Information Security No. 1 IT Issue for 2018 -- Campus Technology


Research ... For the third year running, information security is topping the list of IT issues in ... She explained that the list is generated through discussion sessions with two dozen ... There is no mention of the cloud or MOOCs.

Startup Launches Blockchain-Safe Digital Credentialing Service -- Campus Technology


Archive ... Among the organizations using the blockchain service are the MOOC provider Saylor Academy and the American College of Healthcare Sciences, which does online degree training on holistic health. ... Select primary job title/function

Udacity Intros Flying Car Nanodegree -- Campus Technology


MOOC pioneer Udacity will be introducing a nanodegree on flying cars in early 2018. ... Lessons will train participants in smart transportation, including the software ... Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Udacity & Unity Collaborate on New ARKit Course -- Campus Technology


Archive ... Barely a week after Apple unveiled its new augmented reality (AR) development ... Udacity teamed with Unity Technologies to develop Learn ARKit. ... Why is Udacity providing a special course that teaches how to use a proprietary ...

Survey of Tech in Education Finds Mixed Results -- Campus Technology


Survey of Tech in Education Finds Mixed Results ... To figure out what the literature says overall about causal effects or lack thereof ... Online learning, including traditional online courses and less conventional programs, such as MOOCs.

RIT Intros edX Professional Certificate Program for Soft Skills -- Campus Technology


RIT Intros edX Professional Certificate Program for Soft Skills ... A new online program from Rochester Institute of Technology launching on edX will ... Each module features videos from the instructors, readings and discussion boards, and ...

Georgia Tech Launches Facility for Remote Users to Control Robot Swarms -- Campus Technology


... research facility," according to its website — a sentiment echoed by Egerstedt in the Futurity report on the facility: "I want to do for robotics what MOOCs have done for education—now anyone who knows how to code can work with robots."

Examity to Provide Online Proctoring for Open edX Platform -- Campus Technology


As the learning experience platform that powers Harvard- and MIT-founded MOOC provider edX, Open edX serves courses offered by thousands of partners on Open edX sites, reaching more than 12 million students worldwide, according to a news ...

Report: Colleges And Universities Should Offer More Alternative Credentials -- Campus Technology


... all things.' We also know that younger generations prefer just-in-time learning, as we can see higher usage and adoption rates of DIY videos on YouTube, Kahn Academy and even some data from demographic results released from MOOC providers."

Udacity Opens Up Access to VR Content Developer Program -- Campus Technology


Archive ... Udacity Opens Up Access to VR Content Developer Program ... Individuals looking to create virtual reality (VR) content can now try building a few ... The online learning company, which offers free online courses as well as paid “ ...