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Telecommunications, Enterprise Computing, and the Internet in Education

SONAbeam 155-2
The recently launched SONAbeam product line offers point-to-point, line-of-sight, full duplex synchronous transmission at speeds well beyond those provided by 802.11a and b, at a much smaller cost than fiber optic networks. The SONAbeam series of products are capable of carrying information at data rates from 125 Mbps (Fast Ethernet) up to 1.25 Gbps (Gigabit Ethernet, OC-24) over a propagation distance of up to 2.5 miles. fSONA's products are engineered to achieve between 99 and 99.9 percent availability over their operating range-from 1.2 to 2.5 miles. The SONAbeam 155-2 transmits data at 155Mbps over two kilometers (1.25 miles). Contact: fSONA, Richmond, B.C., Canada; (877) GO-fSONA;

Enterprise Computing: Servers

Altos Servers
Designed for workgroup networking, Acer's Altos server series supports systems for file management, a department, or a LAN or WAN. Features include multiple processor support, large memory and cache possibilities, hot-swappable power supplies and storage modules, and support for multiple operating systems, including Windows NT, Novell Netware, or SCO OpenServer environments. A broad selection of scalable configurations, from basic add-in cards to key-activated Internet, Intranet, or RAID solutions, is also available. Contact: Acer America, San Jose, CA; (800) SEE-ACER;

PowerEdge Servers
The Dell PowerEdge Server line has three different models, the PE300, PE2400, and PE4400. The PE300 has up to two Pentium III 800MHz processors and up to 1GB of ECC SDRAM. The PE2400 has up to two Pentium III 1GHz processor, 2 GB of ECC SDRAM and 144 GB of Hot Swap internal disk capacity. The PE 4400 has up to two Pentium III 1GHz processors, 4GB of PC133 SDRAM and 252GB of Hot Plug Ultra-3SCSI internal disk capacity. Contact: Dell, Round Rock, TX; (888) 560-8324;

Snap Server 4100
The Snap Server 4100 is a slim 1U (1.75") package with up to 240 GB. Preconfigured with RAID 5, and the option of RAID 0, RAID 1, or JBOD, this product will manage workgroup storage, remote office, backup, and data protection needs. It automatically responds and connects to all client protocol, and delivers multi-platform file sharing with Windows NT, NetWare, UNIX, Linux, and Mac. Additionally, each Snap Server package ships with the DataKeeper Snap Edition, a real-time backup solution that automatically stores laptop and desktop files. Contact: Quantum Corporation, Milpitas, CA; (800) 343-SNAP;

Enterprise Computing: Workstations

IntelliStation M Pro
The IntelliStation M Pro is a flexible workstation that is optimized to the demands of engineers, media creators, software developers, and financial analysts. Features include mission-critical reliability, a user-centric design, task-tuned 2D/3D graphics based on the IBM Fire GL2 graphics card, and a scalable tower configuration. Additionally, this package comes equipped with either Pentium III processors at up 1GHz or Pentium 4 processors at up to 1.5 GHz, and a choice of either an Intel 840 or 850 chipset. System performance is enhanced by an SCSI controller and disk and RAMBUS memory. Contact: IBM; Armonk, NY; (800) IBM4YOU;

The Silicon Graphics Octane2 is a multimedia workstation is capable of interactive rendering of three-dimensional or volumetric data sets, featuring high-performance VPro Graphics and 128MB of configurable graphics memory. The combination supports faster drawing, display, and manipulation of large data sets-up to 1920x1200 pixels at 60Hz. Designed for high performance with big data, the Octane2 delivers a measured 448 million pixels per second with trilinear mipmapping and depth-buffering, and 18 million lit depth-buffered, smooth-shaded immediate mode triangles per second. The 12-bit per color component path achieves more levels of color to allow users to see subtle variations-extremely important in medical imaging and other fields of science and research. Contact: Silicon Graphics; Mountain View, CA; (800) 361-2621;

