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Security, Campus Portals, Telecommunications, and Digital Infrastructure

Security: Encryption

Auscomp Fort Knox
The new Auscomp Fort Knox from Auscomp Worldwide securely encrypts and protects any private files or information (such as PINs, passwords, accounts, documents, passports, images, programs, and spreadsheets) with just one Master Password using a 448-bit Blowfish encryption algorithm. Users can now effectively manage vital information from one secure, central repository. Access, maintenance and synchronization are all done either via the network or via the Internet. Users can log in and fill out Web forms automatically with either a mouse click or drag-and-drop function. A scheduler function reminds the user of deadlines via e-mail, a pop-up window, or application launch. Auscomp Fort Knox is available in English, German, and Spanish, and will soon be released in French, Italian, and Japanese. Contact: Auscomp Worldwide, Victoria, Australia;

CES Communications
CES Communications offers a variety of products for encrypting voice and fax transmissions. These include devices for both analog and digital transmission, and can be purchased as stand-alone portable models or integrated into the phone or fax itself. The Elite models serve analog clients. The Sure product line is designed for digital use, and the Guardian models are in-line products using physical keys. Contact: CES Communications, Christchurch, New Zealand,

Encryption Software
Encryption Software's EncrLib ECC Cryptographic Library is a C++ public-key encryption and digital signature solution that is powerful, portable, and easy to use. The library is based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), but requires almost no knowledge of cryptography to install and use. While the library's main asset is its strong public-key encryption/digital signature algorithms, it also provides single-key (symmetric) encryption functions that allow developers to quickly add password-protected encryption to their applications, as well as compression and encoding functions. The library works under Windows 95/98/NT/Win 2000, Linux, and other Unix Platforms. Contact: Encryption Software, Atlanta, GA;

Security: Firewalls

The Cisco Secure PIX Firewall series features an easy-to-install, integrated hardware/software appliance that uses a non-UNIX, secure, real-time, embedded system. This takes the place of the application-level extensive processing required by typical CPU-intensive full-time proxy servers. Cisco's product line performs up to 250,000 simultaneous connections, more than 6,500 connections per second, and nearly 170 megabits per second (Mbps) throughput. PIX Firewall promises to be less complex and more robust than packet-filtering and also offers higher performance and more scalability than application proxy firewalls. The heart of the PIX Firewall series is the adaptive security algorithm (ASA), which maintains the secure perimeters between the networks controlled by the firewall. The connection-oriented ASA design creates session flows based on source and destination addresses, TCP sequence numbers (which are non-predictable), port numbers, and additional TCP flags. Contact: Cisco Systems, Santa Clara, CA; (800) 553-NETS;

SonicWALL Education Edition
SonicWALL's product for the education market include the SonicWALL SOHO2 or SonicWALL PRO Internet Security Appliance bundled with a 1-year SonicWALL Content Filter Subscription and priority technical support. These bundled Education Editions are discounted packages available to qualified educational institutions and libraries in the US and Canada only. The SonicWALL SOHO2 is a high performance, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet platform that includes an ICSA-certified packet firewall and IP address management for sharing a broadband (DSL/Cable) Internet connection. The SonicWALL PRO, built on a high-performance, Fast Ethernet platform, provides complete Internet access security for an unlimited number of users. The SonicWALL PRO includes state-of-the-art access security with an ICSA-certified firewall and IPSec VPN standard. It also includes a DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) port to allow Internet users access to Internet servers (Web, E-mail, FTP) on the local network and protect the servers against Denial of Service attacks. SonicWALL Content Filtering Subscription uses CyberPatrol's internationally respected CyberNOT List. The CyberNOT List classifies objectionable material into 12 categories from a dynamically updated database of over 1.5 million URLs. SonicWALL's Content Filter List Subscription equips SonicWALL Internet security appliances to monitor usage and control access to unproductive and objectionable Web content according to established policies. Contact: SonicWALL, Sunnyvale, CA; (888) 222-6563;

