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U Arizona Adopts Video Management for Lecture Capture

The University of Arizona (UA) has gone public with its adoption of a video management platform to produce and manage approximately two terabytes of video each week.

Combined, the 42,000 students at the university spent more than 250,000 hours watching videos of lectures, flipped classroom videos or other academic material. The lecture capture tools for producing and managing that content were originally adopted at the department level, leaving the IT organization to maintain multiple systems across campus and producing uneven learning experiences.

With more than 500 lecture halls and classrooms, UA selected Panopto, citing its software-based architecture and scalability, following an assessment of various options.

"Faculty at the University of Arizona have begun using Panopto for more than recorded lectures, capturing discussion sessions, lab demonstrations, on-site tours, flipped classroom presentations and other educational content," according to a news release. "With a standard set of lecture recording tools, students have benefitted from a consistent learning experience in all of their classes, and IT management overhead has been dramatically reduced."

"With Panopto, we could use the computing and recording hardware we already had on campus to capture any kind of lecture, from formal classroom sessions to informal flipped classroom lessons or on-site demonstrations," said Mark Felix, director of instructional support at the University of Arizona Office of Instruction and Assessment, in a prepared statement. "What really impressed us, however, was the level of service we've experienced from the Panopto support team. They have exceeded our expectations at every level."

About the Author

Joshua Bolkan is contributing editor for Campus Technology, THE Journal and STEAM Universe. He can be reached at [email protected].

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