Programming & Development

J School Contests Build Products for Future Media Audience

The University of Missouri Journalism School, the Reynolds Journalism Institute, and their industry partners including Adobe, Apple, and AT&T are supporting student development work in order to find new ways to reach a changing audience that shuns traditional media. A series of contests will help analyze ideas fostered by the student work and make student products available for real-world applications.

Carnegie Mellon Students Examine Usability Aspects of OutSystems Agile Platform

Carnegie Mellon University has partnered with OutSystems in a project to study the usability of the vendor's agile development platform. Over an eight-month period, five graduate students in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute's Masters program studied the Agile Platform to understand how it is being used by people with varying levels of technical expertise, including developers and project managers.

Ball State Students To Try Out Interactive TV Application Development

Starting next fall Ball State University students will be able to create interactive television applications and test them on actual digital cable environments.

Researchers Say Gazelle Browser Offers Better Security

A team consisting of Microsoft Research personnel and university staff members has demonstrated a potentially more secure Web browser called Gazelle. A paper (PDF) describing the browser prototype was published at Microsoft Research Thursday.

First Look: KDE 4.2 Windows Version

KDE (K Desktop Environment), based on the Qt Framework, is a desktop solution for UNIX environments. Still, many KDE users have wished that popular KDE applications could be ported to Windows. I tested the latest version of KDE, released in late January, to evaluate this proposition.

Adobe Advances Mobile Efforts

Adobe Systems used last week's Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona to advance its effort to provide a common runtime across desktop, Web, and mobile environments.

Safari 4 Intros Nitro JavaScript Engine

Apple has released a public beta of Safari 4, introducing several new end-user features, along with built in developer tools and a new JavaScript engine called Nitro.

Universities Pilot 'Tools as a Service' in Cloud Computing Initiative

Research institutions that are part of the Ontario Centres of Excellence have launched a "Tools as a Service" (TaaS) cloud computing pilot program with IBM in an effort to provide researchers, students, and faculty with access to business software and software development tools.

Sun Releases JavaFX Mobile

The battle for mindshare of rich interactive application (RIA) developers took a step forward last week as Sun Microsystems released a followup to its recently released JavaFX platform with its anticipated mobile edition.

Moonlight 1.0 Ships

Novell has released its widely anticipated Moonlight 1.0, a plugin based on Microsoft's Silverlight 1.0 rich interactive application (RIA) runtime.