Sun VelociRaptor
Sun VelociRaptor firewall appliance is an integrated hardware/software solution that is rack-mounted, small, and installs in only 30 minutes. Integrating AXENT Technologies' Raptor firewall software into Sun Cobalt Network's RaQ Series of network appliances, the product offers application-level proxies, network circuit analysis, and packet filtering. Contact: Cobalt Networks, Mountain View, CA; (888) 70-COBALT;

WolfPac Internet Security Appliances
WolfPac is a family of high performance, low-profile Internet security appliances. At a height of 1.75 inches high, the compact profile is designed for high density, high performance enterprise class applications. The WolfPac family's base configuration includes incorporation of an Intel 700 Mhz Celeron processor, two Intel 10/100 Pro Ethernet Adapters, and 128MB of RAM upgradeable to 512MB. The WolfPac family can sustain full-duplex throughput of up to 90 Mbps. Optional features include DMZ, RAM, and processor upgrades, supporting Intel Pentium III at speeds of up to 1GHZ. Contact: NetWolves, Tampa, FL (813) 286-8644;

Security: Intrusion Detection Systems

Check Point RealSecure
Integrated with Check Point's VPN-1 and FireWall-1, Check Point RealSecure provides the highest level of real-time intrusion detection while enabling network administrators to establish a coherent enterprise-wide security policy. Check Point RealSecure provides a continuously updated attack recognition database. It simplifies the complex task of configuring and setting up an intrusion detection system by eliminating the need to re-enter network objects that have already been entered into the campus's FireWall-1 or VPN-1 policy. It also provides advanced reporting of intrusions and network misuse - including consolidation of events into existing VPN-1/FireWall-1 log files for simplified event auditing. Contact: Check Point, Redwood City, CA; (650) 628-2000;

Network ICE
Network ICE, now a part of ISS, offers intrusion protection for both consumers and large institutions, or enterprises. BlackICE Agent is a host-based product for individual users. BlackICE Sentry, the company's network-based product, is specifically designed for high-speed, switched environments. BlackICE Sentry monitors all network traffic and alerts the ICEcap Manager of any suspicious traffic. Sentry is appropriate for gigabit-sized networks. ICEcap Manager is an intelligent Web-based management system for use with both Agent and Sentry. Manager correlates information from multiple Agents and/or Sentries and sends alerts to the administrator about attempted attacks. It also automatically updates systems to protect them from future attacks. Contact: Network ICE, San Mateo, CA; (650) 532-4100;

ZoneAlarm Pro
ZoneAlarm Pro v. 2.6 from Zone Labs provides protection against a variety of known and unknown threats. ZoneAlarm, designed for the home office as well as corporate customers, combines firewall protection with intrusion detection. The latest version of this out-of-the-box product features "hardened security" at the operating system level to patch Windows OS vulnerabilities and protect users from security sabotage. Version 2.6 features pop-up firewall alerts and program alerts that are rated and color-coded, instant advice for all firewall and program alerts, and an easy to follow tutorial. In order to guard against email-based invasions, ZoneAlarm Pro's MailSafe Email Attachment Protection safeguards users from inadvertently executing unsafe attachments to emails. Contact: ZoneAlarm, San Francisco, CA; (415) 341-8200;

Symantec's NetProwler product is a network-based IDS designed to automatically discover popular systems applications and apply the appropriate protection with minimal administrator intervention. Version 3.5 offers an automatic download feature that lets organizations build and deploy custom attack definitions on the fly. Adminstrators can easily drag and drop specific security directives into pre-defined, logical groups of systems with specific functions for customized, automated management. NetProwler uses a proprietary SQL database backend capable of handling large-scale IDS deployments. Privacy and integrity are ensured via the use of Blowfish encryption, MD5 digital signatures, and key exchange. Other features include an option that reduces continuous reception of multiple repetitive alerts, and an attack dictionary that links to relevant areas in the company's Web site for more information. Contact: Symantec, Cupertino, CA;

