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Curriculum and Productivity Products

Language Arts

CommonSpace 3.5

This collaborative writing software allows multiple individuals in different locations to interact on a document and share thoughts and ideas. Writers can use their own platforms and word processing applications. Space for annotations is provided. Plug-ins support four other languages. Hyperlinked comments connect users to writing help. Contact: Sixth Floor Media, Boston, MA; (800) 565-6247;

Interactive English

Academic Systems' Interactive English is a process-oriented multimedia writing environment designed to help faculty prepare students for college-level composition. The curriculum includes online writing assignments, print-based readings with exercises to test comprehension, and grammar activities, as well as multimedia instructional resources and writing tools. Four theme-based topics used in writing assignments are similar to those taught in developmental writing up to freshman composition. Contact: Academic Systems, Mountain View, CA; (800) 236-4078;

Tell Me More Pro

Tell Me More Pro is speech recognition software that allows students in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, and English to interact with native speakers and evaluates their performance. Spoken and written expression, comprehension, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar are all addressed. Features include dialogues with native speakers, and more than 2,000 exercises, videos, cartoons, and crossword puzzles. The software's tracking system monitors the material covered and allows instructors to evaluate the performance of the student. Contact: Auralog, Inc., Ph'enix, AZ; (602) 957-3535;

New Dynamic English

This four-level course in spoken English for beginning to advanced students features new structure, lessons, and technology. Listening, speaking, reading, and language structure are taught using video lessons combined with speech recognition exercises and numerous language focus exercises. Students can be evaluated using 24 mini-tests. Interactive exercises also can be used as a test preparation tool for college entrance exams and standardized tests such as T'EFL and T'EIC. A comprehensive instructor's guide is available for teachers. Contact: DynEd International, Foster City, CA; (800) 765-4375;

Electronics Workbench 5.1 for Windows, Student Edition

This special version of Electronics Workbench 5.1 allows students to design analog, digital, and mixed-mode circuits using a point-and-click, drag-and-drop interface. Designs can have a maximum of 25 active components on each circuit. SPICE netlists can be imported and exported. In addition, students can choose from more than 500 editable device models to test alternative circuit designs. The software includes a 150-page User's Guide. Contact: Brooks/Cole Publishing Co., Pacific Grove, CA; (800) 354-9706;


This software gives you full geographic information system functionality within AutoCAD. ArcCAD's mapping, data management, and display tools work directly with AutoCAD's design and drafting tools. They allow you to create high-quality maps, easily enter and edit data, perform complex selection and query, integrate other AutoCAD-based applications, perform spatial analysis and modeling, access data in databases, and view images. ArcCAD runs under Windows 95 and Windows NT. Contact: ESRI Software, Redlands, CA; (909) 793-2853;

Destinations 2.0

Computer Curriculum Corporation's complete essential skills curriculum is designed to quickly prepare adults and adolescents for work or school. Included are over 12,000 core learning activities in reading, math, writing, life and employability skills, citizenship, and job-related applied skills. Users are encouraged to make decisions, draw on past experiences, link prior knowledge, and think critically. The product can be used in computer labs on stand-alone or networked computers. An Internet version is also available. Contact: Computer Curriculum Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA; (888) CCC4KIDS, ext. 6253;

National Geographic

Every issue of National Geographic from 1888 to the present can be found on this 31 CD-ROM set. Issues can be scanned, searched, and viewed page by page, and articles and materials can be printed. Contact: The Learning Company Inc., Cambridge, MA; (800) 973-5111;


Finale 2000

This software allows composers and arrangers to create, play, and print music. The Instrument Set-Up Wizard enables users to instantly set up any score, from the fullest orchestration to the simplest jazz chart. New automation features are combined with font and style enhancements. Twelve new plug-ins provide the user with up to 42 shortcuts. Finale 2000 also imports the scanning technology of MidiScan. Contact: Coda Music Technology, Eden Prairie, MN; (800) 843-2066;

Practica Musica 4

This software offers self-paced learning of music theory and ear training appropriate for inexperienced listeners to experienced musicians. Users can choose activities, edit existing ones, create new ones, or download others. Activities range from rhythm tapping and simple pitch reading and sightreading of melody, to melodic dictation in 1, 2, or 4 parts, chord progression ear training, and tranposition exercises. Writing tools allow students to create their own music, hear it, save it, and print it. Contact: ARS Nova, Kirkland, WA; (800) 445-4866;

