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Research Seeks To Produce Communication and Networking out of Thin Air (08/07/14)

UC Santa Barbara Cryptologists Vow To Build Stronger Encryption (08/06/14)

IT and Academics Don't Work Together Much (08/05/14)

edX CEO: 'It Is Pathetic That the Education System Has Not Changed in Hundreds of Years' (07/31/14)

The Promise of 'Small Data' on Campus (07/30/14)

College Costs: State, Local Subsidies Cover Less, Students Pick Up Slack (07/29/14)

Report: Global MOOC Market To Grow 57% per Year Through 2018 (07/24/14)

Report: Classroom Design Improves Student Engagement (07/23/14)

Moribund Academic Research Investment Could Have an 'Incalculable Long-Term Consequence' for the United States (07/22/14)

College Presidents: Hybrid Classes Will Have Bigger Impact than MOOCs (07/17/14)

Report: IT Strategies for Non-Traditional Tech Projects (07/16/14)

Carnegie Mellon Builds New Computing Cluster for Education and Research (07/15/14)

Report: Open Access to Journal Articles Gaining Acceptance from Researchers (07/10/14)

In Depth: 2014 Campus Technology Innovators Awards (07/09/14)

Multi-Tasking in Class Reduces Test Scores (07/08/14)

Report: Universities Struggle To Provide Adequate Bandwidth (07/03/14)

4 Lawsuits Target Campus Anti-Speech Rules, More To Follow (07/02/14)

Tech Report: Students Gear Up for Fall (07/01/14)

NCWIT Initiative Enlists Women To Engage 10,000 Middle School Girls in Computing Programs (06/26/14)

'Global Race Toward Exascale Computing' To Drive Substantial HPC Growth Through 2018 (06/25/14)

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