ViewSonic Ebeam Edge eBeam Edge Interactive Projector/Whiteboard Solution by Luidia

ViewSonic Ebeam Edge eBeam Edge Interactive Projector/Whiteboard Solution by Luidia


If you walked into a classroom where ViewSonic's PJ-PEN-002 eBeam Edge For Education was being used you're realize almost instantly what was going on. What you might not realize is how it was going on.

You know what a whiteboard is. There must be one in just about every classroom in America. Although they're far less common than ordinary whiteboards, you might know what an interactive whiteboard is too.

With an interactive whiteboard, a computer and a projector you can display PowerPoint slide shows, computer-based lessons and other programs on the board and navigate through them, manipulate them and annotate them. With many you can save your work along with your notes in a variety of file formats.

eBeam for Education turns any ordinary whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard. Here's how it works:

After you've installed the software into your Mac or PC you connect your computer to your USB-equipped projector. (Cable available separately) Then you place the eBeam receiver on the edge of your whiteboard. It's less than eight inches long (200 mm) 1.6 inches (41 mm) wide and less than a half inch thick (10.5 mm). If you have a metal-edged board you can attach it magnetically. Otherwise you can use the included mounting brackets. Run the included 16 foot (4.87 meters) long USB cable from the receiver to your computer and you're ready to go.

Once you're set up you can project PowerPoint and Keynote slideshows, lesson plans, and other computer-based learning materials. Pick up the stylus and navigate, annotate and manipulate what's on the board just as you would with an actual interactive whiteboard.

The eBeam system includes a complete package of software that makes your eBeam even more valuable. Included in the software is eBeam Scrapbook, a multi-media organizer for gathering, preparing, presenting, and sharing your content.

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