TimeSketch Editor

This Windows-only thematic analysis program facilitates listening and the aural analysis of CD music under CD-ROM and computer control. Listening lessons can be created from any audio CD. The program is ideal for fundamentals courses, appreciation courses, or music history courses at any teaching level. Contact: Electronic Courseware Systems Inc., Champaign, IL; (217) 359-7099;


ActivChemistry, v1.5, First Edition

This tutorial software guides students through the concepts of general chemistry and then reinforces the concepts by allowing students to perform lab simulations. Twelve tutorial lessons cover major chemistry topics. A Work Bench area engages students in open-ended exploration and discovery by allowing them to select tools, components, and elements to simulate chemical reactions. Homework problems are built-in and can be saved and printed. The software can be used in lecture or lab or as a student study tool. Contact: Benjamin Cummings, San Francisco, CA; 800-282-0693;

A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy

This interactive CD-ROM facilitates the learning and teaching of human anatomy and related topics. Features include point-and-click identification of over 20,000 anatomical structures, layer-by-layer dissection, pinned imagery, and interactive 3D. Users can view multiple windows to compare anterior, lateral, and medial views of a structure at the same time. Contact: A.D.A.M. Software, Atlanta, GA; (770) 980-0888;

Anatomy Project

The Anatomy Project is a series of 20 multimedia anatomy CD-ROMs that students can access from seven self-selected course levels. Features include prosections, still and real-time medical imaging, and live action. Students can review and self-test with 50 minutes of movie tutorial, 100 self-assessment questions and answers with video remediation, an atlas, summaries, and a glossary. Contact: Parthenon Publishing, New York, NY; (914) 735-9363;

The Animated Brain

This interactive CD-ROM on brain anatomy and biopsychology can be used for individual study, class presentations, or lab exercises. It contains 90 narrated illustrations, 85 animations, 60 anatomical labeling exercises, and 200 multiple choice questions with automatic scoring, interactive models, and video clips of behavior. A master index, cross-referenced glossary, and a hypertext book with bookmarks are included for easy reference. Contact: Brainviews, Ltd., Cleveland, OH; (216) 412-9827;

Comprehensive Chemistry 3.0

This 3-in-1 CD-ROM combines Stanley Smith's Interactive General Chemistry, Introduction to Organic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry Laboratory. Its 300 interactive lessons can be used to supplement first-year general and organic chemistry lecture, laboratory, or texts. Contact: Falcon Software Inc., Wellesley, MA; (781) 235-1767;

Electric Biology: Ecosystems

Ecosystems is the latest addition to the Electric Biology CD-ROM series from Digital Studios. The college edition includes the basic principles of ecosystem concepts, energy flow, chemical cycles, and human impacts. Movies, animations, and guest essays make this product suitable for upper-division ecology and lower-division introductory biology and environmental science courses. Contact: Digital Studios, Aptos, CA; (800) 499-3322;

Electronic Companion to Beginning Microbiology

This multimedia CD-ROM provides a comprehensive review of microbiology and can be used in conjunction with any undergraduate microbiology text. Features include video, animations, and interactive art on topics such as methods of microbiology, prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell structure, microbial genetics, viruses, host defenses, and diseases. A print workbook with additional topic summaries and review questions is also available. Contact: Cogito, San Francisco, CA; (800) WE THINK;

Interactive General Chemistry

This Windows CD-ROM is Falcon's most complete program for introductory general chemistry. Over 240 lessons integrate content from Smith's Exploring Chemistry and Introduction to General Chemistry. Video, photos, and self-paced tutorial lessons are used to deliver approximately 150 hours of instruction. Digital videos of actual experiments allow students to perform simulated experiments. Extensive practice problem sets are included. Software is fully networkable, and additional course management software is available for networked versions. Contact: Falcon Software, Wellesley, MA; (781) 235-1767;

