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Cover Image: Campus Technology January 2012

Campus Technology Digital Edition - January 2012


CT Innovators Awards >> CT Innovators Reunion: Where Are They Now?

Ever wonder what becomes of our award winners after their moment in the CT spotlight? We followed up with three Innovators from past years to find out how their projects have fared. by Dian Schaffhauser

IT Trends >> What's Hot, What's Not: 2012

As the new year kicks off, four higher education ana- lysts look deep into their crystal balls to predict the IT winners and losers for 2012. by David Raths

Cover Story:

Facilities >> Back to the Future

Determined to embrace the new media demands of an increasingly high-tech profession, the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism converted a landmark of New York’s glorious newspaper past into a 21st century facility. by Jennifer Demski

In This Issue
  • Login / New Year’s Resolution? Yoga
  • CT Online
  • In Box
  • Campus & Industry
  • Index
  • 2 C-Level View / Curiosity as a Learning Outcome
  • Sustainability / Green Flash. by Jennifer Grayson
  • 21st Century Learning / Strategies for Blog-Powered Instruction. by Vanessa Hua
  • Reinventing IT / Mission Support. by Stephen Laster

JANUARY 2012 | Volume 25, No. 5 | 44 Pages