Power Mac G4
The PowerPC G4's Velocity Engine is able to process data in 128-bit chunks, instead of the smaller 32-bit or 64-bit chunks used in traditional processors. In addition, the PowerPC G4 can perform four (in some cases eight) 32-bit floating-point calculations in a single cycle -two to four times faster than traditional processors. Features include a vector permute function capable of rearranging data in the registers, of particular benefit when converting data from one format to another. The G4 features a pre-installed graphics card in the 4x AGP (Advanced Graphics Port) slot capable of transferring digital video data at up to four times the speed of the original AGP bus. The system bus has increased in speed from 100 to 133 megahertz, with data throughput of over 1 gigabyte per second, and PCI throughput has increased from 100 up to 215 megabytes per second. Contact: Apple Computer; Cupertino, CA; (408) 996-1010;

Precision Series
The Dell Precision Series supports high-performance capabilities in digital content creation (DCC), computer-aided design (CAD), geographic information systems (GIS), software development, and financial analysis markets. For those who run computationally-intensive applications, the Precision Series offers the Precision Workstation 330, featuring a Pentium 4 processor at 1.40 and 1.50 GHz , and a 400 MHz system bus which is optimized for RDRAM and a broad selection of professional graphic solutions. Contact: Dell Computer; Dallas, TX; (800) 624-9897;

Quadro2 Pro
This full-featured board provides advanced 3D and 2D performance for the engineering professional. Features include a hardware antialiased line engine, a 6.4GB/sec bandwidth that enables work in fully textured mode while achieving real-time frame rates, and a 64MB unified frame buffer that supports high-resolution, 32bpp textures. With 1.0G pixels/sec and 31M triangles/sec geometry processing capabilities, the Quadro2 Pro can support just about any engineering design environment. The NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer (NSR) makes realistic material properties possible through per-pixel shading effects. Now with all NVIDIA second-generation GPUs high-quality, dynamic per-pixel shading is possible, and features such as per-pixel bump mapping can be utilized to a more dramatic visual effect. Contact: NVIDIA; Santa Clara, CA; (408) 615-2500;

Visualize X-Class
Hewlett Packard's Visualize X-Class is designed for users performing simulations, virtual prototyping, complex modeling, and other high-end visualization tasks. This package includes single or dual Intel Pentium III processors with 256KB of high speed transfer cache, two clock frequencies to choose from (866 MHz and 1GHz), and greater mass storage expandability (up to 72GB internal disk) for the disk space and performance needed to work on large models and multiple designs. The X-Class features interactive model lighting and rotation and is able to allocate very large amounts of memory for texture mapping. Contact: Hewlett Packard; Palo Alto, CA; (650) 857-1501;

Enterprise Computing: Notebooks

Acer TravelMate 520 Series
The Acer TravelMate 520 series notebooks come in four separate configurations. All come preloaded with Microsoft Windows 98, are compatible with Windows 2000 and NT 4.0, and feature an Intel Pentium III processor with Intel SpeedStep technology and up to 700MHz. Also included are a 56K modem and 10/100 integrated LAN. Each notebook weighs 6.78 pounds, and is equipped with 128 MB of system memory and 10 GB of hard drive space. Contact: Acer America, San Jose, CA; (800) SEE-ACER;

At only 6.6 pounds each, the Apple iBook series offers powerful, compact notebooks with up to 466 MHz processor speed and 64MB or RAM (expandable to 320MB). Additional features include a 10GB Ultra ATA hard disc drive, a CD-ROM, and an ATI RAGE Mobility 128 graphics accelerator. The display is 12.1 inches, and the notebooks themselves are 2.06 inches at their thickest point. Contact: Apple Computer; Cupertino, CA: (408) 996-0275;

Inspiron 8000
Dell's Inspiron 8000 notebook measures 1.71" high and comes equipped with Intel Pentium III processors up to 850MHz, Celeron processors up to 600MHz, and 512MB SDAM memory capabilities. Multimedia features include a high-resolution display, featuring Ultra XGA, 2D and 3D performance, and Harman/Kardon audio. The Inspiron 8000 offers a variety of configuration choices, and comes preloaded with MS Windows ME, and your choice of either Microsoft Works Suite 2001 or Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business Edition. Contact: Dell Computer Corp., Round Rock, TX; (800) 999-3355;

LifeBook C-6577
The LifeBook C-6577 by Fujitsu features a 750 MHz Pentium III processor, complete with Intel SpeedStep technology, two built-in speakers, and a wireless infrared mouse. Also included are a 56K modem, 20 GB hard drive, 128MB of memory, and a built-in CD-ROM. The LifeBook C-6577 weighs 7.3 pounds and is less than two inches thick. Contact: Fujitsu, Sunnyvale, CA; (408) 746-6000;

