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Self-Directed Learning: Exploring the Digital Opportunity -- Campus Technology


... associate professor of English W. Gardner Campbell considers why we should explore our ... Gardner Campbell: First, I do think that there needs to be an emphatic role for self- ... [Editor's note: Photos by and courtesy of Gardner Campbell.


Informing the Mission for Institutions of Higher Learning -- Campus Technology


W. Gardner Campbell, futurist, highly regarded education thought leader, and Virginia ... Gardner Campbell: We are at a point in time when, as we look at the whole learning ecosystem — especially in higher learning — we are starting to have ...


What to See at Campus Technology 2017 -- Campus Technology


In a hands-on workshop, Virginia Commonwealth University's Gardner Campbell will offer tactics for faculty development and supporting sustainable and ... Plus, Gardner Campbell will join in to consider the takeaways for higher education.


Can Curriculum Be A High-Impact Experience? -- Campus Technology


... and Dean of VCU's University College Gardner Campbell points out, the curriculum has been ... Gardner Campbell: Most of the talk around curriculum these days centers on lessening ambiguity, ... Campbell: In many respects, nothing at all.


Redefining Student Success in a Digital Ecosystem -- Campus Technology


... "institutional outputs" are the lowest-common-denominator definition, according to Gardner Campbell, vice provost for learning innovation and student success, ... But Campbell pointed to the web as an exhilarating, thrilling and successful ...


Reinventing Teaching and Learning Centers for the 21st Century -- Campus Technology


... Learning Centers for the 21st Century A Q&A with W. Gardner Campbell By Mary Grush ... Gardner Campbell: The question that I've been interested in addressing in my work over the past few years, is what does a center that supports excellence ...


Why Blogging Is Key to the Future of Higher Ed -- Campus Technology


When Gardner Campbell became the vice provost for learning innovation and student success at Virginia Commonwealth University and founded its Academic ... where we wanted to go," said Gardner Campbell, vice provost for learning innovation and ...


How a Bike Race Led to Experiential, Personalized Learning -- Campus Technology


Project lead: Gardner Campbell, special assistant to the provost and associate professor of English ... VCU Associate Professor of English and Special Assistant to the Provost Gardner Campbell, project lead, explained why the bike race was a ...


Campus Technology: Strategic Directions in Higher Ed: Self-Directed Learning: Exploring the Digital Opportunity


Following up on a Q&A article published two weeks ago, about how institutions can be informed by their "digital opportunities", Gardner Campbell considers why we should now explore our digital opportunities for self-directed learning.


Technology at The Starting Line: VCU's Great Bike Race Book -- Campus Technology


... and Special Assistant to the Provost W. Gardner Campbell about the thinking behind the project. ... Gardner Campbell: There is a powerful symbiosis between expensive, school-centered A/V and Web-facing technologies, and the astonishing ...