SecureNet Pro
SecureNet Pro from responds to attack signatures with rapid attack definition speed and a high degree of accuracy. Complete extensibility lets users choose which signatures are string-matched and which are context analyzed, customizing the system as needed and reducing the number of false positives. The product cuts packet handling by 33% by eliminating redundant signature analysis. SecureNet Pro can be bundled onto appliances to lower the cost of ownership and speed implementation. offers three kinds of appliances for bundling, from a desktop appliance suitable for distance learning sites to a rack-mountable gigabit appliance for servers and networks. Contact:, Richardson, TX; (858)-637-7770;

NFR Network Intrusion Detection System
NFR Network Intrusion Detection version 5 is a full-featured package that offers both ease-of-use and customizability. The system boots off of a CD-ROM, simplifying installation and upgrading. All of NFR's components were designed within the company and use the same graphical capabilities, so users familiar with one product will quickly become familiar with the others. At the same time, NFR allows more sophisticated users to develop signatures for attacks that are specific to their organizations. Extensibility allows institutions to program the system exactly as they need to, providing a high level of accuracy and detection coverage. Contact: NFR, Rockville, MD; (240) 632-9000;

Security: Anti-Virus Software

F-Secure Anti-Virus offers security for Palm OS handheld devices. The software runs locally on the device, providing protection that automatically scans and detects all known malware (viruses, trojans etc.) after HotSync. F-Secure has an always up-to date anti-virus database pushed automatically to the host PC and to the handheld at HotSync and provides information to the user on the infected files. This Finnish company has a North American office in Canada. Contact: F-Secure, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, (905) 281-9819;

McAfee VirusScan Online VirusScan Online is a subscription-based service delivering anti-virus tools to protect PCs over the Web. Combining three McAfee products-ActiveShield, Scan, and Rescue Disk, VirusScan Online protects a desktop computer regardless of whether it is connected to the Internet. ActiveShield resides on the computer's hard drive and automatically scans all file inputs, outputs, downloads, program executions, and other system-related activities. If the program finds a virus, users have the option to clean or delete the infected file. Scan allows users to check specific files on the hard drive or entire system on demand. This is particularly useful when the user receives a suspicious email attachment. Scan d'es not require user updating; it resides on McAfee's server and is continuously updated. Rescue disk creates an emergency floppy disk to start and clean the PC in case it becomes infected with a boot sector virus. Contact:, Sunnyvale, CA; (408) 992-8100;

Sophos Anti-Virus
Sophos Anti-Virus is a complete anti-virus solution with network functionality at its core. It was designed specifically for managing the complexity of networks from small local area networks to large multi-server, multi-platform WANs. Easily updated and flexible, it is available for all popular desktop and network operating systems, protecting laptops, workstations, servers, and e-mail systems. Contact: Sophos, Wakefield, MA; (781) 213-3456;

Symantec offers a variety of anti-virus products for clients, file servers, groupware, and gateways. Symatec's family of products, which include Norton and Axent products, feature highly automated, "hands-free" macro virus protection, including scheduled updates of programs, automatic delivery of virus definition files and an automatic link to the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC). Symantec products use NAVEX, which incorporates new virus definitions and engine extensions-without de-installing/reinstalling the application software-across the organization. Their latest version of Norton Anti-Virus Corporate Edition features a digital immune system, for automatic submission and "cure" via the Web of even the largest virus invasions, as well as centralized policy management on a scalable enterprise-wide basis. Contact: Symantec, Cupertino, CA; (408) 517-8000;

WebShield for Nokia Appliance tightly integrates the Nokia security platform and the McAfee anti-virus software to deliver best-of-breed virus protection in a dedicated appliance. WebShield stops viruses and malicious code threats, updates the scanning engine automatically with latest virus definition file, scans inbound and outbound traffic, cleans, rejects, or quarantines infected attachments, and alerts the system administrator via email of virus outbreaks discovered by McAfee Avert. WebShield offers built-in logging and reporting and simple configuration. Contact: Nokia; (877) 997-9199;

