Black Box iCompel HD


The iCompel HD digital signage appliance from Black Box can be linked to the campus network via Ethernet, allowing users to manage and control content from any PC- or Mac-based web browser. Administrators can assign user permissions on a per-layout basis—great for institutions where signage is being created and managed by multiple departments. iCompel HD comes loaded with free layout templates for drag-and-drop digital signage creation, or users can create their own layouts with the software’s design tools. An upgraded video card supports two zones of video content in signage layouts, 15 zones of HTML content, and unlimited text, stills, and audio zones. In addition, users can drag and drop files into a playlist folder for automated content distribution. iCompel HD has the option of either an 160 GB hard drive or a 32 GB solid state drive for local storage of digital signage media. Its VGA and DVI video ports support HD video at an output resolution of up to 2,048 x 1,536. Price: $2,495.95 for the 160 GB hard drive; $2,795.95 for the 32 GB solid state drive.