Presario 1800 Series
The Compaq Presario 1800 series notebooks feature an Intel Pentium III processor with SpeedStep technology, a 56K modem, and either the Windows 2000 Professional or Windows Millenium Edition. Also included is a one-touch Internet Zone and 2-Way Internet Scroll. The display size can be up to 15 inches, with a maximum total notebook weight of 7.8 pounds. Contact: Compaq Computer Corp., Houston, TX; (281) 370-0670;

Toshiba Portégé 7200Cte
The Toshiba Portege 7200CTe is a highly compact notebook, measuring only 1 inch thick and weighing less than five pounds. It features an Intel Pentium III processor with speeds of up to 650 MHz and SpeedStep technology, 64 MB of memory, a 12BB hard drive, and an integrated V.90 modem. Multimedia capabilities include an S3 Savage/IX8 graphics controller, 13.3" diagonal TFT active-matrix color display, and an optional DVD Network Dock II. Contact: Toshiba American Consumer Products, Inc., Wayne, NJ; (800) 631-3611;

Enterprise Computing: Thin Clients

Capio II
Boundless's Capio II is a 266 mHz thin client appliance featuring on-board audio, dual USB ports, and a number of expansion options including a 56K modem card. Boundless offers an optional 10-year warranty on Capio products. The Capio II 200 is a DOS-based ICA-environment thin client, while the 320 and 325 models are Windows-based. Capio's thin unit can be positioned horizontally as well as vertically to fit into any work space and its metal case and internal power supply are designed to withstand lots of abuse. Contact: Boundless Technologies, Hauppauge, NY; (800) 231-5445;

MaxTerm and +One Station
MaxTerm Windows-based terminals from MaxSpeed offer relatively low acquisition cost and the highest speed of any thin client appliance currently on the market. The +One Station device is a useful piece of hardware that doubles computing power at a fraction of the cost of a new terminal. The little device, about the size of a deck of playing cards, allows two users to share applications, hard drive, and peripherals. By adding only a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, individuals or network administrators can turn two terminals into one. +One Station isn't a practical solution for creating multi-user networks, but it d'es work as a just-in-time device when one extra computer is needed. It's also a handy unit to use at home where two or more individuals may share the same CPU. Contact: Maxspeed; Palo Alto, CA; (800) 877-7998;

NeoStation 3000C Series
Neoware's NeoStation 3000C Series supports audio, printers, serial devices, high resolution, and two USB ports for additional uses. Remote Manager software lets customers who have implemented Linux-based, Microsoft Windows CE, and/or Windows NT Embedded computing appliances manage all of these different technologies from a single software interface instead of different tools for different models. Neoware software is locked and protected with exSecure, protecting the appliances from tampering or virus infection. EzSecure also provides administrators the ability to completely lock down a Neoware computing appliance, so that their desired desktop configurations can't be changed. Contact: Neoware Systems; King of Prussia, PA; (610) 277-8300;

Sun Ray Appliances
Sun Ray Systems appliances use Sun's Hot Desk Technology to give users instant access to existing applications and resources on the campus network, whether the underlying platform is Unix or Windows. Hot Desking allows a user to move his or her session from one desktop to another without logging on or off. Users simply plug the smart card into a Sun Ray appliance; that card can then be taken to another desktop where the session comes up exactly as it was left. Secure passwords authenticate the user's identity. Sun Ray desktops have a relatively small footprint, requiring less desk space than other appliances. Contact: Sun Microsystems, Palo Alto, CA;

The Internet in Education: Web Authoring Tools

Educational Partner Tools
Tandberg's Educational Partner Tools is authoring software that allows teachers and materials developers to create their own multimedia learning resources. Partner Tools is available in two versions: the Designer and the Browser. The Designer enables teachers to choose the best medium to convey their message - a still picture, video clip, or audio clip - and store the resulting materials in digital format. Using the Browser, students can navigate the multimedia experience via a linear sequence random access, but are not able to change the format. Contact: Tandberg Educational; Brewster, NY; (800) 367-1137;

