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Higher Education Technology Directory

A guide to companies and organizations that offer technology information and products of interest to educators, administrative staff, and librarians in higher education.

Educational Organizations and Services

Audience Response Systems Inc. (ARS) is an interactive techniques and technology company dedicated to providing quality service to meet its clients' specific purpose and objectives for each of their unique projects. With response system technology, participants go from observers to contributors letting presenters measure audience comprehension in real time. Interactivity is a proven way to encourage learning, promote discussion, and increase participation. Applications include testing, focus groups, employee or customer surveys, individual and group polling, and videoconferencing. Systems are available for rental or purchase. For more information, call (800) INVOLVE.

COLLEGIS is the leading provider of technology solutions to colleges, universities, and community colleges nationwide. The company, headquartered in Orlando, Fla., provides onsite information management expertise to handle all facets of an institution's administrative and academic computing, as well as its communications technology functions. Specific services include data center management, developing and implementing strategic and tactical plans, designing and implementing network solutions, expanding the use of technology for instructional purposes, and developing technology migration strategies to help clients achieve the maximum return on their technology investment through multi-year partnerships. Contact Greg Caine [email protected] or call (407) 660-1199. is a specialized search engine directory for professional development, education and distance learning, offering access to information and resources in the areas of business, higher education,medicine, and technology. The unique database management system developed by allows each submitting organization to determine its listing location and searchable keywords. Listing on is free. Our site has been developed to serve as a portal for the professional resource needs of the new global community. To better respond to those needs, we have recently added the Eduport.Community with forums, reports, and newsletter. We are growing to become the premier online professional resource portal.

Infonautics Inc. provides online reference services and information technology products. Electric Library is a complete online research library with search engine, built-in dictionary, spell checker, and thesaurus. Available through the Internet and consumer online services, Electric Library is marketed to schools, libraries, and other academic institutions.

Institute of Academic Technology (IAT) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is dedicated to the proposition that information technology can be a valuable tool for increasing the quality of student learning, increasing access to education, and containing the costs of instruction. With support from IBM, the IAT facilitates the widespread use of effective and affordable technologies in higher education through its many workshops, publications, satellite broadcasts and videos, original software, and a variety of information resources designed to meet the needs of educators in the information age.

Microcomputers in Education Conference The Microcomputer in Education Conference is at the forefront of merging new technologies with education. MEC 2001-" Turning a New Page in Educational Technologies" - will be held March 12-14, 2001 at Arizona State University. Individuals from all areas of the educational field including K-12 and high education are welcome. Those who attend will find 300 hands-on demos and presentations on cutting-edge technologies, be exposed to the latest industry trends, and will be able to interact with peers from across the country. For more information on the conference please visit the website

The Home Education Network (THEN) is one of the leading global suppliers of online continuing higher education. THEN has acquired the worldwide exclusive electronic and online rights to more than 4,200 courses offered through UCLA Extension, the nation's largest single-campus continuing higher education program. THEN plans to provide flexible delivery of high quality, engaging educational content from well-known learning institutions. THEN's primary target markets are busy professionals who have continuing education requirements in the teaching, general business, and legal professions. Since September of 1996, students from 44 states and eight foreign countries have enrolled in more than 80 online courses.

Curriculum Software

A.D.A.M. Software Inc. creates, publishes, and markets multimedia software based on human anatomy. A.D.A.M. (Animated Dissection of Anatomy for Medicine) is a multimedia system for Windows and Macintosh computers, which promotes interactive learning via a comprehensive simulation of human anatomy. A.D.A.M. Scholar Series products illustrate complex anatomical interrelationships and enable students to conceptualize and internalize difficult subject matter.

