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Vernier Releases Video Analysis App Update, Physics E-Book

Vernier Software & Technology has released an update to its Video Analysis app and also launched a new accompanying e-book designed for physics classes.

The app, which is compatible with desktop and mobile operating systems (macOS, iPadOS, iOS, Windows 10, Chrome OS and Android), is designed to allow students to analyze motion through video — a ball bouncing, an object dropping, bowling pins being juggled, etc. With the new version, students can use their own videos or videos that have been prepared for them.

Using the app, students "mark points to track the object in motion. The app generates accurate and visually rich graphs that reflect the recorded motion for students to analyze," according to the company.

Other new features include:

  • Center of mass location (for collision studies);

  • Replay, showing data points as they are added;

  • The ability to trim a portion of a video;

  • Export for saving a video frame or a graph;

  • Automatic object tracking; and

  • A vector overlay to connect motion "to the textbook representation."

According to Vernier: "The accompanying Vernier Video Analysis: Motion and Sports e-book features 12 investigations using Vernier Video Analysis. In addition to traditional physics concepts such as velocity, acceleration, and projectile motion, investigations of sports science expand learning opportunities and further connect the study of motion to students' daily lives."

A 30-day free trial is available now. Site licenses are also available.

For more information, visit Vernier's site.

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