Organic Chemistry v2.0

This program is designed to provide an interactive and concept-based course in college-level organic chemistry. Features include hyperlinked topics, interactive movies and animations, and detailed voice walkthroughs to guide students along. The 3D molecule viewer offers students a unique visual and conceptual perspective. Topics include chemical bonds, acid-base reactions, stereochemistry, free radicals, nomenclature, and more. Available both online and on CD-ROM. Contact: MCH Multimedia Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada; (514) 939-7418;


Quizdom's Computer Assisted Science Labs for chemistry, general science, and physical science help students to understand and learn from their laboratory results. The program utilizes a computer and an Ohaus electronic balance to collect data from laboratory groups, grade each activity, verify data, and instruct students to revise procedures to improve accuracy. It can be used to analyze each step in a process to ensure correct results and to avoid wasting lab time. Contact: Qwizdom, Inc., Puyallup, WA; (800) 347-3050;


StudyWorks! is a tool that can be used to help students grasp complex mathematical and scientific concepts. Multimedia presentations and diagrams reinforce concepts, guided exercises teach problem solving, and hundreds of practice problems test mastery. The program's worksheet capabilities enable students to write equations, perform calculations, and create graphs using real math notation. At the Collaboratory at the MathSoft Web site, students can participate in virtual study groups and receive personalized help from MathSoft experts. Contact: MathSoft Inc., Cambridge, MA; (800) 628-4223;

UNDERSTAND! Biochemistry

This CD-ROM facilitates active learning in biochemistry by showing actual processes. Topics covered include basic cell chemistry through enzymology, bi'energetics, metabolism, macromolecular structure, genetics, and molecular biology techniques. Materials are organized in 60 minicourses, which span an entire 2-semester course. More than 120 animations, 900 original illustrations, and 25 3D macromolecular models are included. Web links guide students to useful Web sites, and hypertext links enhance navigation. Contact: The Mona Group, Sunderland, MA; (800) 269-7119;

Social Science

American Government, An Introduction Using ExplorIt

This computer-based workbook includes two versions of MicroCase's ExplorIt software, Fifth Edition, several real data sets, and 16 assignments in American government. Students analyze data on major issues, including taxes, entitlements, and civil rights. They explore the House of Representatives and analyze demographic variables and primary voting blocs. Data files are from the U.S. Census Bureau, National Opinion Research Center, and the Survey Research Center. Contact: MicroCase Corp., Bellevue, WA; (425) 641-2506;

Criminology ExplorIt, Fourth Edition

Criminology ExplorIt, An Introduction Using ExplorIt, Fourth Edition, is a software-based workbook enabling students to experience the thrill of conducting criminological research. This edition of Criminology features 12 new exercises, 5 independent projects, and 6 new data sets, all tied to ExplorIt, a data analysis program. As with previous editions, students examine major theories and criminological topics using materials created by Rodney Stark and Steven Messner. Each exercise begins with a tutorial section and is followed by a worksheet section where topics are explored independently. Contact: MicroCase Corp., Bellevue, WA; (425) 641-2506;

Fateful Lightning: A Narrative History of the Civil War

The U.S. Civil War comes back to life in the third edition of this CD-ROM filled with text, maps, graphics, and music. Details of battles are accompanied by animated maps revealing troop movements. Additional enhancements include color images of battlefields as they appear today, portraits of key political and military figures, original recordings of period music, and video clips of recent battle enactments. Short answer and essay questions help users assess their knowledge on a chapter-by-chapter basis. Contact: Trubadour Interactive, Northfield, MA; (800) 497-0042;

ResourceLink: 20th Century World History

The first CD-ROM in ABC-CLIO's World History series covers key events and figures in the 20th century. Over 1,600 entries are accompanied by photos, video and audio clips, documents, statistics, and maps. A search tool enables users to quickly find a topic or specific media. Resources can be printed or exported for use with other programs. Additional software allows users to create a custom notebook or multimedia presentation. Contact: ABC CLIO Interactive, Santa Barbara, CA; (800) 368-6868;

Space and Astronomy

Scientific Astronomer

Scientific Astronomer is a Mathematica tool for determining which astronomical objects and events are visible from a location and when and where to look for them. Users can search for information about the properties and movements of more than 9,000 stars and other objects, add their own information, and produce comprehensive wall charts. Also included are notebooks with worked examples to help users learn how to spot meteor showers, predict and make animations of solar and lunar eclipses, and make comet finder charts. Contact: Wolfram Research Inc., Champaign, IL; (800) 965-3726;