AGiSS provides the Windows GradeBook (WinGrade). WinGrade is a Windows application that records student's assignment scores earned throughout the semester. It d'es not limit you to the number of students in a class, or the number of assignments that you can create. You can also add or delete students at any time throughout the year. If a student moves from one period to another, you can move that student along with the students scores, into a different class. Students can join your class late in the school year and WinGrade will not use any of the assignments previously recorded to calculate the new students grade. WinGrade also records attendance, allows you to define a seating chart, generates report cards and progress reports, displays assignment averages, displays assignment or quarter distributions, generates student progress graphs, and much more. P.O. Box 45116, Boise, ID 83711-5116.

Ars Nova Software provides music training software. Practica Musica 3 is a comprehensive tutor for music theory and ear training. New features include rhythm tapping, chord progressions, customizing potential, and more. It can generate melodies and other exercise materials and show the user's work in notation and correct it as well as analyze chords entered by the user. Version 3 can also play many of the music examples shown in the included textbook. Practica Musica 3 is compatible with MIDI, though not required, and with Autoscore voice input. Another application is Songworks, a notation program that also assists in composition. It can notate a melody automatically without requiring the use of MIDI input, suggest harmony ideas and more.

Casady & Greene Inc. provides easy to use solutions with its Eddy Award winning utility, Conflict Catcher and the new Simplified Office Solutions suite of products: K.I.S.S., and Spell Catcher. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Spreadsheet) shows numerical calculation in a clear and easy-to-understand format. Spell Catcher offers spell checking, thesaurus, and shorthand glossary globally in any application as well as the Internet. Other products include InfoGenie, Snap Mail, and an array of award-winning utility, font, and entertainment titles.

Charles River Media, Inc. publishes books and software for educational training and computing professionals. Our products include the JavaScript CD Cookbook,Internet Training CD, Creating Computer Art using Dabbler,The Internet WatchDog (monitors internet activity), HTML TemplateMASTER CD (tutorials and templates for creating your own Web pages), The World Wide Web Encyclopedia CD, and The AOL Web Browser Handbook.

Davis Instruments manufactures weather stations that are designed to be accurate and easy-to-use with a range of features all at affordable prices. Weather Monitor II gives you the information you and your students need to learn about the weather. The easy to use digital display lets you see today's conditions as well as previous days highs and lows. Track inside/outside temperature, wind speed and direction, wind chill, inside humidity, and barometric pressure. Complete your weather station by adding the optional rain gauge and Weatherlink software for IBM or Macintosh.

ESRI's business consists of the development, sales, and support of Geographic Information System (GIS) software products. To remain on the leading edge of educational and research technology, universities are teaching GIS technology to their students to better prepare them for competition in today's job market. Administrative units of universities, including admissions, facilities management, and security, have also discovered that a campus GIS system facilitates rational management of a university campus. In addition, ESRI has dedicated university and secondary school GIS program coordinators that have developed a series of products and programs specifically for the educational market.

Falcon Software Inc. publishes educational software programs for the high school, college, and industrial training markets. With more than 30 chemistry titles, Falcon is the leading publisher in chemistry courseware. Best-selling programs are delivered on CD-ROM, including Comprehensive Chemistry, Introductory Chemistry, and Exploring Chemistry. Falcon is also launching new programs in other academic subject areas. The Electronics Laboratory Simulator is an interactive program for introductory electronics. A new environmental science CD-ROM is Environmental Science: Field Laboratory. Conversations Around the World is a new multimedia CD-ROM series for foreign language study.

Logicus Inc. is an Ontario-based educational software company whose products are licensed for use in more than 7,000 sites. The learning materials developed by Logicus are intrinsically motivational and recognize the differences in learning abilities and styles of the students. These products address both the intuitive and the analytical learning potential of students. The product line in the Perfect Copy Language Skills Series includes Perfect Copy Classi and Techwrite.

Peregrine Publishers is dedicated to working in partnership with leading educators to create teaching and learning resources for higher education and secondary school curricula. We have assembled unique teams of faculty to create The Biology Place, The Chemistry Place, and The Psychology Place, our subscription Web sites. At each site you will find diverse educational resources that our authors continuously develop to take advantage of the information, immediacy, and interactivity the Web affords. Peregrine also offers the Microbe Zoo (CD-ROM), an multimedia introduction to the world of microbes useful as both a presentation and investigation tool.

