Digital Media

Journalism Students Get Hands-on Experience

Journalism students at California Polytechnic State University are getting a real-world education, thanks to new handheld camcorders recently purchased by the university.

Setting Storage Standards for Digital Media

Stanford University's Julie Sweetkind-Singer discusses the importance and impact of long-term geospatial data storage.

U Idaho Football Goes High-Def

The University of Idaho has amped up its video production services with a new set of studio and field production cameras for shooting high-definition video of football games, commencement webcasts, and musical performances.

Big Data on the College Campus

Colleges nationwide attempt to harness larger and larger data sets while leveraging the valuable information that they hold.

Leveraging Digital Media for CRM Gains

At Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, the CRM system utilizes digital media to tailor communications to individual preferences.

Tennessee Students Learn the Ropes of Television Production

Broadcast students at Middle Tennessee State University are getting real-world television production training, thanks to the institution's new 40-foot, $1.7 million mobile HD production vehicle.

Bisk Beefs Up Production Studio with New HD Cameras

Bisk's new shoulder-mount cameras capture HD and SD footage in ready-to-edit file formats on SDHC memory cards.

12 Important Trends in the ePortfolio Industry for Education and for Learning

AAEEBL's President and CEO Trent Batson examines trends in the ePortfolio marketplace. Through a series of recent interviews with 14 companies that provide the technology, Batson identified key areas to watch as this fledgling market blends with other important technologies and begins to find some real maturity.

From Digital Literacy to Media Fluency

At Ball State University, students must not only consume new media, they must be able to create it.

Rewriting the Journal

With faculty balking at the high price of traditional academic journals, can other digital publishing options get traction?

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