Digital Signage: GP College Deploys Web-Based Communications System

Georgia Perimeter College in Atlanta has deployed a Web-based visual communications platform from Visix, AxisTV, to enhance messaging to students on four of its sites. The technology is being used to narrowcast messages to large-screen LCD displays in its Newton County, Clarkston, Decatur, and Dunwoody locations.

Barix Ships 3-Tier Campus Security Systems

Swiss IP audio technology developer Barix is launching new emergency communications and public safety tools using a "three-tier" approach, comprising various IP-based communications devices. The communications packages are designed specifically for use in multi-building campuses.

Web 2.0 Tops 'Emerging Cyber Threats'

The ever-nebulous "Web 2.0" is emerging as one of the five top security risks to watch for both consumers and the enterprise--this according to the inaugural edition of the "GTISC Emerging Cyber Threats Report for 2008" out of Georgia Tech's Information Security Center. The report, released at the GTISC Security Summit on Emerging Cyber Security Threats and Countermeasures, identifies the key data security threats that are likely to expand and evolve in the coming year.

Indiana U Begins Alert System Rollout

Indiana University is launching a new multi-campus communication system based around Connect-ED from the NTI Group. The system, part of the wider IU-Notify system, will be used to provide emergency communications to students, faculty, and staff.

Seattle U Broadens Emergency Communications

Seattle University in Washington is expanding its emergency notifications with the addition of the e2Campus communication system. According to a Seattle U representative, the university was also busy this summer bolstering its emergency preparedness in other areas.

U Virginia Taps Visix for Unified Communications

The University of Virginia will deploy a suite of communications tools campus-wide in order to deliver news, emergency alerts, and other information to students, faculty, and staff. The university will use the Visix AxisTV Enterprise platform at the core of its campus communications network.

Novell To Launch Team Collaboration for Open Workgroup Suite

Novell next month will begin shipping two new workspace and collaboration tools for its Open Workgroup Suite: Novell Teaming and Novell Teaming + Conferencing. The tools are designed to boost team productivity and streamline processes involved in creating, managing, and sharing information.

Moto Expands PTP Wireless Bridge Lineup

Motorola has expanded its MOTOwi4 lineup with a new fixed point to point wireless Ethernet bridge: the PTP 25600, a modified version of the PTP 600. The new 2.5 GHz, 300 Mbps solution is targeted toward Educational Broadband Service license holders and is designed to provide secure broadband access for online courses and other instructional programs. It's available now in the United States.

Northwestern University Turns to Service Assurance: A Case Study

Northwestern University is using a service assurance application to verify and measure the quality and performance of its next-generation IP network and services.

Text Messaging Signups Surge at CU Boulder

A new text messaging service set up by the University of Colorado at Boulder saw an enormous spike in enrollment following a stabbing on campus, Monday, Aug. 27. About 30 minutes after the incident, staff used the system to alert students. This service was launched as recently as Aug. 23 of this year.

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