Grading/Tracking Software


Scantron's comprehensive survey system allows users to deploy electronic surveys and collect data across a range of mediums. Users build and deploy surveys with eListen Builder software in conjunction with third-party systems. Data collection and analysis are handled by separate eListen modules. Web hosting services allow organizations to run Internet-based surveys at The eListen platform supports an array of industry standards including HTML, FTP, Active X, MAPI, and RDBMS. Contact: Scantron, Tustin, CA; (800) 722-6876;


GradeQuick is an electronic version of the traditional paper gradebook. It integrates with almost any grading system at any level and allows users to customize the main screen to display everything in one place. Instructors can calculate scores and averages, customize reports, track and manage attendance, create a seating chart with photos, and display statistics, percentiles, and subtotals on the gradebook spreadsheet. Contact: Jackson Software, Glenc'e, IL; (800) 850-1777;

Library Products

EndNote 3

EndNote is a tool that can be used to search online databases, organize references, and create one-step bibliographies. It includes more than 100 connection files to access and search online databases. It is integrated into Microsoft Word and WordPerfect allowing users to insert citations and create bibliographies in one step. Theses, journal article submissions, and academic papers can be created in over 300 predefined styles. EndNote also stores up to 32,000 references, including abstracts and notes, which can be searched by author, keyword, or other field. Contact: ISI ResearchSoft, Berkeley, CA;(800) 554-3049;

Follett Library Systems and Services

LSSI provides library management solutions. Employing experienced library professionals, LSSI staff become part of the library operations under the direction of the library administrator. Services include acquisition of materials; cataloging and processing; systems analysis, design, and installation; operation of automated systems; reference, research, and information assistance, circulation, public service, and collection maintenance; and complete facilities operations. Contact: Follett LSSI, Germantown, MD; (800) 638-8725;

Polaris Integrated Library System

This nonmodular, completely integrated native Windows NT system is a library automation solution that can grow as your library grows. The system offers complete access to integrated cataloging, serials, acquisitions, circulation, patron/student services, and system administration functionality. The system utilizes a Web-based public access client and a Windows-based technical services client. Contact: Gaylord Information Services, Syracuse, NY; (800) 272-3414;

Spectrum 4

Winnebago's library technology and information access product combines new features with integrated Internet resources. Spectrum 4 provides services to an unlimited number of patrons, greater security, a patron photo feature, an edit message feature, and custom indexes. The product integrates with Winnebago's Multimedia Collection and Web Manager. Contact: Winnebago Software Co., Caledonia, MN; (800) 533-5430;

Curriculum Management Software

Altiris Vision

This integrated software solution allows teachers to teach, supervise, and demonstrate with networked computers. It enables teachers to share their computer screen with students, monitor students' computers, or remotely control networked computers. Contact: Altiris, Salt Lake City, UT; (888) 252-5551;

Blackboard CourseInfo

Faculty, instructional designers, and system administrators can easily build an online learning environment for any subject with this server software product. CourseInfo can be locally installed on a server or hosted by Blackboard. Instructors and students with an Internet connection can access Blackboard CourseSites anytime, anywhere. The product features a course calendar and announcements, asynchronous communication, synchronous communication (real-time chat and whiteboard), course study groups, a messaging system, an online file exchange, and online tutorials. Contact: Blackboard Inc., Washington, DC; (202) 463-4860;


CLASSNET is a multimedia and computer classroom control system that allows instructors centralized control over as many as 64 computers. Additional options include A/V capabilities, projector units, and communications software, which enable real-time, two-way communication between student and instructor. The CLASSNET system is offered in various versions to complement classroom size and budget. Contact: Minicom USA, Holland, MI; (800) 922-8020;

Convene ac@deme

With ac@deme, the latest course management solution from, faculty have at their fingertips a powerful, flexible, and comprehensive suite of tools for creating online classes. Faculty can post lectures, conduct and grade tests, and create links to Internet resources simply and easily. ac@deme is also the only product that provides faculty and students with the freedom to work online or off at speeds hundreds of times faster than the Web, or miles from the nearest phone line. Contact: Convene, San Francisco, CA; (415) 782-0500;


