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OverDrive Launches Streaming Video Service for Schools

Schools and libraries will soon have a new way to access and stream video, at no charge, directly to computers and mobile devices.

ShareStream 5.7 Expands CMS Support, Adds Course Media Copy Wizard

ShareStream has updated its online video platform and media management system. ShareStream 5.7 includes a new Course Media Copy Wizard and new tools for embedding ShareStream playlists into content management systems.

50+ Percent Off! The Walmart of Education

No, it's not about forcing the little guys out of business! Calvin College Senior Instructional Designer Daniel Christian explains a strategy that, with the use of technology, he hopes would result in a 50 percent or more savings to students on a higher education.

Mediacore, Snagit Partner To Help Flip Classrooms

TechSmith has partnered with Mediacore to allow Snagit users to upload content more easily in an effort to help instructors flip their classrooms more easily.

Intel's 'She Will Connect' Aims To Reduce Digital Gender Gap in Developing World

In a bid to narrow the digital literacy gender gap in the developing world, Intel will launch a new initiative dubbed She Will Connect.

Hacking the Classroom: Purdue U's Approach to Augmented Learning

Informatics Director Kyle Bowen explains how Purdue U is once again "hacking the classroom" by tying together the disparate apps and devices students bring with them, all in an effort to improve the ways in which technology can enhance teaching and learning.

The Community College as a Portal to Everything Else

Community colleges have always served their communities beyond traditional academic programs and course offerings. Here, a CIO talks about his opportunities to influence the future of broadband access in his region.

It Takes A Community

There's good reason to step back--even when things are ticking along smoothly--and examine where we really stand in the world of broadband technologies. As comfortable as we might be when things seem to be working, there are visionary leaders who are reminding us that we could do better.

Polish University Digitizes 800,000 Pages of Historical Documents for Internet Access

Wroclaw University Library in Poland has digitized nearly 800,000 pages of European manuscripts, books, prints, maps, and music, some of which date back to the Middle Ages.

Overcoming the Barriers to eText Adoption--Higher Education's Initiatives to Tame the Digital Content Tiger

The conversion from printed instructional content to digital content is inevitable. Just as the music industry progressed from vinyl to tape to CD and now to digital formats, so progresses the instructional content industry. With any change comes some level of resistance, doubt, and barriers to progress. The conversion from printed to digital content is no exception. Here, we'll propose initiatives to overcome these barriers.

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