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Education Technology News

The latest education technology news and trends for college and university ed tech professionals. Looking for more in-depth coverage of important topics? Visit our feature article pages!

University of Notre Dame Deploys Digital Accessibility Platform

The University of Notre Dame has selected the YuJa Panorama digital accessibility platform to help ensure that course materials are accessible to all students of all backgrounds.

USC Viterbi School of Engineering Issues First On Chain Digital Credential

In a first for the University of Southern California (USC) Viterbi School of Engineering, graduating 2023 Grand Challenge Scholars have received an on-chain, verifiable digital credential.

Institutions Must Plan for AI to Go Mainstream, Says 2023 Educause Horizon Report

Higher education technology association Educause recently released the 2023 Teaching and Learning Edition of its annual Horizon Report, forecasting the trends, technologies, and practices that will shape the future of postsecondary education. AI is a significant theme throughout the report, both appearing in the top technological trends for 2023 as well as factoring into the key technologies and practices impacting colleges and universities going forward.

The Dark Side of ChatGPT: 6 Generative AI Risks to Watch

Gartner has identified six critical areas where the use of large language models such as ChatGPT can present legal or compliance risks that enterprise organizations must be aware of — or face potentially dire consequences. Organizations should consider what guardrails to put in place in order to ensure responsible use of these tools, the research firm advised.

Kern Community College District Rolls Out Digital Access to Academic and Employment Data

The Kern Community College District (KCCD), which comprises Bakersfield, Cerro Corso, and Porterville colleges, has partnered with anti-fraud and data security company Certree to give students, alumni, faculty, and staff their own private, secure vault accounts with lifetime access to their academic and employment data.

Smartphone Market Continues to Decline

According to a new forecast from market research firm IDC, the already sluggish forecast for smartphones looks to be headed toward a slightly steeper decline this year.

D2L Brightspace Community Updates Streamline Access to Resources, Networking

Learning technology company D2L recently announced a redesign of its Brightspace Community, a repository of resources, networking, and collaboration tools for Brightspace clients, partners, users, and developers.

Global Accessibility Challenge Results in More than 89,000 Fixes to Digital Course Content

More than 85 colleges and universities recently participated in the fourth annual Fix Your Content Day challenge, a 24-hour competition aimed at improving the accessibility of digital course content.

Turnitin: Of 38M Submissions Since April 4, 3.5% Had At Least 80% AI-Written Text

In the first six weeks of educators using Turnitin’s new AI writing detection feature, the platform processed 38.5 million submissions, and the results — as well as plenty of feedback from educators and administrators — led Turnitin to tweak the detector and to further explain the meaning and accuracy rates of the detection scores.

Digital Learning Challenge Winner Utilizes AI to Accelerate Learning Research

XPRIZE has announced the winners of its Digital Learning Challenge, a $1 million competition seeking ways to "modernize, accelerate, and improve the technology and processes for evaluating and measuring effective learning and education."