Campus Portals

Blackboard's portal allows integration with SIS and other campus systems, and full administrator control over all features of the portal. This portal offers customization features such as institutional branding and user-profile based content. Blackboard also features a personalized calendar, email, and a discussion board. Users can select from over 150 news and information sources to further personalize the portal's home page. Course management tools include an online testing function that allows instructors to build exams or quizzes in a variety of file and media formats and a course statistics feature which by which instructors can analyze how often and in what ways online course resources are being used by the students. A digital dropbox facilitates submitting assignments and gives instructors a time/date record of their submission. The Academic Web Resources tab of the portal accesses over 50,000 full text articles and 3500 periodical titles, as well as other online materials. Contact: Blackboard, Washington, DC; (202) 463-4860;

Campus Pipeline features real-time Web access to administrative and academic services as well as a communication tool. Campus Pipeline integrates with a school's SIS (student information system) to automate processes and dynamically trigger events. With Campus Pipeline's roles-based system, the user's profile determines what comes through the portal. Users can redo their profiles regularly to reflect their current interests, whether that be joining a campus club or signing up to teach a new course. Campus Pipeline also allows each campus to customize the look of the portal. The Campus Life section may feature advertising, depending on the school's licensing agreement. Contact: Campus Pipeline, Salt Lake City, UT; (888) 682-PIPE;

CyberU offers online training, instructor-led training, and just-in-time training across corporations and campuses. The advanced training platform is entirely extranet-based, allowing for rapid global deployment and customization. The Web site provides 20,000 online courses from art history to software applications, from over 600 providers. CyberU also tracks each user's personal schedule of classes. Together with its campus store, career-planning center, and virtual library, CyberU offers a complete distance learning package. Contact: CyberU, Santa Monica, CA; (310) 581-2005;

eCollege CampusPortal is a distance and on-campus site that offers Web-based email, calendar and other online communication tools; an online community center for daily campus communications; customized local and national news, weather, sports, and more; community and alumni features, such as online chapters, clubs and study groups; browser testing, system testing, and user assessment tools; full integration with eCollege's other platforms; and e-commerce options. Contact: eCollege: Denver, CO; (888) 884-7325; is a site dedicated to offering thousands of online distance education courses. This portal d'es not link to student or administrative services. The site is a hub for online course delivery from a number of academic institutions. This site is advertising supported, and peppered with pop-up ads. Contact:,

Globewide Network Academy
Global Network Academy is a nonprofit organization that pioneers and develops distance learning relationships and facilities for the worldwide public to use. GNA's tools are created under the open-source philosophy, available free of charge to the public. The Web site features links to over 20,000 distance learning opportunities around the world. Student and teacher "channels" offer directories of useful distance learning material for each constituency. Contact: Globewide Network Academy, Austin, TX;

Jenzabar's portal provides tailored, personalized access to student services such as course registration, course Web pages, the Internet, email, and other school specific resources. The package includes a personal calendar (which can be pre-loaded with the student's own course information), resume builder, and a handout section through which instructors can distribute text, audio, and video course materials. Jenzabar features streamed discussion forums for online office hours, chat rooms for study and review, Web page builder and hosting tools, an entertainment center, and even a special symbols palette for math, science, and music students. Online course management tools such as a grade book and test preparation software round out the portal's features. Contact: Jenzabar, Cambridge, MA; (877) 536-0222;

Mascot Network
Users enter Mascot's portal by typing in an ID that determines what content you will see and access. That ID triggers particular announcement, events, and group notices. Mascot also integrates with back end functions such as registration and financial aid. Mascot's focus is as social as it is academic. Its icon-based tabs across the top of the page include a face directory, events page, life tools (career services), a "fun" tab, and a chat area called "exchange." Along the page's left side are links to academic, administrative, and social functions. New to this portal is Mascot Orientation, an online interactive application that connects incoming students to the school and their new classmates. Mascot Orientation fulfills two functions: it can deliver information to new students in a timely and efficient manner, and it helps deter student "melt," when students who make a deposit on their first year of matriculation fail to actually enroll in the fall. Contact: Mascot, Cambridge, MA; (877) 557-9795;

