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CT Magazine Cover -- August 2013, "The Rise of MOOCs"

Campus Technology Magazine — August 2013

The Rise of MOOCs

What Do Massive Open Online Courses Mean for the Future of Higher Education?

The MOOC Business Plan
With MOOCs still mostly free, course providers are searching for a viable business model.
Blended MOOCs: The Best of Both Worlds?
Combining in-class instruction with MOOC content may resolve some common MOOC hurdles.
Assessment Tools for MOOCs
As MOOCs are made available for credit, scalable assessment options are essential.
How to Convert a Class Into a MOOC
The sheer size and diversity of the student body in a MOOC require a new approach to teaching.
Building a Sense of Community in MOOCs
Massive class sizes can breed feelings of isolation, but they can also enable more student interaction.
cMOOCs: Putting Collaboration First
Alternative MOOC models are fostering creativity and collaboration with peers.
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August 2013 | vol. 26 no. 12

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