Silverlight; drag-and-drop design tools; CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) compliant alert notification; full RGBA spectrum control; support for 4GL scripting; support for non-rectangular content blocks; controllable Z-order; animated wallpapers and backgrounds; 3D and animated text crawls; support for HDMI input; native PowerPoint file formats within the player; and downloadable theme packs., booth C4745

Presentation Capture Appliance

Cbox from Winnov is a presentation capture appliance that allows users to record and webcast any presentation, lecture, or training procedure and produce rich-media content that can be broadcast live or archived for on-demand viewing. The device creates multiple outputs simultaneously to automatically format content for the web, various mobile devices (including the iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry), and in-room audiences. Text from presentations is extracted in real time for autocreation of chapters and searchable text. Open APIs enable integration with content management platforms., booth N2224

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