Prarie Group's CalendarMaker is an easy-to-use graphics application that helps users create presentation-quality color calendars in minutes. Users can select from CalendarMaker's library of graphics, create their own icons, or import graphics from other programs. Text on individual dates can be fully formatted and a "floating note" feature allows text across several dates to highlight trips or other multi-day events. It's ideal for homes, schools, businesses, churches-any place where a calendar needs to be posted on a regular basis.

Presence Corp., located in Stamford, Conn., offers Question Mark software. The application allows instructors to write, administer, and mark surveys, quizzes, tests, and questionnaires. Question Mark provides true/false, matching, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice and other formats for questions on any subject. Use Question Mark on individual Windows machines, local networks, intranets, and the Internet. Create interactive learning tools which provide participants instant feedback on their answers. For formal tests, present scores when all answers are complete. Question Mark, which is also available in DOS and Macintosh platforms, is the world's leading survey and test software, used by schools and universities in more than 40 countries.

SkillsBank gives adolescent and adult learners a comprehensive foundation in the basic academic skills of Mathematics (Basic and Intermediate), Reading, Writing, Language, and Study/Information Skills (including Internet fundamentals). And our easy-to-use management system lets you individualize instruction and track progress for all your learners. For a complete Scope and Sequence for SkillsBank, as well as correlations to national tests, read (or print out) the Scope and Sequence section from our free CD-ROM sampler. For more call (800) 84-SKILL.


Adobe Systems develops, markets and supports computer software products and technologies that enable users to create, display, print and communicate electronic documents. The company licenses its technology to major computer, printing, and publishing suppliers, and markets a line of applications software and type products for authoring visually rich documents. Additionally, the company markets a line of powerful, but easy to use, products for home and small business users. Adobe has subsidiaries in Europe and the Pacific Rim serving a worldwide network of dealers and distributors.

Asymetrix Corp., located in Bellevue, Wash., is a supplier of easy-to-use Internet authoring and development tools for distributed learning, Web publishing, Internet application, and database development. Asymetrix products include ToolBook II, SuperCede, 3DF/X, Web 3D, InfoAssistant, and InfoModeler.

Corel Systems Corp. produces CorelDRAW 5, a product that combines the graphics power of CorelDRAW and the advanced publishing capabilities of Corel VENTURA 5 within an integrated user interface. It includes 22,000 clipart images and symbols, more than 825 fonts, and 100 photos on CD-ROM. Corel VENTURA 5 has an intuitive new interface and powerful architecture that supports both the structured and freeform documents. Combined with the artistic power of CorelPHOTO-PAINT 5, Corel VENTURA 5 can be used to create published documents of any length.

Creation Engine offers academic discounts on multimedia, graphics, and Web development software to schools, faculty, and students. We carry products from more than 60 different manufacturers, including Adobe, Macromedia, Fractal Design, Kinetix. Visit our Web site and explore artCE, our online gallery of our customers'

Mathematics, Statistics, and Visualization

Fortner Research Corp. publishes Math77, a portable library of FORTRAN subroutines for use in numerical computation. The scope of the library is broad and covers a wide range of mathematical functions. Math77 contains 454 user-callable and 136 lower-level subprograms. Math77 is supplied as source code, which has been tested with the leading Mac, DOS and Sun compilers. The FORTRAN source code for Math77 comprises 109K lines of code in 375 files, a total of 4.5MB. Every Math77 library comes complete with an extensive users' manual. A student version of LS FORTRAN is also available. For more information call (800) 252-6479 or

LPA (Logic Programming Associates Ltd.), formed in 1980, is a leading supplier of advanced software development tools for Windows, Macintosh, and MS-DOS machines. These include Prolog compilers, the flex expert system toolkit, the Prolog++ object-oriented AI system, the Prodata Database Interface toolkit, and various programming and graphics tools. These tools are characterized by high-level graphics features, interactive, integrated development environments, and application generation facilities. Under Windows 3.1, these use 32-bit addressing and support both DDE and external DLLs. LPA products are widely used in industry, research and education.

