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TargetX Adds YouTube Tracking, Communication Tools to Student Recruitment Manager

TargetX has unveiled a new version of its Student Recruitment Manager (SRM) with YouTube tracking and new communication tools.

SRM uses the platform and can track prospects' social interactions with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. includes an app exchange that provides approximately 850 add-on applications, including videoconferencing, computer-telephony integration, and social media activity tracking.

The recruitment manager, delivered via a software-as-a-service model, also allows real-time data transfer to and from campus information systems. In addition, it can generate up to 40 standardized reports and import lists from SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, NRCCUA, CAPPEX, TOEFL, the Common Application, Recruitment Plus, and the Student Search Service. The program also includes a feature called social contacts, which allows clients to integrate the personal information and social media activity of potential students.

Features new to this version include:

  • Live agent, which lets admissions staff chat with prospective students online through the college or university's homepage. The conversation can also be saved in the system;
  • The ability to track the social profiles of other schools;
  • A form assembly tool, which allows colleges to generate drag-and-drop online forms;
  • A communication tool, which lets universities decide whether they want to send e-mail notifications to parents, students, or both, and show who is opening the messages;
  • An online application, which provides more payment options for the college;
  • An app tracker, which lets applicants monitor the status of their application;
  • Tracking and reporting of results from off-campus recruitment events such as college fairs;
  • Real-time searching and filtering of reports and dashboards; and
  • A social network for internal communications among university recruitment staff, dubbed Chatter.

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