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Not Just Big Data--Fast Data

The recent ability of universities to process large amounts of data at superfast speed opens the door to automated, mobile, and deeply personalized education.

Breaking Mobile Down

Institutions need to take a dual approach to their mobile strategy.

Taking Back Innovation

Universities must foster both discovery and commercialization.

Don't Dictate, Facilitate

In response to rapid technology shifts, IT's role on campus is changing. How CIOs adapt to the new reality will determine whether their organizations remain viable and valuable, or see their relevance slowly diminish.

An Issue of Credibility

In the new world of campus technology, credibility has never been more important.

Using Twitter To Support Learning

Ruth Reynard, associate professor of education and director of the Center for Instructional Technology at Trevecca Nazarene University, explains how instructors can move beyond using Twitter to keep students up to date on announcements and assignments and begin using the service to to facilitate learning.

Search Rescue

As a way to instill better research skills, a university librarian discusses innovative ways to move students--and faculty--beyond their reliance on Google.

NMC's New List of Metatrends--It's Not Just About The Technology

For a decade the New Media Consortium's Horizon Project has, through its research, obtained consensus from experts about the technologies that most impact teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. NMC Horizon Project research, shared in its annual NMC Horizon Report > Higher Education Edition and other NMC Horizon Project publications, also identifies metatrends and global challenges for education--providing some important perspectives and context for campus technology planners. CT talked with NMC CEO Larry Johnson about the latest list of metatrends from the NMC Horizon Project.

Redefining Shareholder Value

Apple's announcement about improving working conditions in its factories could introduce a new era of fair trade electronics.


Open education has the power to reinvigorate higher ed campuses.