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Connect to This: Personal and Workstation Technology

Powered by a 500-MHz UltraSPARC-IIe, the Sun Blade 100 Workstation delivers up to 2GB of main memory and up to two 15GB, 7200-rpm internal disk drives. The Sun Blade comes with high-speed CD-ROM or DVD-ROM and floppy drives, and USB and IEEE 1394 interfaces provide connectivity to a variety of peripherals. In addition to the standard 2D Sun PGX64 graphics, buyers can purchase configurations with Sun Expert3D graphics. Three PCI Slots enable hundreds of expansion and networking options.

Evo, Compaq's new line of notebooks, workstations, desktops, and thin clients was developed for users needing to consolidate their business computers. The Evo Notebook N400c is an ultra-thin portable designed to provide wireless connectivity through a modular concept called MultiPort, while the more affordable N150 is a 2-spindle, thin design that allows for easy configuration and upgrades. Evo's new workstations, the W6000 and W8000, deliver industry-standard solutions and are designed for customer workspace and application requirements.

The Aquarius Workstation applies 3D and post-processing capabilities to medical imaging, with real-time visualization for CT, MRI, and other medical applications. In perspective volume rendering mode, the workstation can generate 3D reconstructions of the airways, organs, or blood vessels lumen, while a multi-planar reconstruction view is created alongside the actual 3D curve, applied either directly to the image or on a combination of orthogonal reformats.

The Gateway Professional V1000 enables users to customize their PCs with fully integrated technology upgrade packages. The system features Windows 98 Second Edition and Microsoft Office XP Small Business Edition, with an Intel Pentium III Processor, 128MB SDRAM, and a 20GB Ultra ATA hard drive. Also included is an EV700 17" monitor with integrated Intel 3D graphics and a CD-ROM.

Apple's PowerBook G4 weighs 5.3 pounds, and features a PowerPC G4 processor with speeds of up to 500 MHz. Other benefits include up to 30 gigabytes of hard disk space and 1 GB of RAM, ATI RAGE Mobility 128 graphics, FireWire, USB port, PC Card slot, and VGA and S-video output. Equipped with a built-in 10/100BASE-T Ethernet, the G4 can connect via a DSL or cable modem. Users can connect up to 127 devices via the USB port.

Premio's Predator II workstation features dual processor capability, and can support Intel Pentium III processors with speeds from 733MHz up to 1 GHz. It comes standard with a 20.4 GB hard drive, 128 MB PC133 memory, 32MB video card, 20/48X CD-ROM, Windows 2000 Professional, and a 17" monitor. Also included is Premio's PC Quick Fix software that can diagnose technical problems and enable a self-healing reconstruction process.

NEC's Powermate ES SlimLine is a compact computer designed to fit into space-constrained environments. Features include an Intel Pentium III processor, 64MB or 108MB SDRAM, and either a CD-ROM or DVD drive. Each package includes integrated 3Com 10/100 Ethernet capabilities, 2D/3D graphics, and 16-bit AC 97 audio, with either Windows '98 or Windows NT/2000 already installed.

A compact PC with an ultra-small form factor, the HP e-pc s10 is available with either an Intel Pentium III or Celeron processor, up to both 256 MB SDRAM and 40 GB hard disk storage, and integrated Intel 3D Direct AGP. Features include a 3Com Fast Etherlink 10/100Base-TX integrated LAN solution and a CD-ROM drive. All operating systems include both Microsoft Windows '98 Second Edition and Windows 2000 Professional.

The Dell OptiPlex GX50 includes the LegacySelect Technology Control feature, which enables users to electronically activate and deactivate specific ports and media devices. Sealed Bay options are also available, with or without Floppy Disk or Optical Drive openings and on two SF chassis selections. The OptiPlex GX50 measures 3.6" x 12.5" x 13.9", and features 4 USB ports, 2 serial ports, and both a parallel and RJ45 network port.

The IBM NetVista A60 features processing speeds of up to 1.7 GHz, with an Intel Pentium 4 that enables users to receive broadband transmissions, create enhanced presentations, and conduct video conferences. System memory is expandable to 1.5GB for simultaneous applications, while an optional 15GB hard drive and choice of NVIDIA cards are also available.

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