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SciQuest Expands Spend Automation Suite

SciQuest, a provider of cloud-based business automation solutions for managing spending, suppliers, contracts, sourcing, inventory and accounts payable, otherwise known as "spend management," has added new features to its SciQuest Spend Management Software Suite.

Total Contract Manager is a new addition to the suite and is designed to help educational institutions "optimize the entire lifecycle of their contracts," including contract authoring, negotiation, approvals and execution, according to information from the company. Contracts are stored in a single contract repository on SciQuest's platform. The tool also offers native integration with a Microsoft Word app for contract authoring, so people who are familiar with Word don't need to learn a new user interface.

SciQuest has also updated Sourcing Director, an on-demand e-sourcing and bid management tool. New features enable educational institutions to assign weights to the quality and price of products and services to help them compare options. A new "reverse auction" feature is currently in the beta-testing phase and will enable institutions "to set up and execute auctions and then evaluate results using existing Sourcing Director features," according to the company.

Other new features of the SciQuest Spend Management Software Suite include:

  • Single sign-on support for the eProcurement mobile app;
  • Quick Quote request wizard designed to simplify the requisition process;
  • Updated reporting and ToolTips functionality; and
  • Addition of Polish as a supplier language in the Advanced Sourcing Optimizer.

Further information about the SciQuest Spend Management Software Suite can be found on the company's site.

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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