PeopleSoft Campus Portal
Pre-built with PeopleSoft 8 Internet Architecture, Campus Portal offers an out-of-the-box design that shortens implementation time and simplifies upgrades. Schools can customize the look of the portal to reflect their unique colors, mascot, and image. Administrators can also customize the navigational links as well as the design of individual "pagelets," the modular building blocks of the portal. Institutions can add their own content, such as campus news and events. PeopleSoft's Web publishing function enables individuals to contribute original content as well. The portal can draw on PeopleSoft applications or integrate with a campus's established system to provide a central access point for all campus services, including admissions, registration, financial aid, payroll, personnel, grading, and alumni relations. It's possible to partner Campus Portal with existing online vendors, such as the campus store, or combine it with PeopleSoft's own e-commerce solutions. Contact: PeopleSoft, Pleasanton, CA;
The portal integrates course development tools, student services, and administrative management. The Educator Online Classroom Management System offers content delivery and publishing features; communication features including chat, email, and discussion; multiple testing and quizzing options; and customization features. The site can be customized separately for student and faculty use. Educator also features integration with campus SIS systems as well as counseling and student records management functions. Contact: UCompass, Tallahassee, FL; (850) 297-1800;

ZUniversity is a branded Web site network company that builds and operates customized interactive portals comprised of affinity-based institutions. ZUniversity partners with college campuses to provide content as well as marketing to higher education constituents such as alumni. By aggregating institutions, zUniversity offers local and nationwide content, commercial products, and services. Contact: zUniversity, Stamford, CT.

Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure: Networking Hardware

Switches, Access Points, and Hubs

AirConnect Wireless LAN
With AirConnect Wireless LAN, users can extend their wired Ethernet service to wireless users. AirConnect Wireless LAN plugs into the wired LAN and can send and receive information at speeds up to 11Mbps. Each access point supports up to 63 wireless notebook or desktop clients and provides 300 feet of wireless coverage in a standard office or classroom environment. AirConnect connects to an office network via a 10Base-T connection and installs on Windows 95/98/NT 4.x, and Windows CE. This access point features built-in diagnostics and power-up self-check, upgradable firmware, antenna diversity, and support for SNMP. Contact: 3Com, Santa Clara, CA; (800) 638-3266;

Allied Telesyn Rapier Switches
Allied Telesyn's Rapier family of Layer 3 IP switches leverages the company's AR-series router technology, combining silicon-based wire-speed switching with advanced LAN, MAN, and WAN routing features. The product line is designed to help smaller businesses and enterprises address networking needs in ways that were previously beyond their budget. Capabilities like the integrated Stateful Inspection firewall and SecureVPN provide network address translation and LAN/WAN isolation and deliver inter-VLAN protection for mission critical security applications at speeds of up to 75 Mbps per second. Contact: Allied Telesyn, Bothell, WA; (800) 424-4284;

Cisco Lightstream ATM Switches
The Cisco LS 1010 is a Layer-3 enhanced ATM switch that integrates wire-speed Layer 3 switching and ATM switching in to a single chassis, eliminating the need for network managers to make a technology choice. The 5-Mbps modular switch provides fault-tolerant operation and extremely fast throughput. Contact: Cisco Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA; (800) 553-6387;

Emulex LH5000
The LH5000 Fibre Channel hub features patented digital technology that enables unmatched loop resiliency and system availability. With intelligence on every port, the LH5000 provides port isolation, validates loop protocol, and fully re-times the signal. The LH5000 also provides a number of management capabilities, including Web-based management. The digital architecture of the LH5000 eliminates all signal jitter and provides automatic clock speed matching on every port. As a result, LH5000 hubs can be configured as a single 10 port loop or dual independent 5 port loops, allowing for flexibility in network design and cabling distances. Contact: Emulex, Costa Mesa, CA; (800) 854-7112;

