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City University of Hong Kong Increases, Upgrades Video Instruction Tools

City University of Hong Kong is expanding an existing deployment of lecture capture technology following the successful implementation of blended learning and flipped classroom techniques.

In 2010 the university launched the  Discovery Enriched Curriculum (DEC) campaign with the goal of transforming its use of technology in delivering curriculum. The school had previously deployed Echo360 video creation and publishing solutions as part of a pilot program in 2009. Since implementing the DEC initiative, that deployment has progressed to 11 rooms being equipped with Echo360 capture appliances in addition to eight meeting rooms where students can use the Echo360 personal capture feature installed on computers to record presentations.

Now, with more than 96 percent of students surveyed asking for more courses using Echo360, the university is responding by increasing its Echo360 deployment in the next year. According to a release, the school will upgrade all existing capture appliances to the new SafeCapture HD version and implement a LectureTools pilot program intended to boost engagement during class.

"We are moving from outcome-based learning to more student-centric pedagogy and active learning," said Andy Chun, CIO of City University of Hong Kong, in a release. "The use of video with Echo360 makes it easy for our instructors to do this by flipping the classroom and engaging more students."

According to, instructors and students at City U of Hong Kong have produced more than 89 recordings per month, on average, since the university began using Echo360. The Web site also noted several creative ways that City U instructors, staff and students have discovered to leverage Echo360 beyond traditional lecture capture, including:

  • CityU's distance learning program has been webcasting research seminars to students on remote campuses in mainland China. The university also participates in 20-30 international partnership programs with higher education institutions in the United States. Using Echo360 and live streaming, they are conducting virtual "instructor exchanges" and exposing students to research and instruction they may not have otherwise been able to access;
  • To facilitate teamwork and stimulate social learning, many City U instructors are flipping their classes using Echo360 to record presentations that students view prior to scheduled class time. Class time is now the setting for more group activities and dialogue;
  • Students can record presentations for peer review and grading on any computer on the CityU campus. More than 200 students have recorded presentations using Echo360 personal capture software since September 2012;
  • Teaching and learning can go on as planned in the event of widespread pandemic or other events that could shut down campus and disrupt class schedules. The university has experienced such disruption first-hand, having closed during the first SARS outbreak, and have implemented a new plan that includes Echo360 for any future emergencies; and
  • CityU staff is using Echo360 to create an online library of instructional recordings for future use by instructors and staff.

More information about Echo360 is available at

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Kevin Hudson is a freelance journalist based in Portland, Oregon. He can be reached at [email protected].

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