DVD Video: A Primer For Educators

By Sandra Benedetto

Integrating Streaming Media to Web-Based Learning: A Modular Approach

By Plamen Miltenoff

Stratification: Future Strategies for Video Archiving

By Lorin David Kalisky

Designing for Learning: What is Meaningful Learning?

By Judith V. Boettcher

The Megaconference

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SMIL: You're Really Learning Now

By Colin S. Campbell, Jeannie F. Lum, Navdeep Singh

Digital Video and Internet2: Growing Up Together

By Apryl Lundsten, Robert Doiel

NGI Players and Partnerships

By Forrest Canon


The Evolving Learning Environment

By Sally M. Johnstone

Setting the Agenda

By Phillip D. Long

The Support Service Crisis and Pedagogical Progress

By Steven W. Gilbert

The Jury Is In! Computer-Enhanced Instruction Works

By David G. Brown