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Kno Adds Android Support to Education App

Kno today released its digital textbook app for Android devices. The app, available for both K-12 and higher education textbooks, will debut on the Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1. The tablet comes which includes S Pen technology, allowing users to hand write notes in their digital textbooks, according to a statement released today by Kno.

"Our Galaxy Note 10.1, preloaded with Kno’s interactive textbook app, was built with education in mind," said Tod Pike, senior vice president of Samsung's Enterprise Business Division, in a prepared statement, "and helps facilitate our vision of technology as a transformative agent to traditional learning.”

The release includes a new Social Sharing feature, which allows users to share notes and highlights made in the digital textbook. Users can also share any content added to the textbook, including links to Web sites, sketches, images, and video.

"Our mission is to go beyond a flat digital book and let the book become the basis of an interactive and now a shared experience. The ability to share study notes is one of the most significant innovations added to the Kno app since its initial launch," said Babur Habib, co-founder and chief technology officer for Kno, in the prepared statement. "The addition of support for Android devices and Windows 7 OS also extends our reach to nearly 100 percent of students no matter what device they choose for school this fall.

Also included in the release is an Advanced Search function. The new feature enables students to conduct searches within a specific book or "across the books associated with a specific course, term or their entire library." Advanced Search uses the book's index to find the most relevant images, tables, and figures.

Kno comes with a digital journal that saves and highlights users' notes in a study notebook. The application also includes flash cards of key terms, 3D models, and a self-quizzing function. Kno's SmartLinks feature acts as reference tool by attaching instructional videos, images, and photos to formulas and theories presented in the book.

The new app, which supports iOS, Android, and Windows 7, is offered free of charge. Users may download the app at Kno's Web site.

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Kanoe Namahoe is online editor for 1105 Media's Education Group. She can be reached at [email protected].

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