Eye Candy 4000
This graphics plug-in from Alien Skin Software offers users 23 special effects filters including wood, fire, and marble for backgrounds, images, or text. The Drip filter-complete with 3D-like drops-turns text and images into dripping paintings, while the Melt filter allows users to stretch and distort using realistic melting effects. Hundreds of presets create effects instantly, but tools such as the Bevel Profile Editor and Color Gradient Editor allow users complete control over shape and color. Users can switch from one filter to another in the large preview window and can see effects with all layers visible. Real-world parameters create resolution-independent images that will look the same when printed at 72 dpi or put onto a Web site at 300 dpi or higher. Contact: Alien Skin Software; Raleigh, NC; (888) 921-7546;

This Adobe software features WYSIWYG page layout with one-pixel accuracy-the layout grid lets users place elements anywhere on the page, and they will display that way in a Web browser. Users can manage a Web site with a tool that provides a graphical map of each page, showing pages that are linked to it and including a list of graphics and other media, links, and e-mail addresses that appear in the page. Users can also update an entire site at once if they change a filename, URL, or e-mail address. While working on a Web page or a site in GoLive, users can easily preview it as it would appear in different browsers on different platforms. In addition to the source and layout views common to many WYSIWYG Web page editors, GoLive has a useful HTML outline view that allows users to instantly see connections between related tags. Contact: Adobe Systems; San Jose, CA;

LiveMotion makes it easy to animate images for the Web and to import Photoshop and Illlustrator files. The animation timeline in LiveMotion is object-based so that each part of an image can be animated separately, even if the parts are on the same layer. Animations can be exported as GIFs or SWFs. LiveMotion also lets users create and save styles for rollovers, making it easy to create a set of similar buttons without having to repeat tedious steps. Contact: Adobe Systems; San Jose, CA;

Quest 6.0
A reusable and extensible object-oriented architecture lets the Quest 6.0 enhance the development of interactive training and education applications. Features include FastTracks, multiple libraries of pre-built screen layouts, buttons, and interactions. QuestNet+, a 16-bit version for both novice and expert developers, offers interactive training via CD-ROM, the Internet, an intranet, LAN, or a hybrid mix of delivery vehicles. Users need a 32-bit operating system-Windows 95 or higher or Windows NT-to take full advantage of the multimedia capabilities. Contact: Allen Communications, Salt Lake City, UT; (801) 325-7850;

This family of audio software products from Sonic Desktop enables Web site builders to create soundtracks in minutes. Music and sound effects files are embedded with information that allows the software to manipulate the audio automatically. The Maestro feature quickly locates the type of music required and automatically edits it to the specified length-accurate to 1/10 of a second. SmartSound comes with CDs of royalty-free music, and users can also import their own audio and edit it manually in the BlockClipper. The Maestro feature presents up to 10 arrangements for any specific soundtrack, and imported audio can be mixed with automated soundtracks. Contact: Sonic Desktop; Northridge, CA; (800) 454-1900;

Toolbook II Assistant 8
The Toolbook II Assistant 8 enables registered ToolBook users to instantly deliver and manage public or private e-Learning courses via click2learn's e-Learning Network. Developers are able to create content that complies with virtually every major learning standard today - including AICC, IMS, Microsoft's LRN, and the SCORM standard. Also included is an upgraded suite of interactive e-Learning features and tools to automatically export course scores, student information, and data to corporate databases such as SQL Server or Oracle. Contact: Click2learn; Seattle, WA; (800) 448-6543;

Users can create high-quality, low-bandwidth videos in a format that d'esn't take up a lot of hard drive space with Sonic Foundry's VideoFactory. The software allows users to animate text to scroll credits or focus on key points; fly in text in a number of ways; and set the font size, color, angle, and timing, and apply drop shadows and glows. MP3 audio files can be used to enhance a video project, either through adding multiple MP3 files to the same project or crossfading them on the same track. The product includes a Getting Started tutorial and a content CD containing hundreds of video clips and images, sound effects, music beds, and stingers. Users can record an audio track or narrate a video in real time during playback, as well as add images and pictures that have been scanned in, captured on screen, or received via e-mail. Contact: Sonic Foundry; Madison, WI; (608) 256-3133;