Research Systems Inc., a developer of multi-platform data analysis and scientific visualization software recently announced IDL (Interactive Data Language) Student Version. IDL Student Version is a functionality-limited version of IDL, a data visualization and image analysis package from Research Systems. Used by scientists and engineers worldwide, IDL is a 4GL programming language with flexible I/O, accelerated 2D and 3D graphics, integrated mathematics and statistics, and cross-platform GUI tools. IDL Student Version is specifically designed for today's highly technical curriculums including, engineering, physics, medicine, computer science, and earth sciences. Students no longer need to rely on mathematics-specific software and spreadsheets; IDL Student Version provides a complete software environment for all their data and image analysis needs.

Soft Warehouse Inc DERIVE for Windows is a new version of its well-established symbolic mathematics software system. It combines the point-and-click ease of Windows with the mathematical power and efficiency of the older DOS versions. DERIVE is a computer algebra system that applies the rules of calculus and matrix algebra to solve a wide variety of problems and plots in both 2D and 3D. DERIVE for Windows requires Windows 95, Windows 3.1x, or Windows NT running on a computer with at least 8MB of memory. The suggested list price is $250, but special education pricing is available for multiple copies and LANs.

SPSS Inc. offers Real Stats, Real Easy to the higher education community. The company focuses on four higher education areas: Administration research, Social Science research (grant based), Medical research, and Instruction (particularly in Business schools, Education, and Social Science). Real Stats provides researchers, professors, and students with a full range of powerful statistics to get the most out of their data. Real Easy lowers the learning curve with an extensive tutorial, a task oriented help system, easy-to-understand documentation and knowledgeable technical support. Recent releases from SPSS include SPSS Diamond, SPSS Grad Pack Business Version, and SPSS 7.5.

Synergy Software produces KaleidaGraph and VersaTerm. KaleidaGraph, available for Macintosh and Windows, has the capacity to transform complex data into functional graphical displays. Use algebraic and statistical functions to manipulate over 8 million data points. Graph up to 20 variables with precise control of plot elements. Powerful curve fitting and flexible error bars clarify visual results. VersaTerm for Macintosh provides a toolbar interface that lets users access Internet mail, news, FTP file transfers, and three directory clients. Telnet to remote hosts with VersaTerm's VT100/220 terminal emulations. Access the Internet over ethernet or remotely with the SLIP client.

Waterloo Maple Software offers a number of mathematical programs. Maple V, an interactive computer algebra system, provides educators, students, engineers, and others with a complete mathematical environment for symbolic algebraic expressions, arbitrary-precision numeric arithmetic, and programming. Theorist's "Click & Solve" technology has a simple user interface, no programming languages to learn, and no puzzling syntax errors. Expressionist acts as a word processor for mathematical expressions, MathEdge is a suite of software components for application developers, and Math Office lets users create Word documents that combine Maple V input, output, text, and graphics.

Wolfram Research provides students with a fully integrated environment for technical computing. Mathematica is heavily used in education, and there are now many hundreds of courses-from high school to graduate school-based on it. In addition, with the availability of student versions, Mathematica has become an important tool for both technical and non-technical students around the


Compaq Computer Corp. is a leading provider of PCs and servers to the education marketplace. The company partners with independent software providers and leading education resellers nationwide to supply educators and students in K-12 and higher education institutions with complete PC solutions. The new Compaq Presario ES series includes both multimedia and networking features with a CD-ROM drive, an integrated 16-bit sound system, a high-performance multimedia monitor, and a choice of 11 LearningPaq education software bundles.

