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Eastern Virginia Medical School Centralizes Content Management

Eastern Virginia Medical School has implemented a Web content management system and digital engagement solution to help the school deliver a unified online presence.

Web content ownership and responsibility at EVMS is decentralized across departments, but the school wanted to ensure its brand would be presented consistently across its entire online presence. Decision makers at the school believed that presenting a consistent brand would help it recruit the highest quality medical students, attract new research partners, and improve community engagement. They opted to invest in the TerminalFour digital engagement and Web content management platform for both the public site and the intranet.

According to information on the company's site, TerminalFour allows organizations to assign varying rights and roles to content authors, an approach that suits the school's decentralized model. When content authors add or modify content, those changes are tracked for the purpose of auditing and reporting, and management has the option of approving changes before they go live. Once the changes are approved, the system formats the content according to the school's styles and templates, and then publishes it to the various outlets, including the Internet, intranet, social media, mobile devices, paper or PDF, and even third-party systems.

According to the company, since implementing the new system, the university has improved its communication and collaboration with current and prospective students, as well as global research partners, patients, faculty, residents, and staff, and the school recently increased enrollment in nearly all of its 12 medical and health professions programs, while continuing to secure research grants, donations, and collaboration partners.

Eastern Virginia Medical School is a public-private medical school that offers graduate-level education in medicine and health professions through various medical centers in the Hampton Roads region.

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Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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