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Education Technology News

The latest education technology news and trends for college and university ed tech professionals. Looking for more in-depth coverage of important topics? Visit our feature article pages!

Research: Community College Guided Pathway Programs Cost More, but Get Results

How much does it cost to implement guided pathways in community colleges? That was the topic of a study by the Community College Research Center, which examined the pathway work done at six institutions.

8 Texas CCs Get Funding to Broaden Pathways Programs

Eight community colleges in east Texas are receiving funding to scale their pathways programs. The recognition came from the Texas Success Center, which operates out of the Texas Association of Community Colleges, to support the 50 community college districts in the state.

Survey: Interactive, In-Class Engagement Makes a Difference to Students

Even though first-year college students are more likely than students in later years to say they intended to return to school in the spring (73 percent versus 68 percent), they're less confident they'll see the value of the investment in higher education (45 percent compared to 51 percent), according to a recent survey done by education technology company Top Hat.

Voice Tech Poised to Become 'Vital Tool'

As touch becomes a dirty word, voice technology is positioned to provide a safer alternative. In a survey by Adobe of a 1,000 voice technology users in the United States, nearly a third said sanitation (such as not needing to touch high-traffic surfaces) was a big benefit of voice technology.

Drop in Undergrad Enrollment Increases to 4.4%

At 4.4 percent, the decline in undergraduate college enrollment is a bit steeper than reported last month, according to the latest data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. But, according to one researcher, it still isn't as high as early predictions would have set it based on data coming early in the pandemic.

5 Higher Ed Research Datasets Added to Ithaka S+R Collection

Consultancy Ithaka S+R has made five datasets newly available for download from its higher education research. The work is stored by the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research.

Unizin Partners with Blackboard to Offer Ally Across Member Institutions

Unizin's 14 member institutions can now tap into Blackboard's Ally accessibility solution. The higher education consortium recently announced a partnership with Blackboard to help "create a more inclusive and data-informed learning environment" for its members, according to a news announcement.

Updated Guide Tackles Equity and Racial Justice in Use of Adaptive Courseware

A group of organizations focused on student success in college have released a new version of a guide to help instructors and course designers implement adaptive curriculum to better support minority students. Intended for use in gateway courses, the "Adaptive Courseware Implementation Guide" was developed by Every Learner Everywhere.

New College Esports League Launches; Contest Opens with Madden NFL

Learfield IMG College and game producer Electronic Arts have announced a new college esports league. "Level Next," as the new league is called, will serve as the home of EA's college esports contests.

Ed Sector Has Seen Greatest Increase in Remote Access

A recent analysis by Duo Security, a Cisco division that produces multi-factor authentication technology, has found that education saw the largest increase in average daily authentications from remote technology, up 78 percent over the period between March 2020 and June 2020 compared to the period between June 2019 and February 2020.