Networking Solutions

3Com Corp. offers broad range of award winning LAN/WAN solutions from Ethernet and Token Ring to the newer high-speed technologies like FDDI, Fast Ethernet, and ATM for all levels of education. Our education experience extends to providing infrastructure equipment that allows: high-speed, high-bandwidth, wide-area access to learning tools like the Internet, multimedia, and CD-ROMs; connecting remote sites and users in schools, administrative buildings, libraries, dormitories, and research facilities to centralized resources; and streamlining of administrative processes like student records and fees, grading, and course selection.

Cortelco Systems' core competence lies in the technology embedded in its flagship product, the programmable Millennium Digital Communications Platform. A solid, ISDN-based phone system best serving locations with 100 - 500 stations, the Millennium has driven Cortelco Systems to become a dominant supplier within the education, broadcast, distribution, health & extended care, retail sales & service, and small call center industries, as well as in government facilities. To complete the communications solution puzzle, the company has expanded its product line to include the Orbit Wireless Communications System, using 1.9 GHz technology to provide in-building mobility, and is also generating solutions by applying Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) technology customized for the unique needs of individual vertical markets. Cortelco Systems' total communications solutions have passed rigorous US Government testing for Year 2000 Compliance.

Fiber Options Inc. manufactures state-of-the-art fiber-optic transmission system links for enhanced transmission of voice, video, and data, including systems that combine voice, video, and data transmission custom configured to meet the needs of individual users. The transmission systems are based on small-core optical fiber technology-both multimode and single-mode. Systems readily interface with industry-standard broadcast, data communications, telecommunications fiber-optic networks, as well as with highway and transportation applications employing surveillance, bi-directional control data, and voice communications.

Newbridge Networks designs, manufactures, and services a family of networking products and systems that deliver multimedia communications to schools, corporate customers, and service providers. Newbridge provides fully managed networks for transmitting voice, data, image, and video traffic. The company recently released an integrated MPEG2 card for the Newbridge 36150 MainStreet Access Switch that increases bandwidth efficiency for Asynchronous Transfer Mode-based video services. The availability of the MPEG2 eliminates the need for external add-ons and simplifies network management.

Paragon Furniture Inc. presents innovative concepts in classroom and library furniture. Among the products are the one-person, patented ParaDesk in right hand or left hand models. Models can be used alone or grouped together. The new ParaVision individual workstation incorporates a recessed monitor compartment for more work surface and greater computer security. Instructors can create three or six-sided workstations in less space with the Paragon 1000, the original six-sided workstation. A CD Line of two person workstations provides choice of sizes and options for more traditional in-line classroom or lab configurations. And student-friendly library reference centers and study carrels are available in standard or wheelchair chair versions.

Power On Software develops computer laboratory management software, including LAN Commander, Screen To Screen, and On Guard. LAN Commander simultaneously broadcasts commands and software to networked computers. It gives users the capability to launch or quit applications, shut down or restart computers, and more. Screen To Screen promotes instruction by allowing a teacher to broadcast his or her screen to networked computers and secretly monitor students' computer screens. An instructor can also remotely provide assistance to a student who signals for help. On Guard is desktop security software that prevents students from moving, renaming, copying, or trashing files.

Shiva Corp. has been committed to providing colleges and universities throughout North America with high-quality, affordable remote access solutions. Shiva products enable our academic customers-faculty, staff, students, alumni, and members of college communities-to share and access information anywhere, at anytime. Shiva has a dedicated department for higher education institutions. Schools including Harvard University, University of Minnesota, and Santa Monica College are eliminating the boundaries of learning with remote access solutions that allow faculty to share information on-line, students to access the Internet, and community members to take a class without ever having to leave home.

SoftArc has released its new FirstClass Intranet Server (FCIS), an intranet, cross-platform e-mail and groupware solution for any organization, large or small. Now an entire organization can connect, collaborate, and publish on the Internet without needing a full-time Web Master or a complex mix of hardware and software. FCIS combines the power of LAN-based messaging with seamless Internet integration and Web serving so people both inside and outside your office can work together easily. FCIS even lets you work the way you want-with the feature rich FirstClass Intranet Client, a Web browser or your favorite e-mail package. For more information, call (800) SOFTARC.