Enhance your personal productivity with this full-featured electronic calendar/scheduler. It can be used to schedule appointments, maintain a to-do list, and remind you of upcoming events. DateView can be used with other Prairie Group products, including CalendarMaker to create presentation-quality calendars; InTouch, to organize addresses and phone numbers; and In/Out, to help you track people as they enter and leave the workplace or lab. Contact: Prairie Group, Inc., West Des Moines, IA; (800) 346-5392;

eCompanion's eCompanion is designed for faculty who teach in the classroom and want to use the power of the Internet to make teaching easier and more interactive. It allows instructors to create fully interactive course Web sites to post past lectures, practice tests, links to Internet resources, shared documents, and more. eCompanion is easy to use for creating great course supplements full of features useful for teaching and learning, and is available from any standard Web browser. Contact:, Denver, CO; (888) 884-7325;

e-education's e-education offers a comprehensive suite of software tools, enabling faculty to create, edit, and manage online courses. e-education includes course management tools such as CourseBuilder, TestMaker Gradebook, and Course Reports. Through CourseBuilder, faculty create and edit online courses with easy-to-use tools. In Testmaker, they create online tests, practice exercises, surveys, and polls. Via Gradebook, faculty record and track students' progress, assignments, and course participation. Students' scores on items created in TestMaker are automatically entered into Gradebook. Course Reports comprises a collection of reports accessible online to analyze student activity and participation in online courses. Contact:, Englewood, CO; (800) 701-6463;

FastTrack Schedule 6.03

FastTrack Schedule 6.03 makes it easy to organize tasks, meet deadlines and achieve project goals. The software creates presentation-quality timelines quickly and easily. Users can outline one or multiple projects, link activities to establish dependencies, and track and revise progress and project costs as changes occur. Other features include the ability to export schedules as Web graphics and HTML tables, attach hyperlinks to tasks, and add schedules as a graphic or OLE object to proposals, presentations, and reports. FastTrack Schedule is networkable and cross-platform compatible with a Macintosh/Power PC version. Contact: AEC Software Inc., Sterling, VA; (703) 450-1980;

Question Mark Perception

Instructors can use Question Mark Perception to create and deliver tests, quizzes, and surveys on intranets or the Internet. Questions can be authored using a template and stored on a Web server or immediately served up. Students can take tests or surveys via standard Web browsers. Feedback and scoring are instantaneous. The Perception Secure Browser can be used to limit printing, navigation, and save-to-disk functions; students can also be assigned passwords for security reasons. Contact: Question Mark Corp., Stamford, CT; (800) 863-3950;

QuickView Plus 5

Version 5.1 of this file-viewing utility makes it is even easier to quickly find, access, view, copy, and print almost any file, even without the originating application. QuickView supports more than 200 Windows, DOS, Macintosh, and Internet file types. Contact: Jasc Software, Eden Prairie, MN; (800) 622-2793;

Remark Office OMR 4.0

This software utilizes optical mark reading technology to scan and process data from surveys, tests, and other forms created with any word processor or survey design package. The program allows users to save the data to any one of 30 different output formats, including HTML for Internet publishing. The software also automatically grades tests and produces statistics and graphs for one student or the whole class. Contact: Principia Products Inc., Paoli, PA; (800) 858-0860;

Web Course in a Box

Web Course in a Box is a full-featured program enabling users to create instructional Web pages quickly and easily. No knowledge of HTML is required. The product offers templates for syllabi, calendars/schedulers, announcements, personal Web pages, lesson and quiz builders, whiteboard, chat, and interactive forums. Also available from MadDuck are the Web CourseBuilder ToolBox, which brings additional functionality to the Web Course in a Box system; the Web Campus in a Box, which offers list-building ability and login tracking for developing complete online learning environments; and Web Course Hosting. Contact: MadDuck, Richmond, VA; (804) 360-8625;

WebCT 2.0

WebCT, a Web-based teaching and learning platform, is now in a new edition. WebCT 2.0 offers more than 100 enhancements and new features as well as tighter integration with campus-wide systems, improved online help, and links to a new community-oriented hub. The Bookmarks tool allows the instructor and students to create shortcuts to pages of course content. An Assignment Dropbox allows instructors to distribute course assignments to students, and it provides a place for students to submit assignments electronically once they are complete. The Site Map allows instructors and students to view the structure of the entire course on one page. And my WebCT allows students and instructors to access all of courses from one page. Contact: WebCT, Peabody, MA; (978) 538-0036;


