Spotlight on Green Schools

Schools are focusing more and more heavily on cutting back on the energy they use and trying to reduce their impact on the environment. The articles on these pages spotlight individual campus energy conservation programs, energy initiatives, solar installations, energy-related technology, HVAC, research, grants, policy, and other topics related to green campuses.

Energy Dept. Commits $777 Million to Energy Frontier Research Centers

The United States Department of Energy recently announced that it will establish 46 Energy Frontier Research Centers through its Office of Science to "accelerate the scientific breakthroughs needed to build a new 21st-century energy economy." The department is committing $777 million over the next five years to the effort.

Grow Your Green Campus Organically!

Grow Your Green Campus Organically!

Don't know where to begin your green campus initiative? You may already have "fertile" ground for a solid sustainability launch.

UMF Green Pledges Could Save 3,000 Tons of Carbon Annually

The University of Maine Farmington beat out 18 other colleges nationwide in a Climate Savers competition to recruit faculty, students, and staff to pledge to commit to sustainable computing practices. The university won with more than 24 percent of the campus community pledging to power down their computers and buy an Energy Star-qualified computer for their next PC purchase.

CDW-G Launches Tools To Assess Virtualization Needs

Is your data center ripe for virtualization? New assessment services from CDW Government (CDW-G) have been launched to help answer just that question.

U Maryland To Reduce Energy Usage at Horn Point Lab

The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) Horn Point Laboratory has selected Constellation Energy's Projects & Services Group to implement energy and cost saving projects.

UC San Diego Institute Teams with Darkstrand To Connect Industry to Research

The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) at the University of California, San Diego will partner with Darkstrand, a company that operates a high-speed optical network nationwide.

UC Davis Gets $3 million for Renewable Energy Programs

The California Energy Commission will be giving the University of California, Davis $3 million to coordinate the efforts of four statewide renewable energy programs.

Using Technology To Do More with Less

With IT budgets shrinking and challenging economic conditions persisting, an increasing number of higher education institutions are being forced to do more with less. The University of Michigan-Flint, one of the university's two regional campuses, is no exception.

Get the Fax Straight

The Medical University of South Carolina Medical Center receives about 50,000 faxes every month. To save paper and the environment, improve efficiency, and avoid the pitfalls of paper-based filing systems, they moved to an outsourced electronic fax service. They've achieved their goals, and the staff and users are 'hooked' on the new service.

Victoria U To Build Green Data Center

Victoria University is building a new, green data center with the help of IBM. The Australian university said it expects the data center to address its increasing data management needs for the next decade and save $300,000 in energy costs in the process.

3 Southern California Campuses Tap Solar Power

Three Southern California campuses have installed solar systems from Solar Power Partners and are generating power. The solar systems include an 878.22 kilowatt (kW) system at the University of California, San Diego; a 357.32 kW system at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego; and a 238.68 kW system at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena.

Green A/V

Offering power savings, low emissions, and recycled materials, today's 'smart' classroom technology has an environmentally friendly edge.

Green Power

Green Power

Can colleges and universities afford to go green? Yes, they can! Here's how to plan intelligently, get everyone on board, and get that campus sustainability initiative off the ground.

Richland CC Launches BioFuels Program

Richland Community College in Decatur, IL has launched a new biofuels track as part of its engineering technology program. The new offering is intended to help retrain and supplement victims of recent area industrial market layoffs.

Sun Releases Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 3

Sun has released Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Software 3, a major update to the company's virtualization management suite. The new version includes expanded VMware support, Open Storage integration, and Active Directory support, among other enhancements.