Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

Tegrity Intros Emergency Contingency Learning System for Higher Ed

Ed tech developer Tegrity has debuted a new system to allow colleges and universities to continue instruction online in the event of a campus closure.

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Backing It Up

Two years ago the University of San Francisco was grappling with an issue facing many growing institutions: how to safely and securely store the school's electronic information. After struggling to establish an in-house backup system, the California university made the jump to an on-demand solution.

Campuses Emphasize Safety Planning

A majority of colleges and universities have implemented emergency preparedness plans for their campuses, according to a new survey by the Campus Safety and Security Project.

Earlham College Expands Storage for File Access, Backup

Earlham College in Richmond, IN has tripled its storage capacity by expanding its use of Nexenta Systems' unified storage. NexentaStor runs on ZFS, a Sun Microsystems open source high-capacity file system and logical volume manager that's also included in Sun's Solaris operating system.

Colleges Tap Wimba for Business Continuity During Campus Emergencies

Several colleges and universities have found they can leverage collaboration software from Wimba to prepare for and respond to crises that would otherwise disrupt communication or instruction.

Protecting Data at the University of St. Thomas

Data backup had increasingly become a major challenge at the University of St. Thomas. With a growing body of data in its Banner enterprise resource planning system, its Blackboard installation, departmental needs, and personal storage directories set at 500 MB for every one of the 11,000 students and 2,000 faculty and staff members, data stores were gobbling up terabytes of space.



Despite the lackluster economy, campuses must redouble their focus on finding the right disaster recovery strategy-- before the next crisis hits.

Vembu Tech Launches Data Backup Software for Schools

Vembu Technologies has released backup software specifically meant for the education market. StoreGrid Education Edition is designed as a workstation and server backup solution for on-campus backups, with optional offsite replication capabilities.

Disaster Recovery from the Inside

No matter how solid your disaster recovery plan, the consequences of true disaster languish for years. For the individuals and institutions involved, a catastrophe changes assumptions, priorities, behaviors, and expectations.

U Florida Foundation Takes Appliance Approach to E-Mail Security

The University of Florida Foundation, the University of Florida's fundraising organization, has deployed the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway, an e-mail security appliance, to help keep donor information confidential.

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