Lecture Capture

Students Tell It Like It Is

Despite the proliferation of technologies on today's college campuses, students say there is still a disconnect between how they envision technology use in the classroom and the current reality. An all-student panel talked about ways to close the gap in a session at last month's Campus Technology 2012 conference.

Best Practices in Lecture Capture

UC San Francisco's lecture capture system is playing a pivotal role in taking healthcare education in new directions.

EchoSystem 5.1 Adds Live Webcasting

Echo360 has released an update to its flagship lecture capture platform, EchoSystem. The new release, EchoSystem version 5.1, adds support for live webcasting and incorporates new student study tools.

Dell To Bundle Echo360 Lecture Capture with Servers

A lecture capture company that caters to higher education will be sold under a Dell label in a new deal between Echo360 and Dell.

Technology Driving Widespread Shift in Teaching Models

Over the last two years, nearly half of faculty have moved away from a traditional lecture model and adopted a range of technology-driven teaching practices, according to new research released in the last week.

Sonic Foundry Adds New Features to Webcasting Platform

New functionalities in Sonic Foundry's Mediasite platform are designed to enable users to better create, manage, and distribute their content.

Crestron Reveals Building Management Technology

Building management solution includes digital signage, room scheduling, audio-visual, HVAC, voice and data, energy, and security technologies.

Making Lecture Capture Work Lessons from the Pros

Lecture capture technology goes beyond just recording classroom lectures. It’s a cool tool that can help improve both teaching and learning. Here’s how.

EchoSystem 5 Adds Classroom Capture Software, Heat Maps

Echo360 has released EchoSystem 5, an update to the lecture capture and blended-learning platform that adds live webcasting features and new software-based classroom capture.

Center for Digital Education Report Offers Tips for Funding Ed Tech

The Center for Digital Education has released a new research paper, "Funding Lecture Capture in Higher Education."

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