Resources and Learning Tools

PRS from EduCue Try a simple, flexible, user-friendly classroom learning tool called PRS (Personal Response System) before you embrace the much touted, resource-intensive, and individualized electronic instruction. PRS facilitates interactive teaching and active learning by empowering every student to answer, without any risk of embarrassment, a question posed by the instructor in class. Students use a hand held device similar to a TV remote controller. A computer collects the student answers and displays the collated results for feedback. Contact Dr. .Bruce Marsh of EduCue for details [518/384-2236, 399-3572 (Fax), or [email protected]].

Video Presentation Products

Apollo Presentation Products is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of a complete line of products for every presentation need, from overhead projector, LCD panels, and slide and data/video projectors, to screens, easels, lamps, laminating equipment, laser pointers, and AV furniture. Recent introductions include upgraded versions of Apollo's Explorer multimedia projector and Vision Q series of LCD Panels, and four new LCD multimedia projectors: the Synergy, Passport, Express, and Escort.

ASK is a global leader in multimedia presentation products-a full family of LCD projectors, panels, and monitors. The easiest setup, ultra-quiet operation and the BatMouse remote control make ASK projectors perfect for educational use. Our products are durable, portable, and powerful. The best compatibility rating means "it works with what you have," and super-long life bulbs are easy on your budget. For bright, colorful, dynamic images that make a big impression on students even in a well-lit classroom, look to ASK. To learn more, call (800) ASK-LCD1.

Boxlight Corp. is one of the leading suppliers of LCD projection and presentation products. Offering the latest technological teaching tools to replace the use of transparencies and slides, Boxlight carries a full range of panel and projector LCD systems. Our systems permit you to project a large screen image from a computer or video for an up to the minute interactive presentations. Additionally, Boxlight maintains a full line of overhead projectors, high-brightness projection screens, and more. Special educational pricing and rental programs are available.

Canon USA, Inc. Visual Communication Systems Division manufactures, markets, and distributes a complete line of electronic imaging and video conferencing products. The RC-360 and RC-570 Still Video Cameras offer high resolution presentation and image capture capability for a variety of desktop applications. The RE-650 MK II Video Visualizer captures images from documents, photos, negatives, and 3-D objects for display, teleconferencing, or computer integration. The VC-C1 is a cost effective video camera with integrated pan/tilt/zoom capability for video conferencing, distance learning, telemedicine, and a variety of specialized applications. Canon's newest product is the RE-150, is a multifunctional desktop video camera.

Chisholm designs numerous LCD panels and electronic writing products, which are sold through a worldwide network of audio-visual dealers. Chisholm's line of LCD projection products includes the Rainbow and K-12 DataBook series of active-matrix color LCD panels. These multimedia panels support VGA and Macintosh computers as well as multiple video and audio sources. Several models feature 16.7 million colors, a built-in four-watt speaker, and Chisholm's exclusive electronic chalkboard that can annotate computer and video images. Recent additions to Chisholm's line of products include the Aurora Model S350 projector, the Galaxy X500 LCD projector, and the Nova V375 LCD projector. For more information call (800) 888-4210.

DAVIS North America produces video presentation products. The company recently introduced a new line of DLP data and video projectors that offer high brightness with unique features for instructors' presentation needs. Small and compact, the DLP projectors, provide power zoom for easy positioning, icon-based menu for true plug and play setup, and presentation utility software for added impact.