Fortres 101

Fortres 101 is a security solution designed to help prevent system misuse and abuse. Network administrators can use Fortres 101 to specify and monitor legal and illegal user actions, such as software deletions, and restrict and block local hard drives, removable floppy drives, as well as any local file, folder, or application. Fortres 101 is compatible with Windows 95/98 and NT machines. Contact: Fortres Grand Corp., Plymouth, IN; (800) 331-0372;


WinShield desktop management and security software allows instructors to control all networked computers from a central workstation. Instructors can define desktop privileges for students, preventing accidental or deliberate system changes. They can also control which program icons and start menu items students see, what system modifications students can make, and which CD-ROMs students can use. Privileges are associated with a user's log-on ID. Contact: Citadel Technology, Dallas, TX; (800) 962-0701;


Power Macintosh G4

Ideally suited for graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop and Quark XPress, Apple's Power Mac G4 processes data at speeds of up to 450MHz and delivers it using 800MBps of data throughput. After putting the final touches on your files, you can transfer them across a network using the built-in 10/100BASE-T Ethernet. The G4 is available with preloaded memory of 64 MB, 128 MB, or 256MB SDRAM; 16MB of SDRAM graphics memory; 10GB, 20GB, or 27GB hard disk drive; and your choice of DVD or Zip optical drive. Other standard features include three PCI expansion slots and built-in 56K V.90 modem. Contact: Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA;

Compaq Academic Series

This series of affordable multimedia computers comprises the Armada line of notebook computers and the Deskpro EN and Deskpro EP series of desktop computers. The product line was designed with expandability, manageability, and serviceability in mind. Computers are powered by Intel processors and come bundled with LearningPaq software, which includes topic-specific and reference titles. All Deskpro computers come with a NIC and a choice of 15- or 17-inch monitors. Armadas come with a free carrying case. Contact: Compaq; (800) 88-TEACH;

Dell OptiPlex G1

The OptiPlex G1 provides a balance between value and performance and the flexibility to adapt to future needs. This managed PC sports a Pentium III processor up to 600MHz, the Intel 440BX chipset, up to 768MB of ECC or non-ECC SDRAM, enhanced IDE ATA/33 6.4 and 13.6GB 5400 and 7200rpm or SCSI 10, 13.6, or 20GB 7200rpm hard drives; and integrated NIC, video, and sound. Contact: Dell Computer Corp., Round Rock, TX; (800) 274-7799;

Gateway Profile 2

The streamlined Profile integrates all components into an LCD base, eliminating the need for a desktop or tower case. The 433 cs comes with a 433MHz Intel Celeron processor, 64MB RAM, 6.8GB hard disk drive, and a CD-ROM drive. The 500 cx comes with a 500MHz Intel Celeron processor, 64MB RAM, 20GB hard disk drive, and a DVD-ROM drive. Both have a 15.1-inch active matrix color display and 4 USB ports for peripherals. Contact: Gateway 2000, North Sioux City, SD; (800) GATEWAY;

HP OmniBook XE2

The OmniBook XE2 integrates all the tools necessary for multimedia presentations, Internet access, and business applications in a value-oriented notebook. Available with 366 or 400MHz Intel Mobile Pentium II or 433MHz Intel Mobile Celeron processor, 32 or 64MB of SDRAM, 4.8 or 6GB hard drive, 12.1" or 14.1" display, and a 3-hour lithium-ion or NiMH battery. Other features include built-in CD-ROM drive, 3.5" floppy drive, and a 56K modem. Contact: Hewlett-Packard Corp., Santa Clara, CA; (408) 246-4300;

JavaStation NC

The JavaStation network computer and Netra j server software form the basis of Sun's thin client Java technology, commercial enterprise-level product line. Netra j server software enables centralized administration and allows JavaStation NC users to access and download 100 percent Pure Java-certified applications from anywhere on the network. The Java platform also simplifies development and deployment of enterprise applications. The system is not intended to replace an all-purpose PC that runs on a variety of applications. Contact: Sun Microsystems Inc., Palo Alto, CA; (650) 960-1300;

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