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U South Florida Adopts New CRM To Improve Communication

The University of South Florida (USF) is updating and improving its recruiting and admissions capabilities at its Tampa campus with new software designed to "broaden and improve communication channels to students," the school said in a news release.

USF will use Campus Management's Talisma Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software to replace a legacy system. The new software features customizable messaging for printing, Web, e-mail, telephone, and two-way texting. USF will use the software to improve e-mail campaigns and recruitment event registration and coordination and to enrich its ability to communicate with students through an increasing number of digital channels such as e-mail, Web portals, and SMS text.

The university will also use the software to help with more rudimentary tasks such as enhancing and cost-efficiently printing letters and making phone calls.

USF, which describes itself as a "fast-rising research institution" is "dedicated to recruiting students from all over the country and, for that matter, all over the world" with a "mission to attract a global, high-caliber student body," said Robert Spatig, assistant vice president of admissions, recruitment, and enrollment planning in a news release.

The new software, Spatig said, gives the university "the ability to gain powerful insight through analytics which, in turn, will allow us to have a positive impact on the academic community, the lives of our students and those with whom we engaged around the world."

Talisma CRM software is part of Campus Management's CampusVue Ecosystem, described by the company as a "fully integrated, centralized administrative and e-learning platform that unifies services, academic delivery, administrative management, and reporting for the range of public, private, and proprietary postsecondary institutions."

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