Web Design 101
Macromedia's Web Design 101 is a package of tutorials and evaluation software for Web design classes, and is based on Director 7, Freehand 8, Flash 4, Fireworks 3, and Dreamweaver 3. It is a complete short course on Web design for beginners. The tutorials themselves are free from Macromedia, but the CD-ROMs come with a printed instructor's guide and six lessons per product. Contact: Macromedia, San Francisco, CA; (415) 252-2000;

Web Learning Studio
Macromedia's three-product bundle includes Authorware 5.2, Flash 5, and Dreamweaver 4. Authorware enables users to incorporate rich media through direct support for Flash 5, QuickTime 4, and other common digital video and audio formats. Users can add content and then choose from eleven response types including buttons, hotspots, and hot objects. Flash allows users to create animations and include narration and soundtracks. Dreamweaver 4 provides an environment for authoring HTML and JavaScript through a visual approach, and enables users to create interactive Flash buttons. Special pricing for educators is available. Contact: Macromedia; San Francisco, CA; (415) 252-2000;

Learn how to create Web pages, write and edit HTML code, and tweak HTML code in WYSIWYG Web page editors with this four CD-ROM package from Savant Interactive. With more than 11 hours of instruction, including hundreds of sample files and demos for the software and shareware covered in the training, webSavant begins with an introduction to the Internet and moves on to HTML, page design, image creation, animated GIFs, JavaScript, audio, video, and other topics. Users will learn to properly convert graphics to a Web format; write JavaScript to create mouse-over effects, image swapping, and form data validation; and customize CGI scripts to e-mail form data and perform searches on their sites. Advanced lessons cover frames, forms, PDFs, and an introduction to Flash. Contact: Savant Interactive; Lisle, IL; (866) 4SAVANT;

Artbeats' multimedia production tool and reference library contains more than 550 MB of data comprising more than 2,000 movies, animations, bitmapped graphics, sounds, and Flash files. Web designers can get vector images and fast-downloading, fully animated buttons that can be imported into multimedia authoring programs. Most of the bitmapped images consist of more than one frame or state and can be used to create roll-over effects, while the multi-frame buttons can be used as animated gifts. The reasonable price includes an online manual and technical support. Contact: Artbeats; Myrtle Creek, OR; (541) 863-4429;

The Internet in Education: Online Course Delivery and Management

Blackboard 5
Blackboard 5 is a software platform that allows for a course management system, customizable institution-wide portals, online campus communities, and integration of multiple administrative systems. It can be licensed at three levels. Level One provides basic course management tools such as discussion boards, posting course material, chat rooms, and online assessments. Level Two provides course management as well as customizable institution-wide portals for faculty, students, and alumni, facilitating online communities, Web-based e-mail, calendar, announcements and tasks. Level Three offers a more advanced package that includes Java-based APIs for unifying online campus systems into one platform. Contact: Blackboard, Washington, D.C.; (202) 463-4860;'s CampusPortal 4.0 is an enterprise-wide solution for providing campus services and community access online. Academic features include student access to self-service, asynchronous learning through courses and productivity tools, both on and off campus. Users can also develop and deliver a robust campus Intranet in about 45-90 days, offer personalized home pages for everyone in the community, track users and site usage statistics, and generate automated reports and analysis. Contact:, Denver, CO; (888) 884-7325;

e-Education, by, provides full-service access to all facets of online education. In addition to online course management, these products are designed to replicate services provided by a traditional college or university campus, and market online education programs regionally, nationally, or internationally. A broad selection of software tools allows faculty to create, edit, and manage online courses, while an online course catalog and electronic library are also available. Contact:, Englewood, CO; (800) 701-6463;

HorizonLive 2.0
The HorizonLive 2.0 system for live online learning features integrated chat, instant polling, a whiteboard for both instructor and student use, application screening, and a One-Click Archive that records live sessions for on-demand review. HorizonLive is accessible on any standard Web browser and runs on Mac, UNIX, or Windows platforms. Contact: HorizonLive, New York, NY; (212) 533-1775; JenzaEducator JenzaEducator is a comprehensive online course development tool with personal calendars for instructors and students, personalized and centralized instructor home pages, and student profile software. Also included are Instant messaging, chat rooms, and forums, along with syllabus posting and easy expansion. Contact: Jenzabar, Cambridge, MA; (617) 492-9099;

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