Netgear DS500 Series Hubs
The DS500 series of dual-speed stackable hubs enable users to mix and match 10 and 100 Mbps PCs, servers, and peripherals on the same network. Every port automatically operates at the proper speed. Up to 8 of these hubs can be stacked to support 192 users at 10 or 100 Mbps. The 10-to-100 Mbps bridge automatically locates each user and filters or forwards traffic accordingly. The built-in LEDs provide clear and intuitive status. Two LED bar graphs give online status of network utilization and alert users to potential network overload. Contact: Netgear, Inc., Santa Clara, CA; (408) 907-8000;


MikroTik v2.3
MikroTik v2.0 Software Router System turns a standard PC computer into a network router. To expand the router's capabilities, add standard network PC interfaces. The software includes remote java box administration, bandwidth control, firewall, wireless 11Mb/s synchronous 5Mb/s, asynchronous PPP/RADIUS (up to 32 ports), LMC DS3 and E1/T1 support, and Ethernet at 10/100Mb/s. Contact: MikroTik, Riga, Latvia; +371-7-801-079;

Netopia R9100 Ethernet Router
The Netopia R9100 Ethernet Router allows small- and medium-sized organizations to connect a LAN to the Internet via the Ethernet port on a DSL or Cable modem. The Netopia R9100 includes an integrated 8-port Ethernet hub with an uplink port for connection to an external hub. No additional equipment is required to create a new network or expand an existing local network. Dial-in users can access the LAN from anywhere on the Internet using a secure, encrypted tunnel. The R9100 router is designed with a modular architecture to allow for future upgrades. Contact: Netopia, Inc., Alameda, CA; (510) 814-5100;

The MaxGate UGate-3300 is an integrated Broadband Internet connection and printer sharing router for both 11Mbps Wireless and 10/100Mbps Ethernet LANs, allowing up to 253 users to setup up a network and share an Internet connection wirelessly. The single-port parallel print server also lets an entire office share one printer. Built in NAT firewall security keeps intruders out of the network. Contact: MaxGate, Fremont, CA; (800) 284-8985;

WebRamp 310i
WebRamp 310i is an integrated analog router, with a 4-port 10BaseT Ethernet hub and two internal 56K V.90 modems. It operates on Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/Workgroup 3.x, Mac OS 7.5.3 and above, UNIX, and NetWare. It has a single external IP address and has the capability of adding a third external modem if more bandwidth is needed. Contact: Nokia, (877) 997-9199;

Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure: Optical Wireless Products

The SONAbeam product line from fSONA offers point-to-point line-of-sight, full duplex synchronous transmission at fast speeds. The SONAbeam products can carry information at data rates up to 1.25 Gpbs over a propagation distance of 2.5 miles. Cheaper than laying optical fiber, this system, consisting of two transceivers and a backup microwave link, is deployable within 24 hours once line-of-sight access is available. For longer distance connections there is a dynamic beam-tracking and alignment system that can be installed in 30 minutes. For links across a mile or more or in areas where buildings may sway, fSONA's dynamic beam tracking system relies on a custom-designed frictionless gimbal that takes into account building movement and inclement weather. Contact: fSONA, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada; (877) Go-FSONA;

Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure: Networking Products

Yipes Communications IP Over Fiber Networking
Yipes Communications uses the Ethernet and IP networking to link businesses and campuses to the Internet via high-speed optical fiber. Yipes sells bandwidth on demand. Users pay as they go only for what they use. Yipes connects directly to the end user, covering the "last mile" that carriers typically do not cover. Because Yipes operates via Ethernet, no translating hardware and software, and thus no hardware purchases, are required between its Gigabit routers and the customer. With Yipes' managed optical IP networks, customers can scale their bandwidth use up or down in one megabit increments up to one Gigabyte, with three hours's notice. Yipes products all feature unique IP over fiber networking. Yipes MAN (Metro Area) provides LAN-to-LAN connectivity to increase local area network connection speeds on demand. Yipes NET gives schools high speed Internet service within Yipes' metro network. Yipes WAN is suitable for connecting LANs situated in distant locations, and Yipes WALL is managed firewall service. Yipes also offers Yipes WEB, a collection of managed hosting options, and network design and implementation services. Contact: Yipes Communications, San Francisco, CA; (977) 740-6600;

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