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Digital Science Releases AI-Driven Summarizations of Millions of Research Data Documents

Technology company Digital Science has announced a new AI-powered summarization feature, available on all its Dimensions versions, including its free online web app. The platform supplies summaries across 350 million interlinked publications, grants, clinical trials, and patents.

The company said that "short, concise summaries are available for every record in a given search result list with just one click, quickly providing the user with AI-generated insights to help them discover more."

Dimensions was originally beta tested in August 2023 and has been refined and updated with the help of researchers from academia, industry, publishing, government, and funding agencies.

"Use Dimensions to search across multiple content types, ranging from publications to grants, clinical trials, patents, datasets and policy documents and online mentions," the company said on its website. "By accessing the largest connected database, you can view the information in context enabling you to uncover new insights. For example, review the funders or grants behind a publication, or identify where published research led to a patent or a mention in a policy document."

"We think this new feature is an important new step in harnessing the capabilities of AI in a way that not only provides equitable access to the newest technologies to all researchers, but one which continues to place humans at the center of the research experience," said Daniel Hook, Digital Science CEO. "This release introduces AI as a tool to enhance a user's capability on the Dimensions platform in a fully integrated way — but just one step of many in the future."

Digital Science also recently released Dimensions Research GPT and Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise on the OpenAI ChatGPT platform in February, and is available to ChatGPT clients.

Visit this page to learn more about this new Dimensions summarization feature and sign up for a free account.

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.

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