Dukane Corp. offers audio visual products that deliver computer generated graphics and video. The ImagePro 8000 series of LCD data/video projectors are all-in-one projection devices that integrate a high-resolution color LCD panel with built-in light source. The MagniView LCD panel, for on-the-road presentations or sales demonstrations, travels well and fits on any standard overhead projector. Present computer generated graphics with the MagniView 486 and both computer graphics and video with the MagniView 487 and 488B. All three OHP product groupings, professional, high-intensity and stationary, feature superior optics. transmissive design and rack and pinion focus. Dukane's latest releases include the ImagePro 7010 and the 5500 overhead projector.

Eastman Kodak Co. provides a variety of video presentation solutions. Kodak's Education Solutions and Services group is charged with understanding critical issues in education and then adapting the company's products to the needs of school districts and students. A key element of the group's mission is to help school districts use imaging technology to make the learning process more productive. An example of the company's education offerings is the Kodak Education Technology Grant Program, which awards winners digital cameras, CD media, thermal dye sublimation printers, and film scanners.

ELMO Company Ltd., located in Nagoya, Japan, is a worldwide manufacturer of electronic imaging equipment including visual presenters, LCD data projectors, overhead projectors, and film to video converters. ELMO also offers a complete line of CCTV equipment such as CCD color and B/W video cameras and lenses, remote-head color micro cameras, controllers, and monitors. ELMO Mfg. Corp., headquartered in New Hyde Park, New York, has a long history of providing products of the highest quality at affordable and competitive prices, without sacrificing a commitment to outstanding customer service. For more information or a demo call (800) 654-7628.

Hitachi is a global electronic company that markets and manufactures a wide range of products, including computers, semiconductors, consumer products, and power and industrial equipment. The Hitachi CPL550 LCD Projector provides 500 ANSI lumens, includes two data inputs, two video/audio inputs, and monitor loop through. In addition, a variety of mouse functions enable a presenter to work without assistance from almost any Windows 3.11 or Windows 95 equipped PC.

JVC Professional Products Co. offers an array of video products from VCRs to visual presenters. The company recently released the AV-P700U visual presenter for the presentation of printed materials, slide films, overhead projector sheets, and solid objects. It includes switchable inputs, genlock, and remote control capability. The device also features a specially designed book supporter, which securely holds up a book as large as an encyclopedia. In addition, the AV-P700U comes with a 35mm slide film holder enabling instructors to carry on a lesson without the distraction of needing to align slides.

Proxima Corp. has an array of video presentation products including the recently released Desktop Projector 4200z. Using Digital Light Processing technology from Texas Instruments, the DP4200z provides bright, photo-realistic images that will put your lessons in a whole new light. It comes equipped with a Cyclops remote control, allowing you to direct the action from virtually anywhere in your classroom. And with the optional MediaExpress system, you can even project without a computer. Simply save your presentation on an Adobe Acrobat PDF file on a disk, and insert it into the projector.

SMART Technologies Inc. provides touch sensitive whiteboards and interactive communications software for use in computer-based meetings, education, presentations, and training. Products include the SMART Board, a 4' x 3' interactive electronic whiteboard that allows instructors to control software applications and make annotations over images by simply pressing on the Board's surface. SMART 2000 Conferencing is data conferencing software that allows instructors and students to communicate with each other at a distance and share information in real time. SMART Ideas is a concept mapping software program that allows users to see ideas and facts on a representational level rather than a linear one. SMART Expression is a mobile multimedia cabinet that houses your choice of peripherals in a secure, attractive unit. It is pre-configured with all the necessary cabling and connections to run a variety of multimedia tools. Expression is part of the SMART Roomware family of products and is a perfect partner for the SMART Board.

Videonics manufactures a full line of digital video editing products designed to provide the advanced features required for any video project -- at affordable prices. Products include: the Digital Video Mixer, a 4-channel mixer/switcher with over 200 special effects, chroma key, and a built-in TBC; TitleMaker 2000, a video character generator with 92 font/size combinations and a million colors; Edit Suite, a 4-source A/B-roll edit controller that supports all major time codes and works with a wide variety of consumer and professional VCRs; the new PowerScript high-resolution, anti-aliased character generator, keyer, and TBC; and more.

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